Jue Yan
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Jue Yan

Assistant Adjunct Professor


Math Sciences, Room 5338



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Posted 07/17/2006
Course(s) taken: pic10a

what can i say? the class is useless, the result will be the same regardless of which professor you take it with. unless you are the type who LOVES going for classes, no harm taking her because what comes out in the exams in the end is from the bk and her examples that are posted online... but if you are someone who hates and can't understand non-american accents, i suggest you choose another professor

Posted 06/13/2006
Course(s) taken: PIC10A

She's really not that bad and she's a very nice person. The curve for the class was also very low this quarter (an A- was an 80%). The TAs almost tell you exactly what to do for the projects (there are 6) so it shouldn't be too hard if you go to discussion. Lectures aren't that great but she puts some her examples on the tests.

Posted 06/11/2006
Course(s) taken: PIC 10A spr 2006

The professor actually isn't that bad. But i will admit that the lectures are pointless.
The only real plus about this class is the book (Savitch).
WARNING: no matter who you take for PIC 10A, this class will be difficult and you will need to study hard, but having a different professor may help.

Posted 05/02/2006
Course(s) taken: pic10a

She couldn't teach a fish how to swim...

Posted 11/09/2005
Course(s) taken: Math 151A

I had heard from friends that she was a horrible teacher - but since they had taken PIC and I was going to take Math, I thought I would give it a try. I also heard this was an easy course but because of her horrible teaching abilities and scattered lectures, the class was one of the most horrible I have taken. I am not saying the material is hard, the book does an okay job of making up for her deficiencies, but there is absolutely nothing helpful in going to class. She often gets lost during lecture, and they are jumpy and uncohesive to begin with. Also, her accent is very difficult to get through, as well as her random changes in volume (it sounds a lot like the little lady from Austin Powers). One of the worst parts of her lectures (when I used to go) was that she would write the first letter of a word, then just a scribbly line for the rest and expect us to know what she meant. If you try to ask her any clarifying questions, she is of no help either, just says exactly what she already did, and then moves on. I give her an F, although her exams weren't the hardest ever, so maybe that makes it an F+. Take someone else, or wait until next quarter if there aren't any other profs.

Posted 09/01/2005
Course(s) taken: pic10A

awful professor, probably the worst I've ever had in my life

Posted 03/21/2005
Course(s) taken: PIC10B

The generous curve in this class did not make it worth taking. She is horrible! Definately the worst teacher I've ever had in my life (seriously) because she can't teach. It's not just her poor english skills, it's the way she writes stuff on the board then says, "oh no wait, that's wrong", and forget asking her questions because she never turns around to see your hand raised and then she doesn't understand what you said. I had to teach everything to myself, which was not easy since she never told us what chapters to read in the book. Unless you want to spend 20+ hours just trying to figure out what she's asking for in each HW assignment avoid taking her at all cost.

Posted 11/08/2004
Course(s) taken: PIC 10A

There is no point going to lectures or discussion. This was the first programming class I ever took and I stopped attending class after the first week, but the book is so fantastic that I was able to learn everything I needed and get an A+. Don't waste your time trying to understand her, just read the book.

Posted 07/02/2004
Course(s) taken: Pic 10A

This quarter, I think she's much better than the last two or three. However, her projects are still too hard and sometimes it seems impossible to get one done in a week.
Good Luck !!

Posted 06/26/2004
Course(s) taken: Pic 10A

This quarter I think she's much better than the last 2 or 3. However, her projects are still too hard, and they might take you forever to get them done.
Good Luck !!

Posted 06/20/2004
Course(s) taken: PIC 10A

PIC 10A is a difficult class. I first took it with another professor, and had to repeat it due to a poor grade. Professor Yan teaches the material in a simplified, mathematical way; she does not expect you to know every confounding detail about C++, she just wants you to learn the techniques she teaches you. She is very interested in her students, in office hours she is very understanding and tries to help you. No matter who you take the class with, its going to be very difficult and will require extensive studying. I found Professor Yan's class to be more manageable since she taught the material in more of a mathematical way.

Posted 06/13/2004
Course(s) taken: None

She is one of the best proffessors i have ever had in UCLA. Very concern and fair. She cares about students alot. Most of her lecures are straingh forward provided with lots of examples and explanations. I highly recommend her for whoever is thinking about taking PIC 10A. You won't regret it. I knew nothing about programming and i did well both on projects and test in her class. She is helpful and respectful.

