Oleg Gleizer
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Oleg Gleizer

Hedrick Visiting Assistant Professor



Math Sciences, Room 6925



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Posted 11/13/2015
Course(s) taken: Mathematics: 3A

I was terrified to take his class because his reviews of bruin walk said that he was a bad professor. I was so scared to take his class, but I took my chances.

Professor Gleizer is one of the most friendly and personable professors I have met while being here at UCLA. He was very patient, and always willing to walk through questions with students in his office hours.

During lecture, he would go over Precalculus and he would also lecture on the material for Math 3A. He was straightforward, and he wanted his students to succeed. He gave practice exams and they were almost identical to both midterms. The final was much harder, but I walked away with a B in the class.

Great Professor. I would definitely recommend to take him. Go to his office hours!

Posted 10/26/2015
Course(s) taken: Mathematics: 32B

His lectures are very straight-forward and you know exactly what you are covering. The best way to study for his tests is to go over the examples and derivations from from class and the homework. He will use the same problems or similar from what you have already covered. He does not try to trick you, he just wants to make sure you understand the information. During his lectures, if something does not click he will happily go over it again for you. He is very nice and approachable.

Posted 10/25/2004
Course(s) taken: Math 164

I took Professor Gleizer over the summer and he was definitely one of the best math professors I've had at UCLA. He was extremely thorough with his lectures and his tests were very similar to his lecture. His accent is a little hard to understand at times but not impossible. You need to pay attention more to his lectures rather than on the book. He always does examples in his lectures and his tests are extremely similar to those examples. As long as you do all the of the homework (and understand it) and pay attention in every lecture, you'll do fine. He's extremely thorough during office hours too so going to his office hours helps a lot.

Posted 07/20/2004
Course(s) taken: 33a

i had him as a sub for one day in math 32a and hated him. when i found out it was the same guy teaching my 33a class all quarter, i nearly dropped the class right then. i stuck with it though, and he grew on me. when i wasnt sleeping in class (i do that in all math classes so nothing to do with the prof), i actually learned alot from his lectures. everyone did really poorly on the first midterm, but because of this he slowed down the class and made it alot easier. maybe this review wouldnt be quite as favorable if not for my TA John Swartwood, the best TA ive ever had. if you ever get a chance, try and go to Swartwood's sections whenever possible. ended up with an A-, good class and good prof as far as math profs go.

Posted 07/10/2004
Course(s) taken: Math 33a

well, i retook this class and studied my butt off for the final, and still only pulled a B-. He's not a very effective lecturer, but he had a really good TA when I took him (John), and that's where i learned most of the material. His tests are almost the same as the exam practices he gave out before the test. only slightly more difficult.

Posted 06/19/2004
Course(s) taken: Math 33A

Gleizer is a professor who seems more focused on his personal researches as opposed to teaching this class. His lack of focus directly results in his poor lectures that put everyone to sleep. For a week, I had to drink Fraps and Red Bulls before class just to keep myself sub-consciously awake. (that is not an exaggeration) He demands attention from his students; however, he doesn't realize that the soporific nature of his lectures makes even the most ardent students fall asleep in class. I know that I should not attack his accent. I believe that accents are beautiful things because they create variety. However, to an extent that it becomes so bad that students can't understand him, I don't think that's tolerable. He plays my games with students by making the first exam very very difficult, giving himself an excuse to not only slow down but also to comfort himself that his failure is due to the students' inability to learn with efficiency. However, like all classes, there are positive aspects of this class. Althougth, he is a terrible terrible teacher, his exams are consistent with his practice exams. So in layman's terms, if you study the practice exams, you'll be fine. Anyways...don't take him, the torture that one must bear through in his class in indescribable.

Posted 03/30/2004
Course(s) taken: Math 31B

From the reviews I read, I thought he would be a bad prof. But this quarter was fairly enjoyable. He is very quirky and tells jokes in class to wake people up. I think he does a really good job explaning concepts as well. He does have a Russian accent, but I had no trouble understanding what he saying. If you do the homework and study, you shouldn't have any trouble getting an A or A- in this class. Overall, I highly recommend Prof. Gleizer.

