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Easiness 1.3/ 5
Clarity 1.3/ 5
Workload 1.3/ 5
Helpfulness 1.7/ 5
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Haha this class...what an experience. The professor decided to give one of her classes two midterms and a final and gave the other class two projects and a final. I was in the project class and it was a lot of work lol. I spent 17 hours on the first project and 27 hours on the second project because the grade on one of the checkpoints for the first project scared the bejesus out of me lol. Yes, I kept track of the time I spent. I looked at the sample midterms she posted online and they seemed fairly easy. If the actual midterms were similar in difficulty, I would've spent much less time on preparing for them than I spent on the projects. Although, I will say that I've taken statistics in high school, so I can't really speak for those who haven't taken statistics. Considering that this was the first time the professor introduced the projects, it was expected that the process would be a bit disorganized. However, I did think that her grading was a bit harsh and inconsistent. My group ended up getting 30% lower on a checkpoint than a previous checkpoint which had essentially the same instructions. Sure we managed to get around 13% back, but the difference was still a bit unreasonable. The instructions for the projects were rather ambiguous, which made it difficult to figure out what she wanted. I would be turning in a checkpoint for a project unsure if it would receive an A or a C. If she had posted reliable samples, it would've been easier to figure out what she wanted...But the samples she posted didn't correspond well with her She does offer a bit of extra credit for the projects, which helps a bit, but it doesn’t completely make up for the number of points that can be lost. If she’s still doing the project thing in the future and posts good, reliable samples, the projects should be alright…but still much more work than the exams in my opinion lol. Good group members also make the experience much better. If you get people in your group who don’t do anything or don’t care, I am very sorry, but your experience may be an academic nightmare. Just sayin’ lol. The final for the class wasn’t too bad. About half of the questions were the exact same as the questions on the sample midterms she posted. And for one of the harder questions, she pretty much gave away the answer in the question right after it because the two problems were related lol. If you have no background in statistics, I think you can still do fairly well in the class if you self-study and if Professor Le doesn’t give projects. I felt like the projects could’ve easily been grade-killers for groups that knew nothing about statistics. But if it’s just exams, spending like two hours a week reading the textbook and skimming over the lecture slides should be quite helpful. I found the textbook to be fairly interesting and easy to read. Of course, having a good professor makes the process much easier. Professor Le spent like 15-20 minutes every day going over the project, which is somewhat helpful, but then the lectures were rushed. Sure, she went over the important concepts, but she didn’t have time to emphasize them. If I hadn’t taken statistics, I probably would’ve had no idea which concepts were more important and what would’ve been helpful to memorize. But she does provide formula sheets on the exams, so you don’t have to memorize much. IF YOU’VE TAKEN STATISTICS in high school and got a 5 on the AP exam, you should be able to do fairly well in stats 10 regardless of what professor you have. If you got a 4 on the AP exam or maybe even a 3, you’ll probably still be fine. The concepts, at least for what Professor Le went over, only go up to chapter 9 (two sample t-tests). You don’t get to chi-square tests. The stuff before the hypothesis tests/confidence intervals is fairly simple. The probability section might be a bit more confusing, but it’ll be much easier if you draw tree diagrams. If you’re considering risking it and taking this class with Professor Le, you should be fine if she goes back to only giving exams because the class should be entirely review. Anything you’ve forgotten you can easily figure out from the textbook. If she sticks with the projects and you know you’re going to be tight on time during the quarter, I suggest you find a different professor. You can still probably get an A+ in the class if you spend your life on the projects like I did, but you can just as easily end up with like a B if you don’t do every possible thing you can think of for the projects (should the instructions for the projects still be ambiguous). IF YOU’VE NEVER TAKEN STATISTICS before, this class can be quite the doozy. I think you’ll learn more about statistics if you have a different professor. Professor Le is a very nice person, but based on what I observed during her rushed lectures, I think you’ll learn more from lecture with a different professor. I don’t know if it’s the same for other professors, but according to Professor Le’s syllabus, you needed a 94% instead of a 93% to get an A. I thought it was kind of lame because 1% is a lot lol. Regardless, if Professor Le only gives exams in the future, you’ll probably do well self-studying. The questions for the exams (at least for the final) were reasonable because they tested the most important concepts you were supposed to have learned from the class…It just makes your life easier when you have a good professor to help you understand the material better. If you’re going to take this class with Professor Le because you have to, I suggest using your graphing calculator if you have one. If you don’t know the functions, the end of each chapter in the textbook teaches you how to use them. And if you don’t want to read through the textbook, go be buddy buddies with a person who’s taken statistics before and make them teach you everything lol. Hopefully the person will help you out because there’s no point in knowing stuff if you don’t help anyone with it, right? The calculator is especially helpful for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests because you just throw numbers into the calculator and you get all the answers :3. You can also use it for the earlier chapters about binomial probabilities and stuff. Pretty much, the calculator can make your weekly homework assignments easy-peas. Stuff that’s good to memorize for the class or stats 10 in general would be interpreting the r-squared value, the slope, the y-intercept, assumptions for confidence intervals/hypothesis tests (these assumptions are given in the formula sheet though), and conditions for the binomial model. You can find the answers to those from her slides or from the textbook. Overall, if you want statistics 10 to be as easy and chill as it should be, take it with a different professor. If Professor Le’s still giving projects and you’re tight on time, avoid taking this class with her. If she’s going back to exams, you’ll probably just have to study on your own more to figure the stuff out. Meh, hope this kind of helps lol. Good luck on your academic endeavors!
Easiness N/A/ 5
Clarity N/A/ 5
Workload N/A/ 5
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