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FILM TV M111, taken Summer 2017 Submitted Sept. 23, 2017 Grade Received: A

My favorite film class I've taken as a film student. You should certainly take it if you have any interest in gender studies, but it was also just a wonderful class for film analysis (and a great place to start if you've never analyzed a film before). The course consists of watching one movie a week outside of class (provided digitally online for free), reading relevant articles from the course reader, completing a weekly in-class essay/short response on the film watched that week, and one final 6-8 page analytical essay comparing two films. A very manageable workload. Dr. Moorman keeps lectures on the minimal side (although still very engaging and informative), and relied mostly on lively in class discussions. Participation is a large portion of your grade (20%), but it was almost hard not to participate due to the large amount of topics and analysis each of the films presented. It is a huge disservice to film students that classes like this are lacking on the curriculum or only offered in the summer (such as this class).

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