Melody Li

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Easiness 2.0/ 5
Clarity 4.5/ 5
Workload 4.0/ 5
Helpfulness 5.0/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Winter 2020 - Dr. Li is one of the sweetest MIMG professors I’ve ever had teaching the most fascinating course I’ve ever taken. You can tell she is very passionate about viruses and giving her students the help they need. In winter 2020, the structure of the class was such that Dr. Dasgupta taught about bacteriophages and Poliovirus, Dr. Li taught about RNA viruses, and Dr. Fregoso (also an amazing professor) taught about human DNA viruses. The grading was such that the top 25% (at least) would have some kind of A. Starting in Winter 2021, only Dr. Li and Dr. Fregoso will be teaching the class. I heard that in future quarters, the grading will be a straight scale (which may or may not be as forgiving as the tests are still quite hard, but doable if you study equally as hard). Not confirmed, just what I heard. Also they’re doing an entire course restructuring than what I experienced, but the way Dr. Li explained the restructured course makes a lot of sense and sounds like the students will learn many concepts and ideas earlier on which will make learning in general easier. But overall, the content of the course is unmatched to any MIMG course I’ve ever taken. The class may be challenging, but learning all about viruses made it always fun and interesting. But more on Dr. Li, she is just fantastic. Highly recommend going to her office hours. She learns her students names there and clarifies class material (lots of things might not make sense the first go-around e.g. coronaviruses and measles were tough ones for me). She explains things much like an LA would, which I really like because it promotes long-term learning & understanding. She also loves talking about life in general - she’ll pick up any conversation with you and you really feel a lot of MIMG care, something that may feel absent in large lecture halls or from colder professors. She has so much experience in virology/innate immunity/research so ask her about that for a very fascinating conversation about what’s new in those fields. Anyways I don’t want to drone on, but Dr. Li was truly the best MIMG professor I’ve ever had. The care, the knowledge, the teaching, EVERYTHING. It made MIMG 102 my favorite MIMG class I’ve ever taken, so I highly recommend taking it to anyone reading this. Side note: Emily Yang was my TA. She’s phenomenal. She goes above and beyond what any TA should do for their students, but it made a huge difference for me when I took the course. Definitely the best TA I’ve ever had imo. Take Emily if you can, and go to her OH too!
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