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Overall 2.7
Easiness of class 2.0
Workload 2.2
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.1
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 2.8
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CH ENGR 102A Submitted Feb. 22, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Had Hicks for 102A. He is an okay teacher. He is hilarious, and he usually goes on tangents. Pretty much just goes through some of the examples in the book, but in more detail. His tests are pretty easy. Emphasis on definitions and writing equations for particular scenarios.

Course not listed Submitted June 30, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

THE BEST and WONDERFUL PROFESSOR EVER !!! I took 101A,101C,and C116 with him. He is very effective and very concerned, easy going, funny and willing to help student. He is not an easy professor, however, you will learn something from his class. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10 !!

Course not listed Submitted Dec. 18, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

I had professor Hicks for 3 quarters for the 101A-C series...he's AWESOME. You actually learn from his lectures, you can see him outside of class, and he cares that you do well. I received an e-mail from him after I missed class for a week, just to see if I was ok (thats the kind of caring person he is). We actually had a "mandatory" beach party at the end of the year, and let me tell you, it was a blast. He made it mandatory because he knew most of the engineers wouldn't go if it weren't :) He's no average engineering professor, and you'll be lucky to find someone at his caliber personally and academically in any other department. Cheers!

CH ENGR 101A Submitted Nov. 20, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Nice guy, cool too.
Funny, entertaining in class
Office hours are helpful
Puts problems in layman's terms

Material is just brutally difficult by itself. Tensors and advanced math theory on the first day, are you serious?

Hick's lectures are not very helpful in doing the homework or tests. You really need to spend time on the homework to know stuff on the tests.

Class seems to be all over the board honestly. If you can take this class and keep clean notes, you are a legend, because between repeating topics, making corrections, and him saying "just read about it", your notes will not be pretty or easy to review later.

Overall cool guy, could be a better teacher for 101, but the material is also just hard.

CH ENGR 101A, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Jan. 5, 2017 Grade Received: A

Hicks was my favorite professor for the quarter. He's realistic, extremely funny, and will make sure you don't fail the class. But my god, this class is a mess with him. His TAs speak broken English, his homeworks are short in the beginning, then suddenly ridiculously long at the end.

Moderately difficult. Really need to read the textbook about 3 times through before attempting the homework. You need to do it, half the problems on the exams he pulls DIRECTLY from a past homework. Each assignment gets progressively longer, but as you surpass the learning curve you'll find it easier.

Everyone refers to the textbook as "BSL". It's infamous for it's weird derivations that don't show any steps, and example problems that are mathematically rigorous. For this class, read the textbook, know EVERY EXAMPLE PROBLEM. Attempt some of the problems at the end of the chapters, but beware many of them require mathematics far above this class.

There's one midterm and the final. He's generous in curving to a B+. The midterm was fair. 2 problems were pulled from homework. 2 problems were pulled from the textbook examples. He tells you which example problems to do. And he gives you a very clear idea of what's on each exam. Honestly he could have made this exams impossibly hard. If you fail the midterm, he'll make you go to his office, and he'll give you a makeup exam. That's how much he cares. The final is similar to the midterm. He wants you to know the big idea of fluid dynamics.

Overall an easy class for the level of material.

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