Cultural Materials Science II: Characterization Methods in Conservation of Materials

Description: Lecture, four hours. Preparation: general chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, materials science. Principles and methods of materials characterization in conservation: optical and electron microscopy, X-ray and electron spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, reflectance spectroscopy and multispectral imaging spectroscopy, chromatography, design of archaeological and ethnographic materials characterization procedures. Concurrently scheduled with course CM212. Letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Fall 2022 - This is actually a review for the class MATSCI 33w which is taught by prof Kakoulli. I just didn't want to fill out the silly form to add a class to bruinwalk for a certain professor. Anyways, I took this class as my writing 2, and it wasn't horrible. If you're not a great writer as I am not, then this is not a bad option. Grades are based as following. 25% Individual Research Paper (Writing II) 15% Discussion Attendance & Participation (Writing II) 20 % Lab Work and Presentation 10% Paper Discusion Attendance and Participation (Lecture) 10% Homework (HW) 10% Quizes 10% Presentation of Writing II Assignments 5% BONUS - Course Evaluation Survey The paper itself is a like 17-20 page double spaced research review paper, and that 25% is actually broken up with like the first draft being worth a certain amount, and the outline is worth a certain amount, and the sources are like 5% of the grade for it so it's not too bad. the discussion sections are pretty useless, but attendance is mandatory, and you'll have like 2 assignments to complete throughout the quarter which contribute to the grade. The Lab is actually pretty fun, quite disorganized but still fun. imagine a like ceramics class/art class with a sprinkle of science. attendance is mandatory Paper discussion attendance goes hand in hand with the homework for the class. every week she'll assign a paper on some ancient material to review and read. then everyone will get together and review it, and basically you just have to say something of substance, and write something of substance for the summary which is the homework. The quizes are two online midterms each worth 5%. I would just download the pdf's of the lectures and then control+f really fast while taking them. the presentation is like a 3 minute presentation on your work and is pretty ez overall not a horrible class, and prof. Kakoulli is extremely kind and caring so honestly like 7.3/10 would recommend
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