Heather Calahan

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Overall Rating 2.2
Easiness 1.2/ 5
Clarity 2.5/ 5
Workload 1.2/ 5
Helpfulness 3.2/ 5
Most Helpful Review
I would just like to point out that the ginger bitch wrote herself two reviews dated 12/5/11. They are regarding attention span. At that Calahan, you can go fuck yourself. I took her class last year in fall, and shame on her for doing what she does. Regarding attention... You teach mostly 18 year olds, and it is their first class in a college setting. There are two types of attention. Immediate attention, and sustained attention. As an ex-high school teacher you should know that on average sustained attention for 18 yr. olds is 20 minutes. Your lectures are 50 minutes long, so try and understand what it is like being in our shoes. Oh yea, research shows that the best way to retain attention is by being engaging. Attention is caused by the prefrontal cortex and the release of dopamine. So crafting an engaging lecture helps students become more engaged because you are biologically assisting them in the process. By stressing your students out, (and I'll bet money on it) you cause a release in cortisol a stress hormone. That hinders memory, concentration, and makes education difficult. If students don't enjoy your lectures and say you are "incoherent", then YOU are the cause of the problem, deal with that and except it as constructive criticism. Nobody complains as bad about Professor Greene, so maybe you can take a pointer or two from her. Teach the math first, and then if there is time left, apply it to cats killing rats. Regarding your 3 hour exercise idea for improving concentration, studies show that it does not work. Mental marathons are not an effective tool when trying to concentrate. Working an hour, and distressing for 5-10 minutes has been proven most effective. Lastly... Bruinwalk is a tool for peers to give each other feedback on what instructors to choose, and what to expect from a class. By writing on a review forum designed for students, you are dilapidating the credibility of bruinwalk. It can be compared to a businessman going on yelp to write reviews of his own business. It is unethical and uncalled for. You would punish students for cheating, well this is a form of dishonesty on your end. For Students: Rather than venting with anonymity and it going nowhere I invite everybody to write an email with your problems, and what you thought of the class to the department chair. In case you guys did not look over your evaluations close enough, it is allowed and highly encouraged. Department Chair: Sorin Popa ************* **********
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