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  • Includes Water
  • Includes Laundry
  • Includes Trash
  • Has Landlord Onsite
  • Has Gym
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Overall 2.8
Quietness 2.4
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 3.0
Well Kept
Landlord 2.8
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 3.6


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Submitted Sept. 17, 2017

Lived here from August 2016-June 2017
BE AWARE: there is no jacuzzi, gym, rec room, or outdoor grilling area. The "rec room" is an empty room that was only unlocked twice in my 10 month stay. The "gym" is part of the rec room. It has an old treadmill which worked and a spin bike which didnt. There is no grill.
Jacuzzi was old, broken, and disgusting every day from August 2016 - June 2017.
Location is good to walk to anywhere on UCLA campus (if you are active. about a mile walk, maybe a bit more to the far side). I heard pple had bug problems but I saw two bugs, put out some cheap poison from CVS then never saw another
Paid $1575 per month for studio w/ balcony
Safety is the same about anywhere as you will get in Westwood as long as you take precautions; others had few packages go missing.
Packages are left at door if you leave a note on your mailbox. If it comes from USPS it will be left out in the common mail area by the entrance
All outer doors require a key. The locks kept breaking but were fixed usually within a week.
The parking system is outdated but works. You swipe a card (usually requires more than one swipe) to enter or exit gated garage
Our neighbors were loud in building across the street, but that is what you get in a college town. Neighbors in the building were nice & quiet. Most college students, grad students, or work with UCLA health.
Manager was Emily. She is not friendly but gets repairs done in good time (often 24 hours) Maintenance guys were great. If you want it fixed, you call during business hours. If you want it fixed fast you call two days in a row. That doesn't seem so awful to me.
Our garbage disposal kept breaking. Emily sent someone to reset it the next day every time, but it should have been replaced after the 4th or 5th time which it wasnt.
The hood vent and bathroom lamp shade were in sorry shape and were replaced upon request.
Carpets clean and walls painted before move in
Gas stove fine
Air conditioning great
Utilities not included except Water & Trash
Laundry on each floor; broken machines were usually fixed in 2 weeks
Lighting was mediocre
Garbage chute on each floor
Two locks on each apartment door
Never used the heater. it looked old and was a gas heater so I was afraid it would explode or something
Elevators worked fine but were usually gross
24 warning given for entering apartment or for water shutoffs etc
Construction down the street during the day
$35 fee for losing mail key or garage opener
Deposit is one month's rent
Hallways flood with a few inches of water on the first floor if it rains hard
Dark inside building
hallway carpet pretty shitty

All in all it seemed like a gently crappy apartment that was up-kept fairly well by good maintenance

Submitted March 6, 2017

I mean for the price, it's alright.

Pros-- You get two parking spaces without paying extra, so that's nice. The landlady is pretty nice if you're polite with her. I've personally hadn't had an issue with maintenance being late, as it was always fast for me. But some of my friends complained about the time it takes for stuff to get fixed. The living room is spacious and there's plenty of cabinet space.

Cons-- The elevators are super janky, and the rooms are very small. The pipes are pretty old, so the toilet can get clogged pretty easily. Cockroaches and fruit flies can be an issue if you're slightly messy. My biggest issue are the freaking showers. THE TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATES SO WILDLY THAT IT DRIVES ME INSANE. I personally wouldn't have an issue with this place if the showers weren't so horrible. You leave it on one setting, and it'll change to super hot, then to icy cold within 5 minutes.

Submitted Feb. 3, 2016

It's a bit hard to get things fixed, but if you call the landlady and are persistent, it'll get fixed soon enough. The only things we had trouble getting fixed were stuff like loose power outlets, where they weren't really a huge problem, and we'd forget to follow up. Landlady would forget, or the maintenance guy would come when nobody was here and then not follow up. It's a decent apartment though, not too shabby, really cheap, and not too far from campus. Our two bedrooms are a bit small, but the living room is spacious. The apartment is advertised as having a pool and a rec room, but the pool is tiny (unless it's actually a hot tub, but I wouldn't know since I haven't bothered getting the key from the landlady to unlock the gate) and I think the rec room just has a couple treadmills and bicycle machines.

Submitted July 19, 2014

Landlady is horrible. If we had an issue, it would take days to get her attention to come fix it. We would leave notes on her door and she would say they were never there. She entered without notice or permission while I was screaming for her not to open the door because I was changing. We had a mold problem on our ceiling and It would not go away no matter what I tried to clean it with, so she had the maintenance guy spray primer over the mold and said that it was cleaned up. It took 2 weeks for it to grow back. She locked up the rec room, which we were supposed to have access to in the terms of the lease, and would not give us keys. She said she would open it for us if we scheduled a time with her but she would never answered her door. She refused to let me have a cat when other people had cats and dogs, she even has two dogs, citing that "cats are destructive." And when it was all said and done, I got less than 40% of my deposit back. With 280 dollars missing from it because the place "had to be repainted." They sprayed a single layer of paint on two hours before I moved in two years ago, and it was so thin that you could see where the mattress was pushed against the wall because the paint was dulled out in that area. It wasn't even a scrape, it was just rubbed off. Do not live here unless you have extra time on your hands to deal with this lady. Or you might not even deal with this landlady, she once gave me a wrong number and this creepy guy answered who called me back 15 times in one night and continued on for a week until i payed to have his number blocked.

Submitted Aug. 27, 2009

We really loved our apartment and are really sad to have to leave this week. If the apartment was closer to our new school we would have loved to have stayed. The apartment is a 1 bedroom but has the space of a 2 bedroom. Parking, trash, and water are included.

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