Posted 01/09/2004
Course(s) taken: 135A, 135B

Took Gleizer in winter and spring 02. He doesn't seem to try hard at teaching so he's not really effective at teaching. The bad thing about his way of teaching is that the homework is worth 40%. He says to treat the homeworks as take home exams and not to ask him or the TA for help or copy others, but of course some still do. Also the grading is straight scale. So if you can't work together on the homeworks or ask the TA for help, it would be difficult to not lose points. So if you're an honest student and want an A. I recommend finding another professor. But if you don't care for an A, a B would not be hard to get.

Posted 06/18/2003
Course(s) taken: 31B

Ok, let me give you all the low down on Gleizer's grading: There is no curve and the means on his tests are rather low (ie, 65% on the final). At 15/85 students I was lucky to receive a low B, which was nearly a B-. In a fairly curved class, 15/85 should be in the B+/A-range, so you can see that his grading is very skewed. I'm more concerned for the 70 students behind me. If 15/85 is a low B, then how many does he fail? As for his teaching style: he is a useless lecturer since it is impossible to decipher his thick Russian accent. His quirkiness does make him easily approachable, although some of his jokes are tasteless. I would avoid this professor.

Posted 06/06/2003
Course(s) taken: 31A, 31B

I'm having a hard time believing that so many people didn't like Prof. Gleizer. Admittedly yes, he is kind of hard (especially on the tests), but there are no surprises. The questions on the tests are on the homework, and after you turn in the homework he will do the problem for you, whether or not its on the next test or a similiar problem if you haven't turned in the homework yet. He is funny, he tells corny math jokes to keep people awake and says that leaving the class for coffee is better than sleeping in his class. He lectures the proofs so we understand how the concepts work, and then gives examples from the book, while explaining how it works. I really liked him as a professor.

Posted 06/06/2003
Course(s) taken: Math 31B

Professor Gleizer is by far the worst professor I have ever had at UCLA. Although I am getting a good grade in his class, this is only because I learned the course on my own. His lectures are incredibly boring, but you must attend all of them because he takes random roll calls and deducts points if you are not there. He talks with a thick Russian accent which is hard to understand and most students do not feel comfortable seeking him outside of class. My T.A. for this class, David Weisbart, is also lost and can't explain any of the homework, especially because the Professor tells him not to do the homework in class.

If you decide to take Gleizer's class, make sure you are taking it with a friend because that may be the only way from falling asleep(which he will wake you up if he sees you). I feel very sorry for all the future students who get stuck with this terrible teacher(if we can even call him that).

Posted 04/12/2003
Course(s) taken: 31A, 31B

Professor Gleizer emphasizes proofs, but he does this to help you understand the material, not torture you. You really see how concepts fit together. If you, like me, are bad at memorizing formulas, this really helps.

Gleizer's tests come almost directly from the homework, which is graded. So there are no surprises on the tests, but be forewarned: if you find yourself thinking, "this problem is so hard, there's no way he would put it on the test", it probably is on the test.

Posted 04/02/2003
Course(s) taken: math 31a

hard to understand lectures, ok class if you can easily learn from the book, concentrates on theorems that you don't really need to know, focuses on harder concepts that other math classes don't

Posted 03/23/2003
Course(s) taken: 31A

This professor has got to be the worst professor I'll ever have. His lectures are boring and you can't understand a thing he's saying. You'll hear "No claws, tu dei vee vill du som linee air all zebra" when he's trying to say "Now class, today we will do some linear algebra." He doesn't care about the students at all, and even though he says we have to learn from the BOOK he still takes away points if he finds out we didn't attend lecture. His tests totally suck and they're based solely on HW, so if you don't do the HW you FAIL, no matter how many times you went to lecture. You basically have to memorize everything from those HWs too. I recommend STAYING AWAY - as far away as possible - from Gleizer. My best friend worked really hard and knew all of her stuff and did all of the work and still failed, and my other friend did even better but BARELY escaped Gleizer with a C-. DO NOT TAKE HIM unless you are a masochist. >=(

Posted 03/21/2003
Course(s) taken: 31a

I can't even put into words how much I hated this class...I've taken Calculus before and I couldn't even pass this class. He didn't curve it because "curving is cheating" but the tests were HARD! On the first midterm there were 5 A's and after that he stopped posting the distribution because people were getting mad! Granted, he did change the grading scale so that you could drop a midterm and have your final count as more...but only because the whole class basically failed the 2nd midterm!!! I DO NOT recommend him!!! All he does in class is proofs- he doesn't really explain the concepts at all...he actually told us that he's not there to teach us anything- "that's the books job"-so, if you learn well from badly written calculus books, go ahead, Gleizer's your man!

