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MECH&AE 101 Submitted Dec. 8, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Bad teacher. Gives me really bad impression on mechanical eng.
Here are the pros and cons, and I will leave you to decide if he is good or bad.

1. The class itself only has simple concepts, they are easy to learn. (Not related to Klug)
2. He is a patient person and answers questions all the time.
3. He is funny. (Sometimes)

However, the pros can lead to the cons.
1. He assigns too many hw problems. Some are easy and some are hard.
2. He has online video lectures, and makes people not to go to class. AND, he turns off his microphone few times, so you can't hear him on the video. (Fair? Not fair?)
3. He does examples in class and sometimes unprepared. When he is having troubles figuring out or the problems are too easy, you just doze off.
4. We had 4 quizzes during the quarter. First two quizzes are not easy problems that you can do within 30 minutes easily. He THINKS they are easy to do in 30 minutes, but the time limit makes you kind of stressed and affect your performance to figure things out. The last two are easy, and similar to hw problems.
5. The midterm focused a lot on geometry. Yes, GEOMETRY. I come to learn concepts and use my concepts not learn concepts and use my geometry skills. You may say, yeah, most physics problems involve geometry. However, his curve ball question is about geometry. Is it kind of missing the meaning of this class?
6. This part annoys me the most. I feel like I'm taking lower div class. This class does not involve hard concept, so the class is pretty competitive. In my major upper divs, we explore concepts. Tests are hard but somehow makes you have deeper understanding of the material when you walk out of the exams. Those classes make you feel you really learned something but not in this class.

If you have to take this class for your major, it sucks. I would recommend to start paying attention to the class and avoid this professor. Don't spend too much energy on this class, Klug can suck your motivations away from other classes. Happy learning.

MECH&AE 102 Submitted Nov. 9, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

I took Klug for both 101 and 102, and he is my faculty adviser and an all around great person so my review may be biased.
He gives quizes every friday, but they are very similiar to homework problems, maybe a little bit harder, and you only get 10 to 15 minutes. I know that seems evil but they really do help you and he is a very nice grader. His tests are straight forward, maybe one curve ball but nothing evil or insane. Like I said he is very fair and grades nicely. I strongly recommend going to his office hours even if you do not have questions he is a great guy to hang out with.
For 102 he still gives quizes every friday. The material is a bit harder and you may feel lost because he teaches you to derive everything and does not use the formulas. After about third or fourth week you will understand it perfectly and really appreciate his approach to the problems. Again he is a fair grader. Warning to you do not use solutions manuals in this class, he warned both classes each quarter, I am not sure if he ever did anything about it but it really is in your best interest to do the hw yourself.

Klug is a great professor I strongly recommend you take him if you get a chance.

MECH&AE 101 Submitted Aug. 14, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

I had him for MAE 101 and 102 and that's the worst experience I've ever had in UCLA. To be honest, his lecture is kind of boring. For most of the time, he is just solving some sort of "example problem" which is very similar to the example or exercise from the book. And he would still screw things up sometimes and you'll never know whether the things he write on the board is correct or not. (Perhaps you will say that I am TOO MEAN, but shouldn't a "Professor" be well prepared before the lecture?)And yes he is nice, he is willing to answer your question and yes he is humourous sometimes. But so what? I need someone who knows how to teach to be the PROFESSOR but not just a nice guy.

OK. The lecture is not the real problem (since most of us should have high ability to work things out by ourselves). The real problem of this guy is his grading policy. Even if you turn in a perfect approach (what I mean by perfect is correct definition and assumptions, correct steps with correct sequence and correct answers), you could still end up with a bad score. The reason is you have to include the "EXPLANATION" (you gotta use WORDS to explain each of your steps, even for problems like 1+1 =2) which is ABSOLUTELY WAY TOO PAINFUL for a junior ENGINEERING student. He assigned tons of homeworks and due almost every lecture. For me, I would need about 15-20 mins to work out the perfect approach for each problem, but over 20 mins for the EXPLANATION. This grading policy not only applies to HW, but ALSO YOUR MIDTERMS AND FINAL! I end up with a unsatisfactory midterm score JUST because I didn't explain my steps.

There are weekly quizzes. And only 10 minutes is allowed for each. And don't feel bad if you can't finish that. Just to remember to explain things and you will be able to get partial credits (probably 80%)...=.="

Well, you will be able to end up with a good grade if you do what he requires. It's just painful, not difficult. And I end up with a good grade.

MECH&AE 102 Submitted June 20, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

FOR 101/102
Klug is a good prof who takes the time during lecture to explain himself clearly and do good ex probs. He assigns way too much hw, but if you make the effort to go to office hrs, he'll work out entire probs with you. He really cares a lot about your understanding and isn't set out to fail anyone. He sometimes does extra credit and his exams are typically a lot like the hw/quizzes. You must submit work for EVERY hw prob to pass the class, though he post soluts you can copy later if you don't get it.

MECH&AE 101 Submitted April 12, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

I had klug for 101, and am currently taking 102 with him. He is a very nice professor, he is helpful in office hours, and i highly recommend going to them even if you do not have hw problems and just want to talk. If you need an extension on an assignment just ask and he is more than willing to accommodate you. He gives tests every friday at the start of section, and there are no make ups, but he drops the lowest score on one of them. His tests are pretty straight forward, 5 to 6 problems with 1 or 2 being a little outside the box. This quarter he assigns multiple small hw s per week rather than one large one. Which has it's pros and cons. His lectures can get a bit dry and tedious, this is because he actually solves the sample problems each time and does not follow the solutions he has prepared earlier. So if you pay attention, even when he messes up it is still very helpful. He also posts his notes online.
Overall i recommend Klug.

MECH&AE 101 Submitted April 5, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Overall he was a good professor. I thought he was great at communicating how to work out problems. What I didn't like was how much homework he assigned. it was ridiculous. otherwise, the tests were very fair and I feel I completely understand the material. I liked his dry sense of humor, although many thought it was corny.

MECH&AE 101 Submitted March 11, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Worst teacher ever, period.
His lectures are kinda going everywhere and his voice is really boring so most people fall asleep or just don't pay attention at all. He missed lectures and sometimes TAs would do the lectures but they were awful as well. The content goes by really fast at the end, i dont know if its like that for other 101 classes. However this guy is useless I learned nothing in his class.

Course not listed Submitted June 16, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Klug's course in Finite Element methodology was well-prepared, extremely organized, and very informative. At times the material felt a bit over my head and the heads of the students in the class, but this is primarily because of how math-heavy it is. The enforced requisite I think is CEE 108 (now MAE 101) and MAE 156A is highly recommended, as it should be. However, a lot of the pertinent material that you would need to be familiar with is also from Math 33A and MAE 192A/182A- basically linear algebra and differential equations. Like I said, the course is very math-heavy, but he'll walk the class through most of it.
As far as learning FE software, the primary goal of many of the students who take this class, not much of that happens in the classroom, but he's very skilled himself and will help out at his office hours and organize tutorials to be presented by the TA. You'll not only learn how to USE to software, but the nuts and bolts of how the software works as well (i.e. deciphering cryptic error messages. In fact one of his final questions was to explain what kind of error message you could expect in a certain situation). There were about five assignments throughout the quarter that dealt with using ABAQUS to solve elasticity problems, not as much in depth training as I expected, but it was a good start.
Perhaps because it is impossible to test skill with ABAQUS software on exams, the homeworks were a whopping 33% of the class grade. The midterm and final are also equally weighted, 33% each. The exams are fair but long, and generally very similar to analytical homework problems.

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