Albion Urdank

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Easiness 1.4/ 5
Clarity 2.8/ 5
Workload 2.0/ 5
Helpfulness 2.2/ 5
Most Helpful Review
If you want to do well in Urdank's class you have to become passionate about European history, at least until the quarter is over. Urdank is kind of like a happy sea turtle. If you bother him, he will contract back into his shell. Who knows what he does inside of his shell... probably research I'd assume. But if you wax his shell with knowledge, he will poke his head out and begin to enlighten you. He is from the east coast, so don't diss New York or you'll end up with an automatic B. There is just no helping that. It's part of his grading formula. But anyways, take Urdank because he is a great storyteller. When he lectures you will find that the walls of the room will disappear, your classmates will all be wearing 18th century garb, and you will be walking past the Bastille on a sunny day in July of 1789. There is no better history teacher than the one who makes you feel like you have travelled back in time. He is one of them. Also, Urdank has strong convictions on ethics. I believe he is conservative-minded, but not necessarily in the reactionary right-wing, tea party sense. It's wonderful when he goes off on tangents about current events. If you take him, you should try to rattle his cage a little bit and get him off track. You will find that Urdank knows a hell of a lot more about the world than just history. I was in awe when he spoke on economics one morning. Surprisingly too, he's actually a lenient grader. I was not expecting this from a guy who reviews PHD dissertations! Man o man. When I submitted my midterm I was like, 'damn I probably got a C on this one'. But then when he gave it back I got an A! and he told me, 'your paper made me laugh'. That was pretty cool. I think the whole class sort of fell off near the end, but I mean, who cares. It was fun. I'd do it again.
Easiness 2.6/ 5
Clarity 2.9/ 5
Workload 2.3/ 5
Helpfulness 3.0/ 5
Most Helpful Review
BREAKDOWN: Midterm (20 multiple choice questions, one essay) 35% Paper 30%, Final 35%. Prof Urdank was my fav prof @ UCLA. He is quick to respond to emails and will answer any question you have stupid or not. Really nice guy, people dont like him for many reasons. 1) He goes over the time almost every lecture, so DONT schedule a class right after his, you will be LATE! 2) His lectures can be DRY, if you are NOT interested in the material. Dont take the class unless you are interested in the material. His exams were NOT tough, just prep off your notes, but you NEED TO COME TO CLASS!!! to get the notes or else you will suffer! Midterm: I recorded the lectures and typed GREAT notes, it is tough b/c he says a lot, but try to get the main points down, AND pay particular attention when he refers to what the authors of the assigned reading say. I cant stress this enough. According to Fergusson, or Paxton, or Leukacs, PAY ATTENTION here, he uses that for his multiple choice question. Also, COME TO CLASS!!! His exams are straight from his NOTES! If you take good ones you will be fine. Read the material b/c it is interesting, but the NOTES are enough for the exams. Paper: He calls is an "Analytical Thought Piece" 5-7 pages on a topic of your choice, NOT a research paper, he wants your opinion using the sources for the class. Due the end of 9th week, it wasnt tough, but settle your topic with him before you start writing. Final: He gave us a studyguide before the exam that basically covered his LECTURE OUTLINES. The Multiple choice questions are TRICKY! the essays are very FAIRLY graded, but the mc questions were tough. the final is NOT cumulative. I got an A on midterm, paper, and final. I studied my NOTES, but i had GREAT notes, 5-6 pages per lecture, AND I recorded ALL the lectures, this helped me alot. He is propably one of the NICEST Profs at UCLA, he wants students to participate! He often asks the class what they think, but most people dont do the reading so they sit saying nothing. Take URDANK if you want to LEARN about the material. The class is DOABLE if you have GOOD NOTES I cant stress that enough! Go off your NOTES for the exams and NOT the books (the multiple choice questions come DIRECTLY word-for-word from the NOTES) If you dont come to class you will SUFFER!
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