Burkhard Englert
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Burkhard Englert



Math Sciences, Room 5352



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Posted 06/10/2004
Course(s) taken: pic10a

This class was really fun to take, given that I am a Computer Science major. It was easy, it was fun. He taught well and really did a good job of introducing people to programming. His exams weren't too bad. I ended up helping the TA some during class because he wasn't too good, but aside from that, I highly recommend this class with this prof. I got an A.

Posted 11/22/2003
Course(s) taken: PIC 10C

He is such a wonderful lecturer. He tries so hard to help his students understand the material, and i have to tell you that he is the most helpful professor i've ever at UCLA. He will try his best to help you out if you seek help. i've never seen a professor like him who cares so much about his students learning. although he looks quite serious and strict, he probably has the warmest heart, especially for his students.

Posted 06/27/2003
Course(s) taken: 10B

I thought that Professor Englert was a great Professor - mainly because he cares so much about his students and is willing to help whenever you ask him to. He is a really nice guy and very approachable.

His tests are fair - there is a mix of multiple choice and actual code writing so you have to know all the functions he talks about in class and be able to regurgitate them on the test. Because of the multiple choice part, there is also an emphasis on theory in his class which I find is really useful, especially in programming where usually you are only taught to memorize code and be able to reproduce it on the exams. Englert wants to make sure that you know WHY things work the way they do.

The homework assignments are fairly challenging, and they require time to do, as with any Programming class, but that's what Office Hours are for. TA's aren't that much of a help in this class, so I'd advise to go straight to the Professor for help. Overall, Englert is a good Professor although the material is difficult. I ended up barely passing the class, but I did learn a lot from it.

Posted 03/24/2003
Course(s) taken: Pic 10C

He's a real nice guy, and he's helpful in office hours. He isn't picky with regards to homework, which is nice (cares more about concept etc.). Takes a lot of the stuff straight out of the book. Makes it easy to learn. Basically, if you can take him, do so.

Posted 01/02/2003
Course(s) taken: Pic 30

I enjoy this professor thoroughly! Nice even mannered man with amusing mannerisms. Laid back in terms of workload and exams, definitely one of the better professors I've had at UCLA.

Posted 04/14/2002
Course(s) taken: PIC 10B

Yes...yes he is a great professor. Take him and you'll learn.

Posted 04/06/2002
Course(s) taken: pic 10b

PROFESSOR ENGLERT IS THE BEST PROFESSOR I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! His lectures are very clear and he makes things easy to understand. He is very caring and really wants his students to learn and do well. It is very rare that you find a professor who will go out of his way and sacrifice his own personal time to make sure that his students are taken care of. He is a genuinely nice guy! If you want programming to be a good experience (yes, it is possible), definitely take your class from Professor Englert!!!

Posted 03/29/2002
Course(s) taken: PIC 10B

The thing I like most about Professor Englert was that he was a very straightforward professor. He always makes an effort to write everything he says and wants us to understand on the board AND he always answers any questions we have. You know what to expect from him on tests and he makes an effort to not trick his students. He always gives review questions before the test that are comparable to his test questions. I would highly recommend him as a PIC professor.

Posted 03/24/2002
Course(s) taken: PIC 10B

Very good professor. He really cares about his students. He would even push back the deadline for the homework if most of the students couldn't finish on time.

Posted 03/16/2002
Course(s) taken: PIC 10B

If you're taking PIC, this is your man. Very concerned about student understanding, very nice, homeworks are reasonable, and he's very flexible. One of the best by far!

Posted 03/12/2002
Course(s) taken: pic 10B

one of nicest people you'll meet...he really knows his stuff and breaks down what we need to know, just pay attention and you'll ace this course easily...however one thing is that he can sound boring, and i slept through half the class...yet i ended up with an A. take him!

Posted 02/04/2002
Course(s) taken: pic10a, pic10b

Englert is an amazing teacher....let me emphasize teacher. Far from the stereotypical professor, Englert goes out of his way to help his students learn. I had a few questions about one of the homeworks and he helped me out, taking time outside of office hours to clarify the assignment. He will extend assignment due dates if he finds that the students are having a lot of difficulty with it. Most importantly, his lectures are straightforward and extremely applicable, so much so that you really don't have to read the book. This is one of the few classes in south campus that doesn't really need a discussion to clarify the lecture. His exams are straightforward as well. You should do well on them if you did the homework ON YOUR OWN. If anyone says his exams are hard, it's because he/she didn't do the homework by his/herself. Be sure to take him if you can...it makes a difference. Don't take Prof Danner...he's the exact opposite.

Posted 01/29/2002
Course(s) taken: Pic 10A

He is a very good teacher. VERY NICE, answers all questions w/ straightforward answer. EVERYONE SHOULD WAIT TO TAKE HIM!!!

Posted 10/13/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Professor Englert is a very effective teacher who has everything ordered so his lectures are easy to follow. He is very helpful in homeworks and projects and he's very understanding too. His tests are not too difficult as long as you understand and go over the codes discussed in lecture.

Posted 08/15/2001
Course(s) taken: PIC 10B

Undoubtedly, the best prof I've had in college so far. His main features are: clarity of explanation, high availability outside classroom, easy homework, very cheerful attitude towards students, etc. By his manner of teaching one can see that this guy wants you to understand the material. His own deadlines don't matter much to him, he easily extends them. His tests are not hard at all, just review your notes and you're all set.

He's probably the only prof I've had for whom I can't think of any cons. Simply the best!

Posted 06/16/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Prof. Englert is probably one of my favorite professors here on campus. He seems to care a lot for his students and is always there to help you out during his office hours. I've learned so much from his lectures b/c he explains the material so well that not matter how difficult it may be, you'll pick it up in no time. I'd definitely take him again if i ever have the chance!

Posted 06/14/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Lectures are so organized and explained intuitively so it is easy for the student to understand. Homeworks are easy to moderate, he will help if trouble, and extend deadlines on a class, and/or personal need. Exams are moderate, they test more on concepts learned in class, and not so much tricky code aspects. TAKE HIM IF YOU ARE IN ANY PIC PROGRAM!!!!

Posted 06/10/2001
Course(s) taken: None

PIC 10A was very enjoyable and easy to understand because Englert is such a great professor! I really enjoyed his lectures and his tests were wonderful. The homework was exactly what he taught, and I never had any troubles. If I did though, he was always in his office ready to look at code and help you with it. HIGHLY Recommended!

Posted 04/19/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Please rearrange your schedule to include this guy for almost any class he will be teaching. He has the most concise and structured type of lectures I've ever attended; this comes very handy when dealing with programming and logical concepts. Enjoy his class!

Posted 03/23/2001
Course(s) taken: None

His is a very good lecturer. the material for the class is quite hard but he makes it easy to understand. you must attend his lectures, it's amazing. Test is relatively straight forward but not easy. must take! great proffessor.