Posted 12/05/2003
Course(s) taken: Pic 10A fall03

She must have read the reviews on this page, because she was MUCH better than people said. I DID have to go to lectures, she was helpful during OH's, helped explain projects clearly...Much improved. Tests hard: you WILL have to know how to write code off the top of your head...BUT, most of the stuff is from the book and lectures, and not TERRIBLY hard. Read the book, go to section and lecture...you'll be fine! (ps: nick at the pic lab is the best for hw questions)

Posted 11/05/2003
Course(s) taken: None

if (yourprofessor==YAN)

Posted 06/16/2003
Course(s) taken: None

Ok, Ok, yes, I got a 4 on the AP CS A exam in HS, and yes I got an A- in the class, but honestly, she's not THAT hard... 30% of the class is receiving a grade in the A range! Lecture is definitely optional, the book is your friend, and I think my TA hated me b/c I knew more than the majority of the people in the class w/out going to discussion...oh well, makes my grade all the sweeter :-). Overall, just be prepared for some work even if you have programming experience, and if you don't, my advice is to suck up to your TA BIG TIME, I agree with everyone else, they do provide a lot of the code if you attend.

Posted 06/16/2003
Course(s) taken: pic10a

I was lost after the first 5 minutes of class on the first day, and never really caught up. Her lecures are absolutely worthless to go to (by the end of the quarter, there were more people in my 20 person discussion section than in her 100 person lecture). She made this class way too difficult for people with no previous programming experience (12 chapters, i think it was something like 450 pages). We "learned" things we weren't supposed to touch until pic10b, and she just kinda flew by things, so it was very easy to get lost. Her programs were literally impossible, and took me around 25-30 hours on average to do each. Try to go to different TAs to get as much code as possible for these projects, cause they knew that she was ridiculous and would give out a lot of helpful code. I'm not judging her on my grade, because i haven't gotten it yet, but Yan definitely destroyed my social life as well as hurt my grades for other classes. Expect to spend around 100-125 hours total on those stupid projects and the 80 hours of study time and reading the book miticulously because she doesn't teach us but assigns us so much stuff (which averaged, for me at least, over 2 hours a day of this supposed-to-be easy class not counting discussion sections). She seems like a nice person, but she's a horrible, horrible teacher. These ratings and comments thus far are completely accurate.

Posted 06/14/2003
Course(s) taken: None

Jue Yan's a horrible professor!!! She shows up to class late and basically lectures about NOTHING! If you take her for PIC 10A, don't even bother going to class...yes, the projects may seem hard but if you have a good TA, the TA will basically help you out and give you most of the code needed. Her first midterm wasn't bad but the 2nd midterm and Final was just IMPOSSIBLE! Avoid her at all cost!!!

Posted 06/11/2003
Course(s) taken: PIC 10A

The accent wasn't the problem - the problem was that she couldn't feel for her students. She supposedly gives you two weeks per project, but you won't know how to start them until the second week, plus they always involve programming (minimal) that was never covered in class although the TAs would help us on that.
I couldn't help noticing that the number of people who went to lecture went from 100 to 40 when I too found more worth in the discussions than in the lecture because she only does stuff from the book anyways. By the end of the quarter, the number who went to lecture was down to 20.
Still, PIC-10A with Yan was a very manageable class because the book and the TA' make up for her present inexperience in teaching and also you had the luxury of missing lectures. 30% A's and 30% B's, it is obvious that she does try to have some mercy on her students. She will listen to her students if they tell her to slow down her talking speed or to go over stuff.

Posted 06/09/2003
Course(s) taken: PIC10A

I would not recommend taking her as a professor whatsoever. Her accent makes the class impossible to understand, and her lectures consist of transparencies that are pretty much straight from the book. The projects were so advanced for the class- a monopoly game?! I don't know if she will improve as a teacher over time or not... but just as fair warning, get used to a thick accent, frustrating lecturs and very time consuming projects.

Posted 06/05/2003
Course(s) taken: None

You've got to be kidding me. I would never have thought that a professor can have such a strong accent that no one in class understands what she is talking about. The first few times I went to class, I was so discouraged by my inability to understand her one-fourth english accent, all I did was look at the overheads and read the book in class. Then eventually going to class was just a pure waste of time. The T.A.s however helped me a lot. They will be your knowledge base if you have questions to ask or help on projects. I've had programming before so it wasn't all that difficult for me, but if you're new to programming, BE CAREFUL.