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CHEM 14B Submitted March 24, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

So I'm really excited to write this review...because 1.) I just looked at my quarter grade 2.)I actually have stuff to say 3.) It's spring break and I'm why not help all those future lavelle students, right?
Sorry if I do a horrible job, I'm just going to try to be honest :) Ok, so here goes.
Things I wish I had known this before I took 14A/14B...
- WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE WANT TO CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING HE/SHE SAYS?!?! IT'S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN THAT IT'S VERY DIFFICULT TO READ THINGS THAT ARE ALL CAPPED!!!!I THINK THAT THE ATTENTION SPAN OF AN AVERAGE CHEM 14A/B STUDENT ENDS HERE. *zzzzzzz* OH I STILL HAVEN'T LOST YOU? LET ME SWITCH THE PAPER OUT FOR THE NEXT ONE WHILE I REPEAT THE SAME THING I JUST SAID *zzzz* The point is, it's really hard to actually read the course reader, so why not take your own notes during class to keep you awake? I wish I had. (You should still buy the course reader, see below) I actually found that physically being in class helped me, regardless of whether I somewhat slept through the class or not, but it's entirely your decision on whether you want to attend the class or not. There's always podcast and stuff but whatever works for you, right?
- It's actually been a pretty long 2 quarters,studying for those quizes, midterms and finals but seriously, WTH does he have so many examinations?! It just stresses people out more, he should just do 2 midterms and a final each quarter...the only good thing for 14B is that the workbook replaces one of the two quizzes.
- I felt like it really didn't matter where you's all the same lecture. But it sort of does matter which lecture you attend. I tested out all the lectures (and podcast) but lec 1 was definitly the most "entertaining" for me :)
- Tas ARE your best friends!!! They grade your quizzes and workbooks and actually go over things during discussion so make sure you get a good one. Like, a.) speaks english without an foriegn accent b.) that actually goes over good problems and the concepts during discussion.
- Covel tutoring is a definite plus (like +VE):it's almost like an extra discussion so why not? some people might not find it helpful but if you are really having a tough time with the homework/don't really feel like reading the whole book, it definitly helps.
- There's actually no need to buy a new course reader, an old one is just as good because lavelle uses the same notes again and again and's the tests at the back are updated each year so if you buy it off a 2nd year, it'll not only be just as useful(you can always ask them for their old tests) but also cheaper ;).
- VOH is great if you have a couple of questions, but it's easier asking in person after class/after discussion/TA office hours.
- There are some people that I know that have had bad experiences with the class and stuff, but once you're in it, its not exactly like you can drop without it affecting you somehow. It would probably be better to stick it out and take a hit(even if you get above a 50%, you get a C) and retake the class over the summer or something than drop it.
- You should probabaly obtain and read the organic textbook and do the problems(it's not all in caps)...that's really useful because the ochem portion is huge on the final. Also, it might be useful to use the model kit as well for naming/isomers and stuff.
- Lavelle is rather monotonous lecturer, and I would never take him again by choice, but he's like a "meh" professor. He DOES give a lot of resources for success it just requires so much time. Maybe if you set aside the time and do the work, it'll pay off? I don't know because I've never gone to his office hours but I've heard mixed reviews of helpfulness of his office hours,mainly because it's so crowded. so just go and check it out for yourself. He does an ok job on the organic chemistry section when building the models and explaining,and when he has his "analogy" moments, but for the rest of 14B the conceptual stuff is just sort of confusingly explained. For 14A his tests were really fair, but for 14B his tests were rather difficult. It's also because there is a certain way he taught 14A concepts that made them easier to understand and visualize..14B is like physics with the thermo portion- calculating the energy/entropy/free evnergy of this and that and stuff like that and sort of hard to visualize. Most people will find kinetics easier. In my opinion, organic chem was just sort of thrown in there, it should have been with 14A when discussing the hybrid orbitals and molecular structures and stuff like that.
- Solid background in chemistry is a must! Seriously, most of the 14A material is covered in AP chem with minor additions here and there. For 14B, AP Chem never went as in depth into thermodynamics/kinetics but having a good background in chemistry in general and some physics knowledge definitly helps...but then again, this will only help you pass and doesn't guarantee you the grade you want. It does take work on your part to get an A or a B, but investing time into doing hw problems/officehours/all that can only help boost your grade for sure. It's unfortunate that students who don't have the chemistry knowledge are pushed into the same class because it's unfair to them with a harsh curve and all. In terms of the curve, just try and stay above average. It'll probably be best if you don't have prior chem knowledge to do some chem studying over the summer somehow just to get a basic idea of the concepts and stuff. You don't have to drive yourself crazy but just come in with some sort of foundation because Lavelle is not really going to be "teaching" you anything from A to Z, he might be starting at M.
- And, GOOD LUCK! Work hard, play hard and be prepared to step it up. It shouldn't be too bad hopefully and the feeling of satisfaction of completing the courses and moving on in the series is great, believe me. All the best! ;)

