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CHEM 20AH, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Oct. 6, 2017 Grade Received: B+

I enrolled in honors by accident, and it the best mistake of my college caREER so far. This class really ignited my passion for chemistry, and I knew that I had made the right choice to be a chemistry major. Professor Lin is kind, enthusiastic, and really cares about his students' academic understanding. I would recommend this class to any chem or biochem major, and others in the physical sciences who are interested in quantum mechanics (and dank memes). However, you really do need to be willing to put in the work--the daily homework and weekly problem sets are not a joke. Professor Lin does sometimes get off track in his lectures, because once he starts talking about science, he just can't stop. This means that going to office hours (held daily and sometimes even on the weekends) are super important in order to really understand what you're doing (simple snacks are also provided). Professor Lin's accent can also take a few days to get used to...he can talk fairly quickly and blur some words and terms together. One of the best parts of the class for me was its small size. I was really able to connect with other people in my major and make study buddies. Also, basically all of my friends are people from 20AH...when you spend at 15 hours a week suffering alongside your peers, you build a strong bond. I would definitely take a class with Professor Lin again and hope you all get the chance to, either for your caREER or for mere ENTERTAINMENT.

CHEM 20AH, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Oct. 6, 2017 Grade Received: A+

This class was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to any biochemistry or chemistry major or anyone who wants to get their mind blown by QUANTUM MECHANICS.

Professor Lin is an outstanding teacher, is super passionate about the material, and is very concerned about students. However, his passion sometimes means he gets sidetracked during lecture. But even these tangents are helpful in remembering the material. For example, I will forever associate blackbody radiation with Naples and the Alaskan wilderness.

But beware, this class does require a lot of work. We have daily homework and weekly problem sets (which can be lengthy) . Additionally, in my experience, the daily office hours (with complementary snacks) are crucial to gain a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of the material.

Exams are very straightforward as long as you do the homework, pay attention during lecture, complete the practice exams, and understand any derivations shown in class. These tests are 3 hours long but he provides Subway sandwiches. Professor Lin emphasizes conceptual understanding over memorization so all formulas are provided.

One major benefit of the class is its small size. This means you get to develop a good relationship with the professor and your classmates. I made the vast majority of my friends through this class and the massive amounts of time we spent studying together.

Overall, 1000000/10 would recommend.

CHEM 20A, taken Summer 2017 Submitted Aug. 6, 2017 Grade Received: A

Took this class in 2017 Summer Session A. Amazing professor and amazing person. He deeply cares about his students and performs well above and beyond his duties as a professor. His explanations are clear, but they tend to be mildly obscured by his accent. He has a high expectation of his students, which he tells to all his students before the class begins, so effort is required to do well in his class. He has a 1-2 question daily preview due every day and a 3-5 question self evaluation due every Friday. Before every major test, if so requested, he will make a practice self evaluation that is 10 questions long. Though only 2 questions are due, I highly recommend completing all of the questions, since they are all relevant to the test. Overall, he's a great professor and I'm lucky to have him as one of my firsts.

CHEM 20A, taken Summer 2017 Submitted Aug. 5, 2017 Grade Received: NR

I am a student from China. I enrolled in this course to be qualified for the F1 visa, in order to do travel study in US this summer. Mr. Lin makes chemistry so interesting and exciting. I enjoyed very much his teaching style: clear, logical, rigorous, and humorous. He seemlessly connects his lectures, problem sets, and self evaluations to modern research publications. In fact, I am so proud of myself that I can predict in the final exam the HOMO-LUMO transition of a dream molecule "cyclic polyyne C10" and prove that quantum tunneling of 2H in palladium electrode by itself cannot trigger cold fusion. Going to his "quantum paradise" (class meetings and office hours) becomes the priority and focus of my everyday activities. Mr. Lin is very kind and generous. Since the office hour 12-1 follows the class meetings immediately and is popular, he frequently brings some snack to the office hours, so that we will not get too hungry. Since the review sessions are 4-7pm (in fact, it ended at 8pm) the two nights before the final and all class went, he treated the class pizza and snapple during the break, so that we will not get too hungry. I hope to become a professor in the future and he is my role model. Perhaps I will use his chemistry jokes in my teaching, too. They are so funny :) The only complaint I have is: since this course is so overwhelming and there is always homework due in every class meeting, I could not do any travelling over the past six weeks :( I may come back next summer to take his course again.

CHEM 20A, taken Summer 2017 Submitted Aug. 5, 2017 Grade Received: NR

We just finsihed the final exam this morning. I am an EE major. I took this course merely to fulfill my course requirements so that I can graduate. But after six weeks, I am thinking about the possibility of pursuing quantum mechanics in the future. Prof. Lin is a very kind, caring, and passionate professor, with a good sense of humor. He integrates modern chemistry research such as quantum teleportation, quantum eraser, quantum imaging, quantum computing, quantum corrals, molecular cascades into the lectures, homework, and exams. This is the best course that I have taken so far at UCLA. But be warned, Prof. Lin imposes high standards and has high expectations towards his students (and even higher standards towards himself). Five homework due per week: 4 daily previews and 1 problem set. It will take you an enormous amount of time to study, think, and do homework. But you will learn A LOT! Very strongly recommended. Take his courses whenever possible.

CHEM 14A, taken Summer 2016 Submitted July 14, 2017 Grade Received: A

[STILL AVAILABLE] Selling "Principles of Modern Chemistry" 7th Edition PDF. Email [email protected] Price negotiable.

CHEM 20AH, taken Fall 2016 Submitted March 1, 2017 Grade Received: A

Lin is a very great prof. He really makes me learn a lot. After my first midterm I got a 98 and he sent me an personal E-mail and told me how great I did. He really helps you understand quantum mechanics and also holds super lots of office hours and he wants you to succeed in his class. This class requires a lot of work but you can also get a lot form this class. He is also going to write me a recommendation letter. Nice guy, very approachable some people might not be comfortable with his Chinese accent, but his speaking is okay for me. Strongly recommended.

CHEM 20AH, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Jan. 25, 2017 Grade Received: A

Professor Lin was my first professor at UCLA and he's one I'll never forget. He really cares about his students and works hard to make sure you do well. Don't get me wrong, the class is extremely difficult and you have to put it a ton of effort, but if you try, and really pay attention to the practice tests he gives you, you'll do fine.

CHEM 20AH, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Dec. 21, 2016 Grade Received: B+

I totally agree with my classmate's remarks one floor below me. Just add one more comment here. In addition to clear physical picture and inspiring insight, Professor Lin told good jokes, too. Why carrot should be white? How to form a group of boy scouts? Two-body to one-body to no-body transform?! (I am laughing now.) It is even more amazing to see how Professor Lin effortlessly connects his lecture to state-of-the-art research and current fundamental challenges in chemistry (how to steal zero-point energy? how to do cold fusion by quantum tunneling?). Take his course whenever possible. But it will take you enormous amount of time to study, think, and do daily previews and weekly problem sets, in order to excel in his course.

CHEM 20AH, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Dec. 20, 2016 Grade Received: A-

Don't take this class if you can't invest 13 hours of lectures and 5 hours of self studying per week. Prof Lin's accent will confuse you in the first couple of days but you'll get use to it, so on so forth.
It is very hardcore commitment but also an eye opening experience, you'll learn mostly about quantum chemistry, stuff like Feynman Double Slit, Angular Momentum, Simple Harmonic Oscillator, and Collapse of Wavefunctions.(Shuuuuuuuuu).
Love prof. Lin, best Prof ever, 5/7, would take again.

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