John Garnett
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John Garnett

Math Sciences, Room 7941



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Posted 12/11/2009
Course(s) taken: Mathematics: 131A

He wasn't an amazing professor, but he was very nice and approachable. Just a little bit in his own world. His lectures were straight from the book, so I found myself doing most of my learning at home.

I took real analysis with him and I thought the material was really interesting, but a lot of people hate it. It's definitely proof-heavy and if it's your first upper division math class it might be a bit of a shock, but if you're a math major, you're going to have to get used to that.

Posted 01/06/2009
Course(s) taken: Mathematics: 131A

This class in general should only be for people who like math and proofs! Do not take this class if you don't have to. As for the teacher, he is not all that bad for such a complex course as analysis. He knows his stuff, and just goes over theorems and proofs from the book. Midterms are easy, and the final is the most difficult. HW is graded heavily so do HW correctly and 60% on midterms and final can get you a B or higher depending on the class average. It is all proofs so make sure your a proof lover.!

Posted 06/14/2007
Course(s) taken: MATH 32A

(I took this back in winter 06). If you want to actually learn the material in the class, do yourself a favor and DO NOT take Garnett. If you've read through the previous reviews, you'll probably notice a trend. All he does is talk to himself (and the board) during lecture and write down a crapload of junk when it's not at all necessary. His homeworks were kind've on the long side, but it helps to have the solutions guide. Sometimes he would assign homework on material he hadn't even gone over in lecture, which was pretty annoying. It didn't really make a difference though because it wasn't like you could actually LEARN anything from him in lecture. He goes too fast and for too long. At first I would try and take notes, writing down everything he said. When I noticed most of my notes from each lecture were 3 pages long (FRONT AND BACK!), I just quit altogether. The good thing about this man is that his tests aren't that hard but you'll have to know conceptual things (as in proofs) as well as computational things. We had one midterm 30% and the final 40%, 7 quizzes (argh, too many) 20%, and homework 10% of our grades. 32A is vector calculus. It's not too bad but can get confusing sometimes. The worst thing you'll have to do (and it's just about as bad as how bad of a teacher Garnett is) is calculate binormal vectors. Long, tedious, useless, and time consuming (both Garnett and binormal vectors)!

Posted 06/29/2006
Course(s) taken: Math 31B

Professor Garnett is in his own world. He loves what he is teaching but he is not that great at explaining the material. he'll spend most of the lectures on proofs and theories, but all you need to know is the homework. What he teaches in class won't make sense, so GO TO TA OFFICE HOURS every week! If you can, get Christina Oran, she is amazing. I went to her OH every week and no one was there. It was like a free tutor and she is soo good at explaining. Study hard for the test and know the homework. I got an A but not because of Garnett, probably more because of Christina. Nevertheless, If you have a problem with grading or making up a test, Garnett is really sweet about that and pretty accomodating.

Posted 04/16/2006
Course(s) taken: 32A

He seems to try, but it isnt enough. His lectures are extremely boring and its hard to stay awake. If you miss one lecture its hard to catch up again. I passed this class by reading the book, which is good, but it probably won't get you an A. Our midterm average was a D (i.e. tests were hard). He seems to like to teach, doesnt seem to get mad easily and the homework was from the book. Take him if you have no options. Entire math department seems lacking, so I dont know if you can hope for much better. I passed so I am happy, but that class was HARD. Multivariable calculus is not a toy.

Posted 03/07/2006
Course(s) taken: Calc 31B

He arrived late to several lectures, always appeared scatterbrained, could not work out his own midterm problems on the board, would make mistakes when explaining concepts and go back and erase numbers without fully explaining what he was doing. Overall he made the class very difficult, he even made completing the square, remember that simple algebra two concept, sound difficult.

Posted 12/14/2005
Course(s) taken: None

garnett is nice but his lectures are kinda hard to follow. i went to three of the thirty lectures but did all the homework and studied really hard. the midterms are a lot harder than the quizzes so make sure you understand the concepts

Posted 12/13/2005
Course(s) taken: 31b

31b is one of those classes where going to class or discussion does not equate in getting a good grade. most of the time reading the book and doing the homeworks was sufficient enough.

thus, i didn't have much interaction with garnett. but for some reason, during quizzes, he was always smiling.

i dont know why.

but study the practice midterm and final questions religiously as many if not most of the actual questions are very similar.

first midterm = relatively easy
second midterm = difficult
final = difficult

Posted 12/11/2005
Course(s) taken: 31B

Professor Garnett is a genuinely nice guy, but that doesn\355t make him a great professor. He was my worst professor this quarter primarily because he is a poor lecturer. Lectures were extremely difficult to follow unless you were a math genius, which nobody in the class was since the math geniuses begin with Math 32A. On any given day, half of the students were not present for lecture, and the other half were sleeping or trying to decode Professor Garnett\355s work. Also, his writing is illegible for the most part, increasing confusion. Lectures were boring, which I think he realized, so he tried to incorporate jokes. The problem is that his jokes were rarely funny. It made me sad when he told a joke and nobody laughed, so I let out a giggle which I stifled when I realized how completely unfunny the joke was. Homework was easy and usually quite short. However, it served as a poor gauge of exam questions which were unlike the homework problems; practice midterms and finals are your friend. I never tried to go to his office hours since I had a great TA, Christina Oran, who was much more proficient in speaking to and teaching students. Overall opinion: Opt out of this lecture if another teacher is available. If not, go ahead and enroll, but be prepared for a lot of studying and self-learning. I took this class in before and feel dumber at the end of this quarter then after 12th grade.

