Qinbin Li Li

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Overall Rating 4.1
Easiness 4.2/ 5
Clarity 4.1/ 5
Workload 4.2/ 5
Helpfulness 4.3/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Winter 2022 - This may be one of the easiest GE I've ever taken at UCLA, and I wish to write about the whole picture of this class in order to help future generation students who are considering to take this class. - Grading Distribution: 23% Online Lessons&HWs + 25% Midterm + 40% Final + 12% Discussion Worksheets (6 assignments, 2% for each). This class assigns final grades on an absolute scale (93 = A) with no curve, while the A rate in class is still very high. - About Online Lessons & HWs & Discussion: For the Online lessons and HWs, the lectures are all asynchronous and pre-recorded, with an interactive form on the website. There are quick questions after each short sub-lecture video, and are very simple. The six discussion assignments are quite easy and short, which just require you to spend less than half an hour for each to complete with your common sense. The five homework assignments are also very straightforward, which you can find all the answers on the internet for both lessons and hws. - About Midterm and Final Exams: The midterm and final exams are ESSAY-STYLE, 3 hours to complete, instead of traditional exam form. Each exam consists of 4 essay questions, which require you to write for half a page for each. The questions are very very straightforward and easy to answer. Basically, all the exam questions are just asking you to integrate and repeat what you've learned in the lectures and the exam is open book, so I feel like I was just doing the copy from the lecture materials during the exams. Extremely easy to get above 95% in each exam or even full credit. Before the final, the TAs will even conduct review session and pose "review materials ppt" on the website, which from my perspective, they are actually are posing the exact answers of the final exam. Thus, the exams are really just a piece of cake as long as you follow the TAs step and you dont have to spend lots of time to study at all. - About Professor Li and TAs: Even though the materials are all pre-recorded asynchronous stuff from other professors of previous years and I did not meet with professor Li, still I think Professor Li is a very nice, tolerant, and caring instructor. He is willing to extend the deadlines of the homeworks for a long period of time to adjust for his students' needs. I remember he extended the deadlines of each homework for average about 2-3 weeks (that even cannot be called a deadline), so you have great plenty of time to complete and review. Meanwhile, he was always there to help us solve the technical issue happened on the website. Also, the exam he designed are flexible 3-hour windows, which you can access any time in 2 complete days, to best fit your schedule. Speaking of TAs, I really really love my TA Katie Osborn. She is really nice, caring, professional, and cute. Her discussion session is well organized and her exam review materials are extremely helpful, while she is also very caring, being tolerant about absence. I would say take Katie's discussion session if it is available, and it will be very easy for you to get through the entire quarter in this class. - Conclusion: Overall, this is a VERY VERY EASY A GE. The high flexibility of the class, easy contents and materials, as well as the great helpful TAs and professor will all help you to get an A in this class. In this class, you can spend the least amount of time to achieve the best grade, so it is absolutely worthy to take this class as a gpa booster.
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