631 Kelton Ave.

Average monthly rent: $0.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


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Overall 3.4
Quietness 1.6
Poorly Kept
Upkeep N/A
Well Kept
Landlord 2.4
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 4.6


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Submitted July 17, 2012

Living at Kelton Manor was a great experience. The building is older, but the apartments have a great open layout. My bedroom was fairly big, while the other was a bit smaller, so it could only fit two twin beds. The third floor got a lot of sunlight and was good because we didn't get any noise above us. The landlord is really kind. If you take the time to talk to her every once in a while, you'll find that it helps out when you need to get something done in the apartment. During the day, it is pretty quiet, but come Thursday night GOOD LUCK! It gets pretty noisy, but nothing most people can't sleep through. Overall, a good experience. Just make sure to check you turn your heater off when you don't need it ;)

Submitted Sept. 25, 2010

Considering I'm a person who works and plays equally hard, this place has been nothing short of perfect for me. I don't understand all the negative reviews about the landlord. She is one of the best landlords I have ever had. She fixes things quickly and she doesn't judge a thing you do. She's a bit different/kooky but in a charming way. Kelton Manor is an awesome community with spacious apartments. Getting to and from campus is easy. It's either a 20 min walk or you can hop the shuttle and be there in no time.

Submitted March 10, 2009

The landlord is a phycho BITCH! She's rude, annoying and old and RETARDED. She's an idiot and she asks for favors like moving stuff, and helping her. She is very bi-polar and frail and old. The apartment complex has horrible reception as well. You need Verizon or else you won't get any reception. The only think this place is good for is if you want space and that's about it. I would AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

Submitted Feb. 16, 2009

i love the apartment. its pretty spacious, they recycle, and the only utility you're responisble for is electricity-- which is really nice. the landlady is kinda crazy, but she responds quickly if we need something fixed.

Submitted Feb. 12, 2009

Water is included in the rent, but power is not. Also, rent does vary depending on when you sign the lease. The landlord is pretty crazy, but she is also amusing. For example, she asked me to thread her needle the other day. The apartment is really spacious and its really quiet. The only drawback is that the apartment is pretty far down Kelton (about a 25-30 minute walk to north campus).

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