Aaron Tornell

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Easiness 2.2/ 5
Clarity 2.5/ 5
Workload 1.5/ 5
Helpfulness 2.2/ 5
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Professor Aaron Tornell is just amazing. I took Econ 106M and Econ 123. I think these are two most useful and practical courses in my college life. Both courses have very good curve as well. Econ 106M is really good one for students who are interested in financial market. This course introduce many financial instruments and financial institutions. Also, Professor Tornell would show us many practical skills in financial market like finding data. The most surprising part of the course is that many theories professor taught are not simply from text books, and many of them is originated from profess's own experience and academic research. Last, of course, the guest speakers are amazing as well. As to Econ 123, It is a truly amazing and innovative class. It is definitely for everyone. It would be very very hard if you don't have a solid quantitative and coding background and you expect an A. However, this is also the best course I took in UCLA. The materials we leant are very useful. I used it almost everywhere. And I think it would be especially useful for those who want to enter a big buy-side companies. They would be surprised when they see your econ 123 final project. Finally, unlike some comments said, Professor Tornell is actually very friendly and supportive especially when you talk to him about academic and career problems. And I sill will go to his classes even I took them before. It is because I will meet many good friends in these classes. Many good students who want to enter financial industries will be there.
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