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Overall 2.2
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CHEM 20B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted Jan. 27, 2018 Grade Received: A-

Normally I would wait to complete the course before writing a review, but for the sake of you the reader, I write this now that you DO NOT take this class with this professor. I repeat: DO NOT. Are you a chemistry major? DO NOT take. You would rather wait another quarter to take this class than to take it with Bouchard. His homework is just a long list of tedious and frustrating calculus and derivations that nobody can solve or even knows why it's useful (for example, deriving the average velocity of gas molecules [this is already given in class, so there was no need to derive it] when given the Maxwell-Boltzmann Speed Distribution). Even if you complete the homework, it would have taken you hours and many pages of writing. And you won't even get a sense of pride and accomplishment because all of it has been previously derived by Einstein or other such scientists a hundred years ago. I'm no stranger to calculus (got an A in 32A) and I still find the homework unbelievably troubling. Complain that nobody understands the homework, and his predictable reply is to just attend office hours. His grading is mysterious and is never specified. He never says what's on the test. Doesn't provide formulas. Doesn't let you have cheat sheets. It doesn't help that he talks about tangents that seem to have little to do the actual course in class, so you really can't guess what he wants you to know. He has no redeeming aspect. He is the epitome of bad professors.

tl;dr: 0/10, do not take under any circumstances

CHEM 20BH, taken Winter 2015 Submitted July 16, 2016 Grade Received: B

Avoid him by all means.

CHEM 20BH, taken Winter 2015 Submitted Aug. 11, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

The worst professor at UCLA. Avoid him all you can.

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted April 26, 2017 Grade Received: N/A

wtf is this, why do we have to derive the formula for the probability of a molecule having a certain speed in the second chem class here? its harder calculus than 31A/B

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted May 1, 2017 Grade Received: N/A

The average for the first midterm was a 38%... enough said

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted June 13, 2017 Grade Received: NR

This class is unnecessarily difficult. There are no study guides to help students study, and on exams a equations sheet and constants are not provided.

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted June 25, 2017 Grade Received: A

Bouchard's lectures involve mostly derivations. He won't actually show you how to use the equations that he derives, nor will he explain any big conceptual ideas in chemistry/how to approach problems. You'll have to teach yourself most of the material. The only reason I did well in this class was because I had a helpful TA. Avoid this class if you can, or if you must take it, good luck.

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted June 29, 2017 Grade Received: A+

Prof Bouchard is misunderstood by the student, I'd suppose. Even though the course materials are hard, Bouchard gives fairly clear lecture about these course materials. His lecture notes posted online are very thorough. The test is very hard, but if you work through lecture notes and the problem sets posted, you will be fine. Also, prof Bouchard is really helpful and really willing to help students during his office hours, and especially outside OH. He would simply tell you to just come by his office, and he will help you with your problems. Good professor overall. But if you simply don't like Chem 20B materials, you can find other easier professors.

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted Oct. 23, 2017 Grade Received: A-

Avoid this class at any cost. Even my chem110A is better than this class.

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted Nov. 1, 2017 Grade Received: A

He’s the greatest Professor I’ve taken in UCLA ever. I don’t understand why someone’s saying that he requires us to read the textbook—

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