Letitia Anne Peplau
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Letitia Anne Peplau


Franz Hall, Room 4441B



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UCLA Department of Psychology: 98TB - Spring 2006


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Posted 04/02/2007
Course(s) taken: None

Be warned, this class is very enjoyed but its a lot of reading and her test are very detailed oriented. I found the class to be easy but the test was a little difficult. I read all the chapters and studied for hours but still found the questions confusing. I do recommend the class. Very informative

Posted 03/27/2007
Course(s) taken: M165

Overall, I recommend Peplau...lectures were mostly interesting, even though I agree that it was annoying how she takes off the slides after like 10 seconds. The paper was based on your choice of 3 movies & was easy, the midterm was pretty fair, she offered extra credit, and the movies shown in class were interesting & worth staying for (she asks a few exam questions on them btw). However, the final totally threw me off. Many of the questions were worded ambiguously & some seemed to have multiple answers. Many students were having problems during the final & she was running back & forth trying to clear up questions. Take this class, but make sure you do great on everything else before her super-tricky final

Posted 04/06/2004
Course(s) taken: UCLA Department of Psychology: M165

This was a very good class and I enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it to everyone if you have enough time and effort to put into it. Their is allot of reading to do and the test are some what detailed as well. I busted my butt of studying for this class and doing the readings but I still ended up getting only a B grade. But, on the other hand, everything that you need to read is very interesting and quite enjoyable. I got allot and learned very much from this class. The test are pretty reasonable I guess, if you do all the readings and study very very well the about 30 chapters and class notes as well.

Posted 04/24/2003
Course(s) taken: M165

Peplau is one of the most biased "researchers" I have ever met. The whole class was one big "Women Rock" session. Perhaps the title should be changed to "Women are better than Men." For example, she would tell us that men and women should both be assumed to enjoy sex and have a right to enjoy sex. Then she shows a video on how women do most of the chores. In this video we have the men talking about how when they help their wives with chores, they get more sex. Ok...so women should use sex as a tool? as a reward? like we wouldn't want to have sex for the joy in that? we must be nonsexual beings. By the end of 2nd week I felt like if I heard "you go girl," shouted one more time, I would have to puke. If you have any respect for gender equality then this class will just frustrate you.

Posted 12/09/2002
Course(s) taken: None

I took psych of gender with Professor Peplau and overall I would recommend taking her class. Don't be fooled though, during the first lecture she puts on this sort of intimidating "front" where she explains all the tedious work you have to do and how her multiple choice exams are "tricky" and "difficult" but if you read the material you'll do just fine (so don't drop it unless you have a really full course load). The only problem was when taking lecture notes (she uses an overhead projector) she would quickly take it down and when people in the class asked her to put it back up she would have this slight arrogance about her and would continue on with lecture or leave it up there for half a second (a bit snappy and the people in the back would just laugh it off). If you need to take a psych elective though and don't mind all the reading you have to do and tedious papers and video questionnaires then by all means take her. And once again just ignore the comments during the first day about how her exams are so hard (I think maybe she does it just so she can maintain the class size she wants thus getting people to drop)

Posted 06/12/2002
Course(s) taken: psych/ws 165

really great class. i would say that i learned so much and really enjoyed going to this class, but it was not easy! be willing to put in the time for the reading and you'll do well. a lot of info in 10 weeks. peplau does a great job of structuring the class and is very very fair... i do wish the final wasn't so difficult (well, as difficult as a multiple choice test can be. take it seriously, thats what i learned). i would highly recommend this class to anyone for the simple fact that i think the info in this class is something everyone should be exposed to.

Posted 05/13/2002
Course(s) taken: M165

The class was informative, yes, and interesting yes, but uncessarily hard. Don't be fooled by the smiley-face stamp you get on all your papers/homeworks. Although I obtained a 89% in the class, I was stuck with a B, not even a B+. That's a little unfair if you ask me. She is a very accomplished and interesting woman, but again, whats with that unfair curve?

Posted 03/21/2002
Course(s) taken: psych m165

Dr. Peplau uses a variety of materials, such as films and guest speakers, which made the class interesting.The exams were challenging, however I attended Marlene's discussion group and Tara's reviews, and both of them helped me to prepare for the exams. There are 2 exams (multiple choice), 2 very short papers and easy film commentaries. Overall, I would recommend the class, but this is by no means an easy "A" type of class-- you must be prepared.

Posted 03/21/2002
Course(s) taken: UCLA Department of Psychology: M165

I really enjoyed this class. We watched 6 films throughout the course of the class. They were very entertaining and the commentaries were an easy way to earn points. The extremely short papers we wrote were also a source of easy points. The midterm and final were composed of multiple choice questions. It is critical to read all of the material assigned. A close reading of the material will ensure a good grade in the class. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. It was very informative and interesting.

Posted 03/20/2002
Course(s) taken: UCLA Department of Psychology: M165

Prof Peplau may seem a bit standoffish in lecture, but unlike may other psych profs, she is actually very warm and personable in office hours. This was the best psych class I have taken, and the prof bends over backwards to administer the exams in a fair and democratic way (giving you a page to respond about unfair questions and considering throwing them out, writing questions in a fair and clear way). Unfortunately, there isn't always time for class discussion, though there probably should be, especially since some of the research she presents has some problematic implications (for example, at the end of the class she presents Prof Sidanius's research "disconfirming" the double jeopardy hypothesis, that women of color are doubly oppressed). Overall, though, her class is really worth taking, and is by far the most LGBT friendly Psych class I have taken (believe it or not, this includes Prof Garnets class, if only because Prof Garnets doesn't cover trans issues).

Posted 09/17/2001
Course(s) taken: M165

Really enjoyed her class-- she was very organized and used a variety of materials. The films were excellent. If your prepared you will most likely do well. I highly recommend her class.

Posted 03/21/2001
Course(s) taken: None

I really sincerely enjoyed this class, i mean it wasn't one of those where I wouldn't miss it for the world or anything, but I DEFINATELY learned a lot about being a feminist, about different womens' issues, as well as about different issues regarding sex and race---I think this class was way more effective than any others I've taken in dispelling myths about gender and sexuality, and conveying the message that we should be accepting of one another no matter what race, gender or ethnicity (I know it sounds cheesy but that's really how I feel!) The movies were great, the lectures were smooth-flowing, with just the right amount of info (never felt rushed, OR bored). Overall, I would totally recommend this class to anyone, and encourage guys to take it too even though it's a womnyn's studies course.... the TA's Jessica and Tracey were cool too, v. concerned, v. sweet and they know what they are talking about! Peplau is cool, the grading was fair, and you got "easy" points for attending class and answering short Q's about movies we watched... also easy points for writing v. short papers on reading. Overall awesome class

Posted 03/09/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Peplau is great...Her lectures are very intriguing. And the films she shows in the class are really fascinating. I loved the one with the old couples, as well as Tough Guise. I highly recommend Peplau.

Posted 03/05/2001
Course(s) taken: None

If you're intrested in this kind of material, you will find this class captivating. There is a lot of outside reading, but the point comes across easily and sensable. You will find her lectures intresting and that she has a sincer dedication to her profession as a teacher.

Posted 03/01/2001
Course(s) taken: None

M165-was not too difficult, but there is lots of reading. Lots of detailed questions on her exam and the final is much harder than the midterm. Lecture was interesting but after awhile you figure you can get the same information from the book. However, for the final she really focuses on her lectures so attend class. Overall, the class was interesting, but be prepared to work at earning your grade.