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Course not listed Submitted Aug. 9, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

class was great. i learned a lot!!
it was hard work, but well worth it. Professor Galateanu took the time for all of us to learn the material so we could all get it and move on to more difficult material and at a faster pace as 6 week course progressed! I would totally recommend Prof. Galateanu, she rocks!

I did not know what to expect, but I am glad i took this class. everyone should have at least one teacher who cares about them learning in their time at ucla!

I strongly recommend her!

Course not listed Submitted June 25, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

You MUST take a class with Professor Galateanu! Out of my four years at UCLA she was hands down my favorite. She has a great spirit-always smiling and eager to teach and help students. The class had a light hearted feeling, where everyone felt comfortable particpating, and yet I found I retained more information then any of my other courses. Beyond being an outstanding and concerned professor, Galateanu is also very real, and will share her personal and relevant experiences with the class. I never realized what a difference this can make. Additionally, the readings she picks out are interesting and managable-a rare combination. You may not think you are at all interested in Eastern Europe, but you will be after you take Galateanu! Believe me, I ended up doing an independent study with her after the course.

HNRS 165 Submitted June 23, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

Prof. Galateanu is the sweetest professor I have encountered! She genuinely cares about her students' well-being as well as them learning the material. There is quite a bit of reading and I'm not going to lie that I was a little disappointed with how much the course focused on history instead of what I thought was going to be literature. her lectures were sometimes a bit boring, but she would often add personal anecdotes that were not only insightful but also emotional and gave meaning to the course. I would definitely recommend HNRS 165 or any course taught by Galateanu for that matter because she is nice, a fairly good lecturer, and easy!

Course not listed Submitted July 27, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Galateanu is an excellent professor, which is something that I consider enormously valuable yet difficult to find at UCLA. She is a very approachable professor who is highly invested in her students\355 education; always making herself available for office hours and additional discussion of the material. In exchange, she is demanding and requires a high level of in-class participation. She encourages group work, useful in learning the complex material. I took two courses with the Professor, Romanian Literature and Eastern European Women, and found myself often referencing the material learned in these classes in other school projects as well as outside the classroom. The Eastern European Women course is great since it covers both literature as well as social science pieces written by or about the women of Eastern Europe. I highly recommend taking Professor Galateanu.

Course not listed Submitted April 10, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Galateanu is an excellent professor. I've had her for two classes (Culture and Society in East Central Europe and Women and Literature in the Balkans ) and in both I learned so much. The literature was all short stories, which were incredibly written and often very moving. The historical readings for both classes were at times challenging (because you study so many different countries), but Professor Galateanu goes out of her way to give you handouts, outlines, and explanations to make sure you understand everything. Additionally, her personal stories give you insight into the lives of people who lived through Communism--nowhere else can you get such a direct and candid perspective. No professor works harder that Professor Galateanu for her students. I can't wait to study with her again.

C&EE ST 91 Submitted Oct. 9, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

CEES 91 Culture and Society in Central and Eastern Europe Course Reader. Text me at (818) 468-8574

C&EE ST 19 Submitted April 2, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

I took CEESTD 91 with Professor Galateanu during winter quarter. She is an amazing! Not only does she teach the material very well, but she incorporates her own stories throughout the course which made the course more interesting. She was always very concerned about whether or not the class was understanding the material and she was always available outside of office hours. I was not at all interested in Eastern Europe when I enrolled in the class but Professor Galateanu made me want to know more. The readings for the class were very straight forward and easy to understand. She is one of the best professors I have ever had! Take her class!!!!

C&EE ST 91, taken Spring 2016 Submitted May 17, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

If you're looking for an Easy GE , this is not the class. The grade distribution is a sham. If you're looking for an easy A, DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. I think the TA changed and the current one, Ani, has unrealistic expectations of what she wants. Avoid at all costs.

C&EE ST 91, taken Fall 2016 Submitted May 18, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

I loved the class and the topics! If you enjoy history you will love the class. If you are looking for an easy A, this isnt the class you want to take. But it isnt difficult if you do the readings and pay attention in class. The midterm was fairly easy and all the questions came from the list she sends before the test.

C&EE ST 91 Submitted June 10, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Galateanu really brought this class to life with her personal stories about living in Communist Romania. This class had a good balance of lecture, class discussion, group presentations, and slide shows. I thought the movies that we watched for class were a good complement to the reading...but what drew me most to the class was Galateanu's genuine interest in the subject matter - as well as her students. She always welcomes questions and encourages students to email her/ see her after class for help. If this weren't my last quarter at UCLA, I would take more of her classes!

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