Undergraduate Seminar

Description: Seminar, one hour; outside study, two hours. Introduction by faculty members and industry lecturers to electrical engineering disciplines through current and emerging applications of autonomous systems and vehicles, biomedical devices, aerospace electronic systems, consumer products, data science, and entertainment products (amusement rides, etc.), as well as energy generation, storage, and transmission. P/NP grading.

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Overall Rating 3.0
Easiness 2.8/ 5
Clarity 2.8/ 5
Workload 1.8/ 5
Helpfulness 2.2/ 5
Overall Rating 2.7
Easiness 1.6/ 5
Clarity 3.1/ 5
Workload 1.4/ 5
Helpfulness 2.6/ 5
Most Helpful Review
I think a lot of people might have a hard time with him because of the material itself and maybe his accent. I had the fortune of having taken Corbin for Physics 1b during the summer quarter before, so most of the electrostatics of the course was still fresh and I didn't have to study as hard as many others. It's hard stuff so I don't think its all Joshi's fault. His accent might be a little hard for some people who haven't had and Indian professor, but I took a few classes already with thick accents so it wasn't difficult. You do learn quite a bit and although he does go by the book, he doesn't give you something completely out there. Honestly, I was swamped with so much to do that I self-studied most of the quarter. Re-did homework questions, took my own notes, in preperation for his quizes and midterms. His lectures are more like supplements to the book, which are a very good thing, alot of the time the book gets confusing and convulted, so going to his lectures then reading over the book and taking your own notes would improve your understanding. He does not give cheat sheets for any of his exams, but i recommend actually writing a cheat sheet anyway to study. And practice being able to derive different formulas, like energy from capacitance, vice versa, potential from Electrical field of a cylinder, spheres, etc. TA's are really just luck the the draw. Some ridiculous stuff happened this year so some people got screwed over if they were in a back section. But Brad, one of the TAS, was amazing, he had like 4-6 hour office hours and he's fun, approachable, and doesn't mind rexplaning things until you understand it. I don't think that there really is an easy professor for EE1, its hard all together, but if you learned Physics 1b well (from corbin probably best), it wont be impossible. His exams are lonng, his quizes are long, too long for a twenty minute period despite being MC. Good luck! And if anyone wants to buy my book, I have the seventh edition, international, works fine for the course and has all the questions ;].
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