565 Gayley Ave.

Average monthly rent: $0.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Allows Cats
  • Allows Dogs
  • Allows Small Animals
  • Includes Gas
  • Includes Electricity
  • Includes Water
  • Includes Laundry
  • Includes Trash
  • Includes Internet
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Overall 4.0
Quietness 3.3
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 3.7
Well Kept
Landlord 4.0
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 4.0


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Submitted June 19, 2019

Definitely one of the older university apartments, but did not mind at all. Only inconvenience was that the outside entrance card reader did not work majority of the year, but I would just use the stairs inside. Door handle to my floor would fall off all the time but I would just push it lol. Elevator was sketch, but mostly functional. Maintenance is excellent, they were nice and always very fast. I shared a studio with one other person, and it was a good amount of space for two people, especially when comparing it to a dorm. Furniture included, utilities, internet, and cable provided. SUPER quiet despite being next to two frats. If you're a social person don't live here, no one talks to each other. Personally, I loved that. Would recommend you live here if you still have a housing guarantee ... way cheaper than finding an apartment on your own and it was literally the closest apartment to campus.

Submitted June 6, 2019

GT is much older than the other university apartments, but it is also one of the cheaper options & one of the closest to campus. I stayed in a Studio Loft with 3 people total and the place is really spacious and much nicer than the pics on the school site. I think I paid 7400 for the year.

There were some problems throughout the year, like with the roof leaking, water not working, elevator not working, and fire alarm going off constantly, BUT the maintenance workers were really nice and took care of the problems quickly.

About the place: There's are garages if you have a car (extra$). There are also washers/dryers, which you can pay for using coins or an app. My apartment came with beds, drawers, desks, a TV stand, a couch, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, lamps, etc., so basically everything is provided.

The place itself was really quiet and everyone kept to themselves. Besides a meeting in the beginning of the year, there weren't really any building activities/events, which was fine with me.

Also, personally for me, it really wasn't too bad being in between 2 frats. Somehow, I never really heard anything coming from Beta but maybe that's because I was living on the other side of the building. & Phi Delt wasn't really active.

Overall, nothing fancy but great place to live for the price&location.

Submitted June 13, 2018

if you don't mind living next to a frat, great place to live! otherwise, find somewhere else.

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