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ENGL 4W, taken Winter 2020 Submitted Feb. 9, 2021 Grade Received: A

The class consisted of 3 pretty substantial close-reading essays, each worth a slightly higher grade percentage than the last (20%, 25%, 30%). Grading is pretty subjective so that if you show a lot of improvement from the first essay to the last, you'll get a better grade. The content of this class is chosen by the professor, Oriah chose the theme to be "strangeness" and so we read about aliens and mysteries etc. Stuff like Poe, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the play Gaslight. You'll have to closely read stuff, and it is a lot of reading. The class is small and very discussion-oriented so you will need to participate. My tips for doing well: write your rough draft early and bring it by office hours (Oriah is super helpful), communicate about accommodations ahead of time, actually read at least most of the books, show up, and participate. Do this and you'll do fine.

At the end of the quarter, our final essay was due when everyone was going home for covid and she made it optional/grade could only help. She is really nice and accommodating, 11/10 recommend.

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