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Submitted April 1, 2013

Levering heights has a large variety of apartments. How clean and attractive your apartment is, is really about what you decide to put into the place. However the landlord Peter and handyman Guillermo are very kind people and very quick on fixing up the place. While we were here we got new granite (at least they almost look like granite) countertops and a new sink. However if you get the junior room be prepared that if you have anything larger than a queen bed in there you basically won't be able to fit ANYTHING else. However there is enough closet space and patio space to spread everything out. I love it here and am staying another year. I would recommend it, but you have to turn in your paperwork immediately because the places fill up fast.

Submitted Jan. 19, 2013

I guess there's worse in Westwood but not many talk about the cockroach infestation we had. It's January and it has gotten better since Winter Break. Landlord is okay, repair man Guillermo is very nice. The apartment is a decent size and they've installed new counters. Carpet can definitely be replaced as the units are pretty outdated. It has a small pool/2 washers and dryers. Water is included. There are always parties and the landlord lives downstairs in the complex and doesn't complain about it much. Not a bad place to live overall except for the roach problem but it should be better as my roommates and I had to deal with it for months.

Submitted Aug. 21, 2011

Great place to live if you want to have a partying lifestyle. Definitely hosted a couple crazy parties. This is, sadly, a double edged sword. This place is quite possibly one of the worst places to actually sleep/study. Could never get any quiet in my apartment, and people party on really random and absurd nights. Was definitely annoyed on more than one occasion. But overall a great building if you want to party a lot

Submitted June 12, 2011

Great manager, terrible neighbors. The party tolerance may be great at first, but people will have parties during finals week, midterms, and won't give a shit about the noise. Also, people leave trash afterwards and it's really upsetting to see how the main custodian has to clean after their mess.

This apartment is a courtyard, so everything echoes. Girls and their high pitched annoying screeches, Boys and their drunk stupid arguments, and their incredible numbers filling the halls are incredibly irritating. I'm writing this 5 in the morning because they still haven't shut up.

Submitted Oct. 29, 2009

I enjoy living in Levering Heights. It's a great distance to campus, centrally located within the apartments. Most of apartments are pretty spacious with lots of light. Some of the back ones have a lot less, but the landlord gives you as many choices as he can for apartments on a first come first serve basis. No drama. Everything is very chill.

Submitted March 13, 2009

Not much of a better place you can live. Price is 590 per person and bedrooms are a decent size. The living area is very large and there is lots of closed space for storage or clothing. The kitchen is a little old but not an issue. Peter, the landlord, is probably the best landlord you can get. He lives in the complex, but is a very friendly guy. I have had some loud parties on which nobody complained so it is a pretty relaxed place to live but the sound from parties never seems to bother me at night when I need to study or sleep. Peter will even hang out and have some beers with you if you really want. Two parking spots are included and are locked in a garage. The complex is also locked so security is very good. All in all the best value I have seen. Most people can barely believe what I pay for what I get. Availability is usually low so get here right after spring break starts when leasing will begin and get your paperwork in quickly. Definitely have a back-up plan, but if given the choice to live here, definitely do it. Bribes and kiss-assing will probably help you chances. What he says is he is looking for people he can live with, so if you come off as ordinary people (not to party crazy) he will like you more.

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