Steven Steinberg

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Easiness 3.4/ 5
Clarity 4.2/ 5
Workload 2.4/ 5
Helpfulness 4.4/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Winter 2018 - If one looks at grade distributions from last few years, one can easily observe that the reviewer below me is a noticeable anomaly. There are basically two possibilities: either there was a problem with the reviewer or there was a problem with the professor. Based on my experience with this class and Professor Steinberg, I would argue that there is a significantly higher chance that the former is true. Through his lectures, discussions and weekly assignments, I truly feel that my English writing and citations skills have largely improved. I agree that workload was very, very heavy; however, it's certainly doable if you put enough time. Also, describing his rubric as "his own crazy semiotic system" is quite unfair, as he clearly explains his marking system in a sheet of paper that you get in the first lecture. Yes, his handwriting is quite illegible, but again he explains everything if you ask him in person about his comments. Most importantly, I believe that it is incredibly rude to write an additional comment in a language that not all users of Bruinwalk can understand, especially if that comment is the gist of your review. For everyone's sake, the last three sentences briefly translate into: Do not take this old man's class, he is a hypocritical "white left*," a total racist, and an example of someone who is tolerant to himself but strict to others. His grades are only based on your initial/original performance , and he will not teach any new materials. He is also suspicious of discriminating Asian males. (Chinese is not my native tongue so the translation is by no means perfect. I learned the language in my high school, and I also used a dictionary and a bit of Google Translate) I am also an international student and also an Asian male, and I totally disagree with what the reviewer below has said about Professor Steinberg and his class. He is not racist at all and he does not discriminate against anyone. You'll get good grades in this class if you put enough effort. Finally, I have to say that this is just my perspective, so take my review (or any review) with a grain of salt. * See:
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