Mark Kampe

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Easiness 1.5/ 5
Clarity 2.0/ 5
Workload 1.5/ 5
Helpfulness 3.0/ 5
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Spring 2016 - This is a review for CS111 Mark Kampe is by far the WORST professor I had ever taken here at UCLA. He talks about the material as if we have already learned it and uses examples that make little to no sense. He explains things in the most round-about way and does the worst job at keeping us engaged. The material for this class in itself is very heavy and his lectures were not helpful at all. Most of the time, I would walk out of the class asking myself what I even learned in those two hours. And then there's the reading... what kind of computer science class has more readings than an English class. We are expected to read an average of 40 pages before every lecture and on some occasions, 80+ pages. The reading isn't easy either. It's on material we haven't ever learned and on top of this, he doesn't cover the reading material well during lecture. The quizzes based off the reading are also horrible. It's usually 5 questions in 8 minutes. But most of the time its a "choose all that apply" type of question. This is dumb because suppose there are 6 options to "choose all that apply". That's essentially 6 True or False questions in a single question. And we are expected to complete 5 of these in 8 minutes. Now onto the projects... He gives us completely new projects and doesn't even have a working solution to it half the time. The solutions usually have bugs and major errors that would mess up the way the TA explained it to us. And on top of this, the specs are terrible. They provide no detail as to what we should be doing. My TA even said he was essentially using us as "guinea pigs" to experiment with the new course for next quarter. Overall Kampe is the WORST professor I have ever taken. I took CS33 with Eggert and would take 111 with Eggert any day over Kampe. If you can avoid this professor and take 111 another quarter, I strongly advise you to do so.
Easiness 1.5/ 5
Clarity 3.2/ 5
Workload 1.8/ 5
Helpfulness 3.5/ 5
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