Posted 03/20/2003
Course(s) taken: 31A

He seems to enjoy hearing himself talking, he spend most of his time speaking into the black board rather then to his students. He goes through problems/proofs on the board so fast that many students are merely copying it down instead of listening, and if they do choose to listen then they don't have the chance to copy it down. You can barely get a question answered because he always insist that he has to move quickly through the material (and I understand that) but he still doesn't even answer the little questions. He doesn't even give answers to the homework problems, so we don't even know if we did them right or not. The TA's we had made it worst, and as a commuting student who has a very busy schedule, finding time to go to office hours is almost impossible, especially with a working schedule as well. This is supposedly the first course for many students in calculus, but he introduces it in such a bad light that I would imagine it would turn many students away from math.

Posted 01/04/2003
Course(s) taken: Math 113

As the previous commenter pointed out, Prof Gleizer grades on an uncurved scale (70-79 = C, 80-89 = B, etc.) The 4 homeworks constituted 40% of the final grade. I would say that you can get an ok grade in this class if you do extremly good on the homeworks (going to office hours often / comparing answers), memorizing homework problems, and NOT messing up on tests. There were 4 problems on the midterm, I messed up on one and I received a flat 75% C on the test. Although most of the class did get a higher grade than me on the midterm, one screw up can have a HUGE impact on your grade. Keep this in mind when considering to take a class with this professor. He also had this wierd policy of taking away a few points from your final grade if you were absent (on the days that he took role) and if you didn't get a 90% + on your tests.

Overall, he's ok as a teacher. Quite intimidating sometimes I would say, but he's probably not that bad if you make an effort to come to his office hours. If you take his class, just keep in mind that if you mess up a little, it may hurt you a lot.

Posted 12/10/2002
Course(s) taken: Math 113

It seemed odd when, in the first couple weeks of class, Oleg continually bashed applied mathematics, while teaching a course in applied mathematics. Oleg is a great teacher if you want to learn absolutely nothing other than how to memorize homework solutions. His grading scheme is the most outlandish and ridiculous I have ever seen: there are 4 homework assignments, EACH worth 10% of your OVERALL grade. The difference between a B+ and an A- could be one homework problem error. And then there's his midterm...which he described to us the class before--"3 of the 4 midterm problems will be copied verbatim from the homework, and the 4th one is so easy that you could do it if you've never been to class." Some people might like this--I say it's a test to see who can memorize homework solutions (which were posted on the TA's website) better. He grades on a straight 90-80-70 scale after that, making one little test question screwup able to cost you a full grade in the course.

So, if you're good at memorization, and don't really want to get a deeper understanding of mathematics, go ahead and hang with Oleg. Otherwise, there are a lot of good math professors in the department--go find one.

Posted 08/19/2002
Course(s) taken: 132

Professor Gleizer is an excellent professor who tries to seem tough, but really he's understanding and easygoing if you go to his office hours and ask his about specific problems/questions/concerns. He does do proofs on the board in class, but if you need examples, go to discussion. Lecture is for explination, not for babying those of you who refuse to do math. His practice exams are very similar to the actual tests, so no surprises. Homework is difficult,and prepares you very well for exam material.

Posted 06/18/2002
Course(s) taken: Math 135B

Professor Gleizer is a decent professor, and his accent is understandable even for some non-native english speaker like me. His proofs are straight-forward and the ones that show up on exams are much simpler. The homework he assigns are more difficult than that on the exam, but are all doable except maybe a couple each set, which he or the TA would explain during office hour. His practice exams are like the real ones, and his real exams have a lot of hw/textbook problems. It was an enjoyable experience for me though I am not a math major (meaning that i don't like the proofs just as any other person), and I can't believe people are complaining about the way he teachs 32A class, to me those complaints are just venting off frustration at a professor rather than realizing one's inability to do math.