424 Landfair Ave.

Average monthly rent: $3800.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Includes Water
  • Includes Laundry
  • Includes Trash
  • Has Pool
from 5 users


Overall 3.8
Quietness 1.6
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 3.0
Well Kept
Landlord 3.6
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 4.2


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Submitted Nov. 29, 2020

424 Landfair is a great deal on rent for its proximity to campus. However, property managers are sort of shady and have had a high turnover. The landlord cuts corners in the upkeep of the property and it definitely shows. However, its still a GREAT deal for the location that you get. They layout of the complex is a bit strange and not uniform, as my unit had 2 balconies with one that led down stairs to the laundry room, a very large living room, etc while other units had like 4 bedrooms, a kitchen island, and yet more others had 2 beds with small living rooms. The conditions of each unit are also inconsistent, so while my unit had a deteriorating sliding door to the balcony, other units had much more modern and up to date glass doors. The insolation in the unit is also very old, and at times, there can be little difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature which is most noticeable in the heatwaves and cold nights. Fans and space heaters are a must. But at the end of the day, if you get the right roommates, have good arrangements, the rent prices here are a lot better than other units you may find that have larger operations and professional management companies behind them. This complex is scrappy, but worth it.

Submitted July 10, 2012

A bit run down, right behind a frat, damp, sketchy self improvements, but overall a pretty nice place to live. Super close to campus, large rooms, and cheap rent.

Submitted April 8, 2012

Hi guys I'm actually subleasing this apartment this summer(July 1,2012- until school starts). It is an awesome apartment! Has 4 rooms, 1.5 baths, wood floors, big living room space, really close to campus and the list goes on and on! If you're interested please let me know! My email is lixacornejo@ucla.edu
Thanks! :)

Submitted March 22, 2009

My experiences at this apartment were really great. The managers were extremely nice to me and always fixed things when I asked them to. The location was great, though it did get noisy at night, especially weekends and Thursdays. I would say that our apartment was really spacious and it was neat because we were able to furnish it with the furniture people had thrown away. I met nice people there and mostly everyone living there was a student. Also, we had a porch so socializing with everyone who lived there was never a problem. Oh and the rent was extremely cheap for the location!

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