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Overall 3.6
Easiness of class 2.3
Workload 2.1
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.4
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Helpfulness of professor 3.5
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CH ENGR 102A, taken Winter 2016 Submitted May 9, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

Vasili's thermo class was very demanding but you will learn a lot and that is what matters in the long run. Understanding the material and completing the homework may take you quite awhile, especially if you need to do some math review or are not very familiar with Matlab or Excel. However, that process of reviewing all your past math skills and then incorporating them to solve a problem is precisely what makes this class so rewarding and useful. After all, isn't this what the learning process is all about? Problem solving and understanding new concepts will never be easy, but the skills and confidence you gain in the process is definitely worth it. Vasili does a great job of making you think, putting all your calculus classes to great practical use, and enhancing your computer/problem solving abilities (ie. using tools in Excel you never knew about before that are actually really great to get to know). Bottom line: work hard and good luck- this class is an amazing learning experience and you will learn tons from Vasili if you put in the effort!

CH ENGR 102A, taken Winter 2017 Submitted March 14, 2017 Grade Received: A

Vasilios Manousiouthakis is an incredibly intelligent professor. While his homework sets were full of the hardest problems I've ever done in my life, I truly feel like I learned something in this class. Even though each homework set would take well over a week (with some problems takings well over a full day to complete), he was fair with extending each set based on students' needs as well as fair grading on exams. The one huge downside of this class is if you hate spending hours of your time on a single line of equations. In the end, however, if you put in the work and time, you will absolutely learn something and be rewarded for it.
Lectures are important to go to because even though he does like to ramble on about random stuff, there is important information you'll receive at some point.

CH ENGR 102A, taken Winter 2017 Submitted July 9, 2017 Grade Received: A

Vasilios is a very nice man who seems to know a ton about Thermodynamics. The problem is he is not able to relay his knowledge to his students well. The homework sets take forever and tend to be very difficult and long. I did well grade-wise in the class, but I feel as if I did not learn a single new thing. I feel that anything I could do in that class was from prior knowledge (i.e. integration, ideal gas law, etc.). He seems like he really wants us to succeed, but everything started off as confusing and never reached a point where it made a great deal of sense. I liked him as a person and he would probably be a great mentor, but I would not take him again as a professor.

CH ENGR 102A, taken Winter 2017 Submitted July 12, 2017 Grade Received: A-

Vasili is an awesome professor. You don't have to take notes, he posts handouts of the lecture, so you can just focus on listening and understanding the materials. He is a very intelligent person, and he's the only Chem-E professor who actually cares about his student's learning. His homeworks are tough and take forever, but you learn a lot while doing them. Definitely form study groups to do the homework together. They are all typed, so you type all the proofs on mathtype, but this is good because you can copy and paste them. Also either invest in a good printer or know where the ones on the hill are, you will be printing probably 2-3 inches of paper for the final. Tests are open note, open book, basically bring anything you want, including homework solutions. You can't get less than a C on the midterm, they made 30% and lower a C. He curves to the lowest student so make sure you help each other out!

CH ENGR 102A, taken Winter 2018 Submitted April 22, 2018 Grade Received: A+

Look, Vasilios is a nice guy. He's pretty funny, and his lectures are entertaining, but most of the time you're just copying down needless notation. I like his sass. The class is curved well, and the midterm averaged a 60 (even though it's open book open note and 40 points of it were basically copy paste from the HW, so it was pretty chill). However, I don't recommend him at all. We were saved by our TA Kelly, who made things semi-understandable. Otherwise, go to Vasilios for help on HW and you're out of luck. He just makes everything way too mathematical and confusing. We're chemical engineers, not mathematicians! No need to make things so complex. Often, he pulls problems form the book, and I look at his solutions and compare them to book solutions. There's just no need for so much math notation.

Also, Homeworks are absolutely brutal. 150+ pages throughout the quarter of typed equations and formulas for this class. Also, the final was destructive. You don't need to study for the final because it won't help you anyway. He gives an "easy", a "thinking" and a "tedious" problem on each exam. The easy and thinking problem on the final were fine, but that tedious problem was soooooo long. I used 15 pages on that final (only front side but still - it took forever).

Overall, you can't avoid him, so just enjoy the ride! He's funny, I always enjoyed lecture, the homework sucks and is infinitely confusing and tedious, and the exams will leave you feeling empty inside. But then you get an A+ and it's all okay :)

Also, he took two extra weeks past the deadline to put in grades, so just a heads up. Overall, I'll give him a 3 rating. Not very clear, very difficult class, not very helpful, but at least it was fun. I also feel pretty solid on the material I learned from his class (solely because I had to teach myself a lot of it, and the material is pretty fun and interesting).

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