Longxiu Huang

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Easiness 4.0/ 5
Clarity 3.2/ 5
Workload 4.6/ 5
Helpfulness 3.8/ 5
Overall Rating 4.0
Easiness 3.1/ 5
Clarity 3.1/ 5
Workload 3.7/ 5
Helpfulness 4.4/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Spring 2022 - I wish to write this review in order to help future generation students, either you are math/stats/science majors that require this class as an upper mandatory course or you need to take this class for some reason. Through talking about the big picture about professor Huang, her grading scheme, grading standard, lectures, homework, etc., this review may help you decide whether you should take or continue on this class or not. - About Grading Scheme: 25% Homework + 25% Quizzes + 20% Midterm + 30% Final. OR 25% Homework + 25% Quizzes + 50% Final, Professor will eventually choose the higher one among these two that calculate towards your final grade, which means it is possible to miss the midterm and increase the proportation of weigh of you final. There is also 1% bonus point on your final grade if you do the evaluation at the end of the quarter. For the quiz and homework parts, professor will drop 2 lowest homework scores from the 7 homework scores, and drop 2 lowest quizzes grades from the 7 quiz grades. Initially the A cutoff is 93, but professor Huang said the grades may be curved according to the absolute perfomance of the entire class, so no need to worry about the 93cutoff. - About Midterm: There is only one in-class 50-minute-long midterm that takes up 20% of your final grade. The time of the midterm is quite late in the quarter (roughly week7) and will cover the topics mentioned on the studyguide. Professor Huang always give us a studyguide for exams, including midterm and finals, which are extremely helpful. Make sure that you understand every single question on the studyguide. Midterm is overall fair, consist of 4 , where the difficulty of midterm questions are very similar to the homework questions, relatively easy in general. - About Final: The final is absolutely a disaster, and is the only challenge throughout the entire quarter. Those final exam questions are far harder than the homework sets, and are not similar to the studyguide questions at all. Those unbearbly difficult questions make the average of the final drop to 58.8%, where the midterm average is about 76%. If you do not study very very hard for the final, spend enough time practicing studyguide questions, you might get screwed on the final. I'm a math-major student and still spend 60 hours in the previous week before the final to practice, and I still think the final is VERY DIFFICULT. Both midterm and final questions are not the same questions you did in homework or in discussion, while I heard some other professors use exactly the same hw questions on exams. So if you are not that confident with your performance in this extremely challenging final, try other professors' sessions instead. - About Quizzes: There are in total 7 quizzes throughout the quarter, starting from week 3 to week 10 (midterm week no quiz). The lowest 2 quizzes will be dropped. These weekly quizzes are very easy, which are 10-minutes-long conducted during discussion sessions every Thursday, consist 1 proof questions. All these question come directly from the homeworks, and are exactly the same questions. If you do the homework, then this should be just easy pz for you. - About Homeworks: There are in total 7 homework sets in total. The lowest 2 homework grades will be dropped. Each homework set consist of 2 sections: The first section is the graded question section, this is the one that will be graded, which consist of 3 questions from the text book. The second section is suggested question section (not graded, no need to write down), which is made up of lots of suggested homework questions from the text book assigned by the professor, which are helpful for exams. Doing the suggested part before exams can really help you do better. Overall, the weekly graded section of the homework should take you less than an hour. - About Lectures: All the lectures this quarter are podcasted and posted on Bruinlearn website. Professor Huang also posted notes for every lecture on the website as well, which are very helpful. During the lecture time, all professor did was writing the notes, so it is possible for you not go to the lecture at all (I went to the lecture only once this quarter) by just reading the notes/read textbooks/watch recordings. You can choose from either one of these approaches. Perosnally I think Professor Huang has a very thick accent, so it might be more efficient to read through the textbook and notes by yourself instead of going to the lecture (Textbook is far more comprehensive and self-explanatory). - Overall, the grading scheme is very friendly (easy full mark on HWs and Quizzess) which the proportion of exams are not that high. You wont feel that stressed as workload is evenly distributed throughout the entire quarter. Homeworks and Quizzes are very easy, while Midterm is also very fair and straightfoward. The only challenge is the final, which needs great devotion and time spending on preparing for it. Generally speaking, Huang's Math115A is fair and I would recommend to take hers for future generations~
Easiness 4.5/ 5
Clarity 3.0/ 5
Workload 4.5/ 5
Helpfulness 3.5/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Fall 2021 - I got an A in this class so let me give a completely objective and unbiased review since it seems like all of Professor Huang's reviews seem to either utterly hate on her or call her the best professor ever. Frankly, the class was a mess. The lectures were unclear and the notes weren't super helpful for anything. The lectures didn't help on the homework, the homework didn't help on exams, and the exams didn't really reflect what we learned in lecture. If not for group study sessions, I would not have pulled an A in this course. Outside of her teaching style, Professor Huang herself is very kind and understanding. She extended homework due dates and gave out hints very frequently. She gave a study guide for both the Final and Midterm that told you exactly what would be on it. And I mean she would give a numbered list of topics that 100% mirrored what she tested you on during exams. By collaborating with other students in the class, we were able to discern exactly what would be on the exams. I also felt that she and her TA's graded very leniently, and I always scored higher than I thought I would on the exams and homework. We also had a Group Project in this course which was also graded very leniently and was pretty much just free points for your overall grade. Overall, I don't think she's a great professor by any means. She's okay at best. Her lectures were mostly conceptual and provided nearly zero examples, whereas her exams were purely computational. Her homeworks were very difficult and since they were taken from an 80 year old book, there were no solutions anywhere and the questions were ridiculously vague. However, I felt that her exams were fairly easy as they were purely computational and she gave the topics beforehand (although she gave nearly zero examples). So yeah TLDR: Messy class; homeworks, lectures, and exams are disjoint; but lenient grading; easy exams; very kind and understanding professor
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