555 Levering

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Overall 3.4
Quietness 0.6
Poorly Kept
Upkeep N/A
Well Kept
Landlord 3.2
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 2.8


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Submitted Jan. 29, 2014

We've really liked living here. It's my understanding that the management did change hands in 2013 and the landlord and office assistant that are currently there are both great, and very responsive. We've had absolutely no issues.
The bedrooms are a little bit small--but no smaller than other North Village apartments--, and I think all the layouts of the different units have their own aspects, so definitely ask to check out a few if you don't love the first one you see. We have a third floor 2 bedroom 1.5 bath and we are happy with it. The kitchen is beautiful and our layout is really open. We have a balcony with room for a table and chairs, the bathroom has nice tiling in the shower, and the carpets and walls are in very good condition. There are office people who take packages for you, so your packages are never just sitting on the doorstep. The front door is locked when the office is closed, so it's very safe. Laundry rooms are available in the parking garage level. The pool area is really beautiful. The maintenance people are on site all the time, and are super responsive and always come within the day of calling or submitting the online request.
I would recommend living here!

Submitted Sept. 30, 2013

Don't ever consider living in this apartment. First of all, this place is noisy on Friday or Saturday midnight. Drunk people walk on the street and yelled. Also the management team sucks, all they want is your money. I placed an order to fix something at the beginning of the leasing term, and they still hadn't sent someone is to repair on the date when I move it. Not to mention the rent is effing expensive for one bedroom and the manager was freaking rude when you have problem to deal with him. Avoid this place at all cost....

Submitted June 1, 2013

We are looking for people to live in our apartment for July and August. Rent is $500. Please contact 3104478730

Submitted April 8, 2012

ATTENTION UCLA FEMALES. 3rd ROOMMATE NEEDED FOR SUMMER SESSION A AND SESSION C. ~$500 a month in between Veteran and Kelton on Levering. If you can commit by this week let me know! 6266174104

Submitted Jan. 31, 2011

nice balcony, little pool/patio area, parking, free food once a week offered by management

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