Posted 11/29/2005
Course(s) taken: 31B

Less than half the class attends lectures by the end of the quarter†\361 as long as you can do the homework you do fine in the course. In class he tends to go through proving all the theorems, which generally do not appear on the tests and quizzes. His weekly quizzes are very straight-forward. Only 4 questions, no questions, but they are cumulative so make sure you know how to do the past 2 or 3 weeks of homework problems for the quiz.

Hard to read his writing, and hard to follow at times. Unless you are really good at math, you will get lost during lecture, but it is okay, because you do not need to understand those concepts for the tests.

Garnett is a slightly humourous man, but he doesn't talk about what he is going to do, he just does it. He walks into class and starts lecturing immediately and then leaves very promptly, but will stay for quick questions if you have them.

Posted 11/25/2005
Course(s) taken: 31B

garnett is good if u like math in the complicated sense, but bad if ur sort of taking math just to take it. He explains everything in strict math notation, and most ppl think its complicated, and that he doesnt make sense. unless you've persued math with a passion, or think very mathmatically, it is very easy to get lost. in fact, i believ atleast 90% are lost in his lectures. and htey end up being not informative to you at all. ESPECIALLY if u havent taken AP Calculus in highschool. I survived him just because i did have some exposure to this material, but otherwise i would have been lost as a golf ball in tall grass. But if ur a math major, garnett is the perfect choice for you. He would be the excellent starting professor in ur math career.

Posted 01/23/2005
Course(s) taken: 131AH

I think all these negative reviews are from people not good at math in the first place, and I understand why they would not like him - he generally takes a more rigorous and sophisticated approach to the material than most, and does go fast enough that you must really stay on your toes to follow his lectures, but if you welcome the challenge, the payoff is an enhanced understanding of the material and is well worth it. He is very intelligent and knows the material cold, is a very generous grader, and is kind and humorous. Very recommended for mathematically inclined students.

Posted 06/10/2004
Course(s) taken: 33b

I hate math. I used to like it, but by 32b I started hating it. This prof helped encourage my hatred because all he did was write proofs and lecture on stuff that was boring. The tests were hard and I packed every little lemma into my notecards because he tested for the regurgitation of proofs on the exams. He also repeated a problem on the final from the midterm. I think a fire alarm went off during the final and we had to evacuate. I think the class average went up as a result. Good times. Anyways, he sucks, but he gets chalk on his clothes and face so its amusing to watch him. I would avoid him if possible.

Posted 02/21/2004
Course(s) taken: Math 3C

Midterms were extremely easy, but the Final really comes out of nowhere and tends to stump people who are expecting another easy exam. Word of advice, don't drink the night before the definitely won't help. Garnett is not a very good professor. He just loves to write tons of stuff on the board. I've never taken so many useless notes in a class. He comes into the classroom and starts writing stuff on the board for the first ten minutes. After he's filled the entire board with some "A11, A12, A13..." he'll tell you that the stuff he just wrote down is pretty self-explanatory and then he'll move on to writing more stuff on the board. Honestly, you'll end up taking down so many notes and none of them will make any sense to you. So just do the homework and figure out the problems on your own and you'll do fine.

Posted 03/26/2003
Course(s) taken: Math 32A

I'm sure there are better professors you can take this course with. He rants a lot and doesn't explain everything thoroughly. Though he welcomes questions during lecture, it's kinda awkward to ask. I only got through the class because of the TA. Garnett didn't really help me understand the material too much.

Posted 03/26/2003
Course(s) taken: math 31b

I only went to the first 15 minutes of every lecture; I felt like I was getting dumber & more confused sitting in his class. I did the homework & the practice exams. Homework's not required but it helps bump you up if you are borderline. The first midterm was EXTREMELY easy, but the second one was pretty tough. I got a B+.

Posted 03/18/2003
Course(s) taken: Math32A

Wow. Hard. Really hard to follow, but if you read the book hardcore and learn it all on your own BEFORE lecture, he might make some kind of sense. It seems there arent really any good profs in the 30 series for math so bleh.

Posted 03/15/2003
Course(s) taken: 31B 32A

although he is kind of strange, Prof. Garnett is actually a really funny man and a good professor if you take the effort to decode his ways. His first midterm is exactly like the practice midterm so almost everyone does well, but the second midterm is much much harder and screws up everybody. but it is possible to do well in his class even if you dont go to lecture, but i definitely recommend lecture if just to see his peculiar ways. overall i recommend Garnett to math students and will say that he is a good teacher.

Posted 01/08/2003
Course(s) taken: 31B

I had taken two years of calculus in high school before taking this course and I still did not understand a lot of what was going on. I am a math major and used to absolutely love math- after taking Garnett I am thinking about changing majors. His lectures are boring and hard to follow sice he scribbles on the board and tends to mumble. I believe he is a smart guy but one who can't teach. My TA Tim Hu tried his best but often seemed unsure of himself and would change his mind 3 times on how to do a problem before completeing it-- he also seemed smart but could not bring things down to a lower division level. Overall I found lectures almost useless unless we had a sub-- Brosnan was great--if possible take another teacher.

Posted 12/20/2002
Course(s) taken: 31B

Lectures are kind of pointless. I must agree that the difficulty of the course had more to do with the coordination of the class with the other lectures of 31B. I never could really have an idea about the test difficulty beforehand. I think Garnett is very intelligent; however, I think that his lower division teaching skills are a little rusty. He makes calculation mistakes during lectures, but it's calculus. I thought Patrick Brosnan was a better teacher when he subed for Garnett for a week. However, Garnett is not too bad. Read the book before lecture and you should be fine. Avoid coordinated courses.