11044 Ophir Dr.

Average monthly rent: $0.0

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Overall 4.5
Quietness 0.5
Poorly Kept
Upkeep N/A
Well Kept
Landlord 2.5
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 4.5


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Submitted April 24, 2010

WORST landlord I ever had. She seems nice but is actually very manipulative and lies when she needs to. If it has anything to do with money, she should not be trusted. The place was a GREAT deal though. The most spacious I've seen and I only paid $600 for a decently sized room. If it weren't for the landlord, I would never want to leave.

Submitted Aug. 21, 2009

This is a condo building, so each unit is individually owned so they all vary. Because it's a condo building, it's well maintained and clean, and also very quiet. Most of the residents are owners, but a few units are rented by their owners. If you see one for rent, be sure to go check it out. The units are really big with lots of side by side parking (and even guest parking). I really haven't seen anything this big or with this much parking elsewhere in westwood. They all have great balconies for hanging out. If you're looking to throw a party, this isn't the place for you. Most of the owners are professionals, and they don't tolerate noise. Other than the limitation on throwing parties, this is really a great place to live.

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