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Course not listed Submitted June 27, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

I'll agree, Goodwin is a pretty good teacher. His tests are straight forward. If you know and understand the reading material you will do fine on the tests. He has a dry sense of humor that can catch people off guard, but its definitely entertaining.

On another note, I do have to say that Spring02's cs132 class was one of the most poorly organized classes I have ever taken at UCLA. Scratch that, THE worst. Just because projects 1-4 turned out easier than usual doenst mean you should kill the students on project5 (which was to be done, of course, during 10th and finals week). Nor do you change the grading system in the middle of finals week to make sure that all the students do project5 (it was posted that if you didnt get project5 working you would fail the class, when before it was only 15% you your grade). All of these changes were ludicrous. I don't know how much of it is the professor's fault, but poor communication between professor and TA made this class a definite disaster.

Course not listed Submitted July 10, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Today is July 10th, and the grades are still not reported. I can't send my transcript to my graduate school yet. I'm still paid as an intern because I don't have an official final transcript showing I've graduated and received my B.S. Apparently Goodwin has complete lack of respect for any of his students. He even mentioned in class that the final would be given on the last Thursday of 10th week so that the grades could be finished on time, because students needed their final transcripts. What a liar. Do NOT take Goodwin (if he's even around after Spring 03, I hope he is fired before then).

Course not listed Submitted May 27, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

plain and simple: this is ONE OF THE BEST professors i've had at ucla. let me break it down: 1)easy projects - the TAs give you sooo much help its ridiculous. 2)easy midterms - you need to study a lil and goto class, but if you do, itz a piece of cake. besides, you can bring a card of notes. 3)excellent teaching - he makes it very easy to understand. 4)NO FINAL - only 2 non-cumulative midterms.

Course not listed Submitted July 17, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Goodwin's lectures were boring, the midterms were insane, when asking for help, we would answer back, "what do you think?" He would argue with students when going over the midterm.

It took him 5 weeks to return the midterm, we only got back 1 of the 5 projects. If it wasn't for my TA, i would have gone INSANE!

Goodwin may have been the worst teacher I have ever had a UCLA. We waited six weeks after school is over to get our grades.

Course not listed Submitted June 8, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

Professor is OK, he is nice but mean, he is funny but the class is boring.
Even the material is difficult, professor make it to understand it easily.
TA is good and help us a lot. I haven't seen any TA will write sample a program for you in UCLA.
By the way, final is very funny and relex since the TA bring his Laptop to watch the Laker's game. Just a little bit disappointed that he didn't project it to the screen.

Course not listed Submitted Aug. 26, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Truth be told CS 132 is a HARD class. Dont think that people are just stupid or lazy, this class requires your undivided attention. SO try to take a very very light course load with it. Now comin to Professor Goodwin, I dont know about others but I loved his lectures. He does many examples on the board and always gets the students involved in solving the probs on the board. This helps in doing the tests since his problems are such that you have to work them out instead of just remebering answers. His projects were insanely hard and badly organised. He and his TAs all have to be blamed for that. In a class where you are going to build a compiler for a unknown language to an unknown languae conversion, the project should have been prepared and completed bu the TAs before the class so they could answer our questions, this was not the case. Infact out first part of the project was not even handed out till like the third week, whereas even 10 full weeks are less to dot he projects. But make sure you attempt the projects and turn in little working parts. His exams carry 60% of the weight and hey are not hard, they just require you to apply knowledge instead or reproducing answers. I like him and his teaching style. His administration style leaves a lot to be desired. But thats ok, I wuld rather have it this way than the opposite

Course not listed Submitted June 18, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

When dealing with computer science professors, your almost always faced with a choice between BAD and WORSE. Considering that 132 is a required class for CS, I had to make this choice, and Goowin fits squarely into the BAD category.

Lectures are completely useless -- they will not help you for the insane midterms. And as if the projects aren't hard enough (consider CS111 to the 5th power) the TAs and goodwin make it harder by posting the specs 3 days before it's due, then changing them 2 nights before it's due, then extending the due date (without telling everyone) then changing the specs after it was due (and expecting that we should all know that), and so on. I think you catch on. This class was a disaster.

Course not listed Submitted March 11, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

This professor in my opinnion is the worst profressor in the english dept. he doesn't require attendance as part of your grade in the class, but when you don't come to the lectures, he makes it clear how much he dislikes you. His lectures are superficial and boring, reminds me of highschool and doesn't provide for a convincing incentive to attend. He seems a bit childish and just not warm at all. I ignored the student reviews because it was the only class availble that i could take for my major, but believe me, I regret it with all my heart. Take my advice people, do not take his class, or you'll be pulling your hair out by the end of 10th week!

Course not listed Submitted July 15, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Don't EVER take Goodwin for ANYTHING. He's by far the worst professor here for the simple reason that he doesn't care about his students at all. I had him for 132 spring 03. His lectures were dead boring: it was stuff straight out of the book at a snail's pace. Consequently his tests were easy, but don't let that fool you. The projects he gave us were poorly written, ambiguous, excruciatingly long, and incomplete. The specs would change literally every day up until the deadline, but the only way to find out would be to read every message on the bulletin board. In short, i suspect a full 10% of the class finished the 4th project, maybe 20% the 3rd, etc. Goodwin also has the habit of never grading anything until a few months after it's due. It's been 6 weeks since finals and we don't have grades. On top of it all he's really not much of a nice guy - don't bother asking him for anything.

Course not listed Submitted June 18, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

I'm willing to bet the guy below wrote his
review before the final project was handed out.

The professor isn't bad, the class isn't hard, and lab 1-4 were relatively easy. Here is the clincher though.
The final lab made a relatively easy class the most time consuming/hardest programming class I took at UCLA. I think some students thought they were graduating all the way up to 9th week until the last project was given.

To put it simply, I'm writing this review after turning in the final lab today. The lab was due friday on finals week, but was extended because so many students were caught off gaurd by the difficulty and time requirements.(significant amount of students just couldn't do it).

I know my programming..and this lab was HARD. Basically you had to take one language you don't know, and convert it to another assembly language you don't know.

My main complaint about the professor is the lack of caring he showed regarding giving a project that can easly take 25+ hours(I still have bugs I just decided not to solve them) less than a week before finals week. People with 3+ classes basically had a choice between finals or the project.

This 2 midterms thing is lie. The second midterm was given on an assigned time (NOT lecture time) after the LAST day of lecture. Last time I checked thats a final that's just not given during finals week (you need finals week for the project).

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