Foundations of Maternal and Child Health

Description: Seminar, four hours. Introduction to field of maternal and child health, with focus on major issues affecting health and well-being of children and families over life course. Emphasis on health, prevention, and supportive programs at different stages of child's life; application of life course health development framework to understand health disparities and implications for policy and practice. Letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 5.0
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Winter 2018 - I almost didn't take this class. If you're considering taking it, TAKE IT. Dr. Kuo changes the format of her class based on whether the students are enjoying the lectures and doing well. So, she changed it from being one midterm to two 20% quizzes. The first was was all MC which was pretty straightforward. However, they love to use specific stats for questions so memorize significant ones. Because of the stats people didnt do as well on the first quiz, but I got a 92 and thought it was fine. The second quiz was all short answer, and they did short answer because people didnt do well on the first (adapting the class to the students!!). I thought the short answer one was way easier and got a 92 as well. The short answers are mainly stuff like "A mother's employer doesn't want her to breastfeed in the office. List 3 reasons why she is allowed breastfeed:". I JUST took the final and it was 60 MC and 5 (3 part) short answers (worth 50%). They let you use a cheat sheet with whatever you want on it. I just printed a summary of a BUNCH of stats with 8pt font and 0.5 margins lol. It was helpful for the MC and for some short answers. Another thing about this class is that Dr. Kuo probably lectured us less than half of the classes. The other times, she brought in guest lecturers (doctors, MPH students) to teach us. I liked the variation but would have preferred Dr. Kuo to lecture just because I really liked her. Faye (her assistant who's hilarious) would make us complete an evaluation after every class for the lecture/lecturer. They really do adapt the class to the students: they used to require 3 readings but now only require one (her book) and its not even necessary. You honestly dont need to buy it and they even told us before one of the quizzes that the book is there if you need more explanation on something, but you really dont. I wish I hadn't bought it. The class was very engaging and we talked a lot during it (encourages discussion). There is a textbook, which is her own book. Faye also kept telling us that Dr. Kuo would do her "magic" on the grades because she genuinely does want everyone to succeed in the class so she's going to curve it. I personally loved the material: child and maternal health. I think everyone needs to be educated on the topic, whether you're a guy or girl. TL;DR: sign in sheet, interesting topics, easy class, no hw
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