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ENGL 161 Submitted March 5, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Okay, really? This guy is a joke. Later Romantic Lit--it should've been called Seminar on South Campus & Physics. All he did was talk sh*t on physicists and the medical field. Than he went on millions of tangents of how artificial the world is and how bottled water isn't even pure. "South campus kids are so mean, they don't know anything." No one cares Lopez!! Teach some Romantic Literature--that's what I signed up for. How is he still teaching? And he DOES HAVE FAVORITES!!! You have to kiss his a** and act like you're God for him to like you. No matter how much effort I put in he didn't "like" me and ignored my e-mails to see my final and my essay. I actually told him to stop talking about particle physics and teach some Romantic poetry--from than on he was rude as hell. How are we supposed to write an essay on material he doesn't even teach? He cannot stay on topic for the life of him.
Oh and Lopez--physicists are WAY SMARTER than you WILL EVER BE, so stop talking about how stupid they are. You need a reality check--you shouldn't even be allowed to teach--anywhere.

ENGL 160 Submitted Nov. 18, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

Honestly, the best instructor I've had for anything, academic or otherwise. Sure, he doesn't necessarily provide a structured class, nor does he offer much guidance in terms of how to write, but I do think that's his way of giving his students the freedom to explore the material on their own, without having to adhere to his own guidelines or practices (he IS a romantic thinker, so it would make sense that his teaching methods are similar to his philosophical beliefs...very free and open). Take him not only to gain an appreciation and understanding of the material he teaches, but also to actually learn how to think, how to connect the thoughts and ideas in the texts to the world outside of literature (he frequently uses contemporary references to explain old ideologies). Outside of class, Professor Lopez is extremely approachable...the man isn't just interested in your engagement with the literature, but YOU as a person. He's really caring, and will try an accommodate you in any way possible should you have any complications with ANYTHING during the course (for example, you can shift the deadline for your paper to any date you wish).

I've taken 4W and 160 with this guy, and have yet to be disappointed, and look forward to taking any other classes I can with him. I really cannot recommend him enough. He's simply brilliant.

ENGL 197 Submitted June 8, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Let me be frank and re-evulate this professor for a second time for last time I said I'd work with him in future semesters. I have now taken two 169 As with him and will do some Gothic research with him in the Summer. This is the last time the man will teach here at UCLA and I think YOU as a student are OBLIGATED to your major to take his class. To clarify many issues around this professor. 1) if he had favorites then why does he loves who fail just as much as those who are superior? 2) He has the right to somewhat brag because he has a PhD and you don't, so GET OVER IT. 3) Many of the people who have taken his classes before took him again despite the fact if they even needed to or not. 4) He's a nice guy who goes BEYOND the classroom, therefore if you're a close-minded ass then you'll hate. 5) He's teaches (as he professes) the older style, which came BEFORE all this bullshit came in, so beware of that too. 6) Ever REALLY wonder what a humanitarian is? or where the school's headed? TAKE this class, he knows. 7) If your not into cursing, you'll fucking hate his classes.
With that said I think all of those who can not stand the above mentioned traits are first and foremost NOT English majors who need to find a different discipline to work with and those who don't mind, welcome to the final class of Dr. Lopez at UCLA.

ENGL 169A Submitted June 11, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Dr. J.D Lopez has by far been one of the best professor I have taken here at UCLA. I completely agree with the previous post. This professor has definitely opened my eyes to many things. I can truly say that he has changed the trajectory of my studies. It is sad to see such a great professor leave this institution. I am glad I was able to take him this quarter, and even more glad I will be able to take him in the summer, possibly his last class at ucla. He is a great professor, thinker, and just a great person. He was not an easy A, but whatever grade I earn in his class I will be happy. He has thought me something more valuable than a letter grade can ever represent. He has reignited the flame within me, and has awakened an insatiable thirst for knowledge within me. J.D. is one bad motherfucker. I only wish there could be more professors like him. It is sad to see him leave.

ENGL 160 Submitted June 17, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

At first glance, Professor Lopez seems approachable, interested, and genuinely nice; and while he may be all of these things, he is not the greatest in the more substantial and practical categories. I do not understand why so many people dispute the fact that he has favorites when he does not hide the fact that this is the case. In fact, there was one class period where he did not want to discuss a particular work because the person who he thought might have a lot to say about it was absent. I found this to be sightly insulting, as there was a classroom full of people who had done the reading and were prepared to discuss it. Also, while he claims to be "bad" with e-mails because he's a romantic thinker and doesn't believe in inorganic communication (blah, blah, blah), he obviously answers e-mails that come from certain people (his favorites). I know this because he would often discuss e-mails with people in class, while I never received an answer to about the five e-mails I sent him over a period of two quarters. While it is completely fine, and at times inspirational, for him to subscribe to certain romantic notions, he is a professor at a large university which requires him to communicate electronically. Furthermore, I had one encounter with him where in the middle of our conversation, he abruptly turned and yelled something out to one of his favorite students (as she walked in) as I was speaking. He then turned to me and said, "what were you saying?" After that, I had limited contact with him. It seems to me that in order to become part of his exclusive club, it is necessary to either take a prior class with him or to camp out in office hours. He is slightly arrogant and if you flatter him in some way, you may just be chosen.
His exams and papers are pretty straightforward, but you have to go to class. He is a messy lecturer and you never know what will show up on the tests and what will not. He, however, likes creativity and originality in explications, and as long as you do that you should be OK on both the midterm and the final.
Finally, in an effort to be fair, Lopez does offer paper extensions and he offers them generously. In regards to scheduling, he is very reasonable and understanding. I ended up with a good grade in this class, but I would not take another class with him because I believe he is overly subjective when it comes to his students. I think that a student's commitment to a professor as an individual is irrelevant when it comes to his/her ability to communicate with that student(s).

ENGL 181A Submitted June 23, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

hands down, lopez is one of the most real professors in the english department. this class was inspiring, eye-opening, and a pleasure to have taken. grading was fair and flexible, discussions were meaningful, and the assignments allowed each student to explore and create however he/she felt fit. i'm sad to see an absence of professor lopez on next quarter's schedule of classes.

Course not listed Submitted July 10, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

JD is definitely one of the most memorable professors I've ever had. He makes a 2-hour class of 20 inside a small stuffy room go by almost too quickly. He really pushes his students to become not just better writers (which I have become thanks to JD) but also better readers. He would rather spend a whole quarter really dissecting and helping his students understand two or three great novels than merely sequencing through the plot of five or six. Discussions in class are examples of what I have always wanted all my other classes to be: extremely interactive and challenging. He will pry until he gets an answer from you, and when he does this you will be surprised at how good your responses will be. In addition, his grading is very fair; you will get a satisfactory grade as long as you participate and take his constructive criticism. Office hours are a must, super chill guy to just hang out with.

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