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CHEM 20B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted Jan. 27, 2018 Grade Received: A-

Normally I would wait to complete the course before writing a review, but for the sake of you the reader, I write this now that you DO NOT take this class with this professor. I repeat: DO NOT. Are you a chemistry major? DO NOT take. You would rather wait another quarter to take this class than to take it with Bouchard. His homework is just a long list of tedious and frustrating calculus and derivations that nobody can solve or even knows why it's useful (for example, deriving the average velocity of gas molecules [this is already given in class, so there was no need to derive it] when given the Maxwell-Boltzmann Speed Distribution). Even if you complete the homework, it would have taken you hours and many pages of writing. And you won't even get a sense of pride and accomplishment because all of it has been previously derived by Einstein or other such scientists a hundred years ago. I'm no stranger to calculus (got an A in 32A) and I still find the homework unbelievably troubling. Complain that nobody understands the homework, and his predictable reply is to just attend office hours. His grading is mysterious and is never specified. He never says what's on the test. Doesn't provide formulas. Doesn't let you have cheat sheets. It doesn't help that he talks about tangents that seem to have little to do the actual course in class, so you really can't guess what he wants you to know. He has no redeeming aspect. He is the epitome of bad professors.

tl;dr: 0/10, do not take under any circumstances

CHEM 20B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted June 15, 2018 Grade Received: B

This man is literally Thanos. Be careful when you're signing up for his class, because he will make half of the classes passing grades disappear with a snap of his fingers. This guy here is the meanest Canadian you'll probably ever meet. Not only is he extremely sarcastic, but not very helpful at all in office hours. Not to mention, hes a bit of an asshole. For example, once during class a girl answered one of the questions he posed to the class relating to something like the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution. Rather than correcting her answer and explaining why what she said wasn't 100% right or wrong, he instead answers with "Well, that's not completely stupid." I think he failed somewhere near 30% of the class. So know that one in three people including youself will fail as soon as you enter that class. The stuff he teaches for this class ranges from actually being on the 20B curriculum to some high level graduate school shit that I won't ever need. I mean I wouldnt know much though, I just sucked his dick to pass. 10/10

CHEM 20B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted April 26, 2018 Grade Received: A

tl;dr: FUCK THIS GUY. Avoid him at all costs.

20B is hard. But Bouchard will make it 10x harder than any class you have ever taken in your entire life. For winter 2018, we were given the choice of Felker and Bouchard, both of whom have pretty shit ratings. But boy did I choose wrong. Bouchard takes pride in flexing his PhD. You will understand this after the first 5 minutes of the first lecture. He asks intentionally convoluted questions in lecture just so he can see the confused looks on our faces, and then when someone is brave enough to attempt an answer, he shoots them down dramatically, pointing out how stupid they are in front of the whole class. Lectures are boring and convoluted, and his lecture notes make even less sense. Most of the content of HIS version of 20B requires knowledge of Math 32B, which is not a pre-requisite of this class. His homework was created by him, took about 6 -10 hours to complete on a good day, and was graded extremely harshly. He went out of his way to make obtaining the solutions to the homework impossible- they were printed and posted in some random hallway in Young Hall. The TAs were useless; I think their relationship with the professor was just as bad as the students'. No practice exams were given, and if you were lucky enough to find one from previous years, the TAs were specifically instructed not to help with them. The exams were IMPOSSIBLE. The averages were in the 50s. There was no correlation between time studied/knowledge of the material and grade received. This guy needs to be fired.

CHEM 20B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted May 12, 2018 Grade Received: A

Where do I even start. Those seeking to take 20B this quarter got stuck between two badly reviewed professors. Seeing as how none of my friends had had Bouchard, I decided to take the "Safe" route and enroll in Bouchard's chem class this quarter. A week into the class I realized that this quarter would not be easy, and it honestly did not get any better. Bouchard assumes that every one of his 120 students (I believe the class started off with 250 students) is a PhD student who is already familiar with the topics being taught in the course. He expects people to answer his ridiculously hard questions on the spot, and if one brave soul answers, his default response is "that's not 100% stupid". He spends class deriving various equations and differentials; however, he does not teach us how to put those equations to use. The co-requisite for this class is Math 31B; however, most students in 32B (I do mean 32B) had trouble keeping up with the math being taught all throughout the year. Last time I checked, we were in a chem class, not Differential Equations. As this class is a 4 unit class, we are expected to spend 16 hours (including lecture and discussion) on the class. Sadly, Bouchard's weekly homework alone takes 13 hours to do and his homework basically consumed my study group's weekends and led us to many sleepless nights. Since his homework questions us on things not taught in class or in the textbook, our only hope is to ask Bouchard for help, which is often times followed with satirical and arrogant remarks. We are often times exposed to a Bouchard who is incapable of suppressing his anger: when his pen runs out of ink, he chucks it across the room to show his frustration. The first midterm had a D average, and Bouchard explained to us that he was rather disappointed-disappointed in the fact that the average was not a 30%. He made the second midterm unbelievably hard; I've never had a teacher who would rather see a student fail than succeed. I honestly hope to never take a class with Bouchard again and am sorry for all those who struggled with me. Strengths: Is a proud Canadian. Weakness: Teaching 20B

CHEM 20B, taken Winter 2018 Submitted May 7, 2018 Grade Received: C+

Avoid at all costs. Please. For the sake of your GPA. For the sake of waking up everyday without wanting to yeet yourself off the top of Boelter. Just don't. save yourself. R.I.P me

CHEM 20BH Submitted May 29, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

He teaches the hardest class I've ever taken, but also the best class. The material he teaches is well above the standard general chemistry level (more on the order of graduate level), but he makes it all very understandable. Furthermore, he writes you a fantastic textbook of lecture notes (and does NOT charge you for it).
Perhaps the best thing about his class is his teaching style, there are no hand-wavey explanations. Everything is derived, so it makes sense.
He is very nice in office hours and answers all questions very fully.

tl;dr: if you can put in a lot of work it's the best class available.

CHEM 20BH, taken Winter 2015 Submitted July 16, 2016 Grade Received: B

Avoid him by all means.

CHEM 20BH, taken Winter 2015 Submitted Aug. 11, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

The worst professor at UCLA. Avoid him all you can.

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted April 26, 2017 Grade Received: N/A

wtf is this, why do we have to derive the formula for the probability of a molecule having a certain speed in the second chem class here? its harder calculus than 31A/B

CHEM 20B, taken Spring 2017 Submitted May 1, 2017 Grade Received: N/A

The average for the first midterm was a 38%... enough said

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