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 17, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

He's a pretty funny guy can be repetitive to some, but if u are just learning chem he is a great teacher.

CHEM 14A Submitted Dec. 31, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

I ended up with a "B" in this class. I studied extremely hard for the Final Exam and last two quizzes and I did relatively well. I barely studied for the Midterm or first quiz and I did poorly. Thus, my overall grade of a "B" could have been an "A" potentially, but it was my own fault for not putting in the time at the beginning of the quarter. What this all means...Lavelle is a tough professor. He writes difficult exams. But, if you put the time in studying, going to lecture and section, and DOING THE HOMEWORK PROBLEMS IN A TIMELY MANNER, you will be fine.

Course not listed Submitted June 20, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

He is a very good professor. He goes at a manageable pace when he lectures. Just do the homework and read his lecture notes and do the past exams and you should be fine.

Course not listed Submitted March 3, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

I took Lavelle over the summer so my opinion of him may be a bit tweaked--but I thought he was really structured. Although his lectures may be boring, his exams are fair. I ended up with an A in the class without spazzing over it.

Course not listed Submitted March 5, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

I like his accent.

Course not listed Submitted March 15, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

This guy ROCKS! Take HIM!! Very straight foward, no surprises, I'm even taking 14c with him over summer.His T.A's are helpful and they write the quizes, so basically he makes the material comprehensible

CHEM 14A Submitted March 31, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Lavelle is a nice guy but not really a good professor. I had him for 14 A and 14 B and I got an A- in both. in order to do good on quizzes you must do all the problems assigned in the book. to succeed on the midterm and final, just do all the practice tests in the course reader. You gotta study A LOT but as long as you are about 10% above average you should be able to get an A-. Lectures are very very boring so for me it was just nap time. If you have time i suggest you go to as many discussion sections as possible. ask around to see who are the good TA's and go to their discussions (jennifer casey and xiaming and janie and rob tobolowsky are awesome TA's) and go their office hours if you have questions about any concepts or problems in the book. Not too bad. I didn't take AP chem in high school and I did good so there is no need to be scared just be prepared to work

Course not listed Submitted June 17, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

Lavelle seemed organized, although I never went to lecture. It wasnt necessary....The homework is a good prep for the quizzes, and old exams helped with the midterms....the final, on the other hand, was majorly difficult. Don't let the lack of difficulty on the midterms fool you.

CHEM 14B Submitted March 30, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

I took 14A with Scerri and got an A
I took 14B with Lavelle and got a B

OKAY... To ALL of you people who ALWAYS say "omg Scerri is sooo much easier than Lavelle!!!! blah blah blah..." think of it this way:

When you apply to a graduate school/medical school, they don't look at your professor for elementary chemistry, they look at your GPA. So if you can take Scerri and get the better grade, take him.
Not only that, Scerri better prepares you for the MCAT because he is far more conceptual than Lavelle.
So you are choosing between a workload-intensive class (LAVELLE) that will bore the heck out of you and only prepare you to do hours of tedious studying and book problems
OR, you can take the conceptual route with Scerri. It's easier to get the A and you don't have to waste money on a huge textbook..

Ya, you can get an A in Lavelle if you go to every lecture (or at least watch every lecture) and do all of the book problems and study A LOT...
But you can get an A a lot easier in Scerri's class.

It's your choice!

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