Description: Lecture, three hours. Requisite: course 115 or M117C. Limited to juniors/seniors. Analysis of basic pharmacologic principles, with emphasis on neurochemical modulation of emotional regulation and cognitive processes in normal and diseased state. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 4.0
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Summer 2020 - This class could probably be really interesting, but the lack of guidance from Professor Izquierdo made it really tricky. In the summer, her grades were based on 50% midterm and 50% final, both multiple choice exams. The midterm was only 25 questions, so each question essentially was a full 2% of your grade. The questions weren't unbelievably hard or anything, and they were all somewhat covered in the powerpoints, but they were very ambiguous and tricky. For instance, answer choice A would have something, and then answer choice C would be "answer choice A+something else" and both of those would seem valid. But it's so tricky to decide between one or the other, and it feels like there's justification to go either way, so it was really frustrating that it would be a whole 2% of your grade if you chose the wrong one, even if it was somewhat correct. Since we took this online, it was open note, and we got a sufficient amount of time, but I truly don't think studying would help at all. It honestly just felt like a guessing game about what Dr. Izquierdo wanted. And if you messed up on her guessing game a couple of times, your grade basically tanks. She does offer a curve at the end, but it still feels like you're not in control of the end result – it's just a matter of luck on what you end up choosing on multiple choice. I felt like I never got a chance to redeem myself after being stuck on a few questions and having my grade knocked down from that. She's also extremely cold and unhelpful in office hours, like she won't go out of her way to help you or guide you to do better in the class. I don't think she took our concerns into account much. I personally think even if you study a lot and make an effort, that doesn't pay off in this class. It really just comes down to which decisions you make on the ambiguous, tricky answer choices, and if you go one way, you'll get a good grade. If you go the other way and get a few wrong even though you understand the material, you've basically lost all chances of getting an A in this class. Content wise, it's basically about NT signaling and different drugs.
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