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COMM 160, taken Fall 2015 Submitted Feb. 8, 2016 Grade Received: N/A

TWO words: worst ever!

COMM 160 Submitted Dec. 4, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

The long evaluation preceding mine is just plain wrong. Is this a time-consuming course? Yes. If you cannot handle it, shame on you. Maybe you shouldn't have chosen UCLA.

The 3 hour iMovie thing could have been avoided by a.) simply emailing the Prof. Kernell and saying "I do not need training for iMovie; I am proficient in it." (I know how incredibly difficult that must be) or b0 fast-forwarding until you get the completion.

To say she doesn't care about students with disabilities or those with children/commuters is just plain ridiculous. She was one of the most caring professors. How many do you know that take the time to learn almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S NAME?????? She is the only Professor I have ever had to care to do this. Also, I have had SEVERAL courses that do not allow computers and if you are a Comm major, you will need to take Comm10 and Suman doesn't allow electronics either. Some professors due this based on RESEARCH that PROVES that students learn better by handwriting notes. Sorry that you cant go on facebook for a damn hour and 15 minutes.

She DOES NOT force you to buy a Mac.. LOL That is just insane to say. My specific group used iMovie, but she that if you are proficient on another platformt hat you could use that instead. Plus, it was a 3 person group and, at least in my group, only ONE person had a Mac and used it for iMovie.

You could have rented an iClicker and if not she gave you the option of taking the quizzes at the front of the class. Does that sounds like someone who does not accommodate her students? NO. Plus, one should be thankful that JUST CLICKING IN GIVES YOU 12 FREE PERCENTAGE POINTS. THAT IS GENEROUS. Most of the quizzes were easy enough to guess right even f you had not done the readings. Lastly, on this topic, she gives you plenty of time and even makes sure that each student has their clicker out before she starts the quiz. Then she READS THE QUESTION AND OPTIONS THROUGH FOR US TWICE. If you didn't have enough time, you deserve to lose those points. Again, these clickers are NOT mandatory if you for 2 minutes sit in front of class and take a paper quiz.

She was an excellent professor with excellent material and engaging lectures. She continuously allotted time for us to break into discussion groups and collaborate with our peers, another refreshing rarity on this campus. She had several videos that were fun and relevant to the material, which made class that much better.

I went to her after class, or in Office Hours a few times and felt she was genuinely helpful and caring! To say otherwise baffles me. She even cares to ask about your personal life and is encouraging and helpful if youa re at all confused. NEVER would she belittle someone.

Though, at times, the workload was a lot I would recommend this class because I think you will learn A LOT and be forced to think in a new way.

If you don't want to do the work and read a lot, then don't take this class. You don't deserve to. However, if you come to UCLA to get, oh, I don't know, an EDUCATION, then I urge you to take this engaging course with an AMAZING, CARING Professor.

Georgia Kernell should be placed under review by the Academic Senate Committee and considered for an AWARD. :) BAM!

COMM 160 Submitted Dec. 10, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Kernell is a really nice professor and she's very passionate and knowledgable about political science. Her lectures are really just based off of the slides; the majority of the material on the tests are from the readings. The tests, I thought, were super straight forward.

Yes, there are a ton of readings that you HAVE to do, especially for a 4 unit class. Keep in mind she inherited this class from the previous professor, so the structure/demands are not her fault; she follows the exact same format as he taught it.

Overall the class was very time consuming, but it really did get me more interested in politics and news, when prior I zero interest.


Email me if interested ;) [email protected]

COMM 160 Submitted Dec. 4, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

The first response was a bit too dramatic and inconsistent with the actual methods and expectations of professor Kernell.

First of all the iClicker grade was primarily based on attendance and only 5% of that 17% went to class performance, (the in class quiz) which she drops two of them. You can also rent the clicker free of charge for the entire quarter at the library.

The course reader was only 70 dollars along with the textbook, totaling out to about 100 dollars and some change. That's not exactly breaking the bank. I've definitely spent way more money on other classes.

She doesn't force you to buy a $1200 dollar MacBook. That's your own doing. Again, You can rent a mbp from the library for up to eight hours a day. It's not that bad. Besides, the commercial project was the funnest part of this course.
The iMovie tutorial was optional and not mandatory. You just need to email her, she was very accommodating.

Yes I do agree about not using a laptop was a bit cumbersome, however she did post the slides on ccle so I don't see the problem. Yes, there was a lot of reading, but it's UCLA, what else do you expect?

Overall this course was freaking awesome! You really understand party division in the media and how that division plays in media and public choice. In addition, she had awesome speakers who came in like the former VP of marketing for Microsoft, a political strategies from RALLY who worked on the Marriage Equality campaign during the Supreme Court, and a director of new media who worked on the 2008 Obama campaign. This class, and Kernell in general is such a great opportunity. Yes she's a new professor, but I think she's doing a phenomenal job and if the opportunity is presented, then I would take another course with Kernell.

COMM 160 Submitted Nov. 28, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

This professor never once considered the needs of the students. It began with basing 17% of our grades on the mandatory purchasing of iClickers and quizzes on nitpicky, minute details about the reading. Then she had us purchase an expensive course reader from a private company (it was not available at the bookstore), without consideration of where we may purchase books according to our financial aid packages, college funds, and scholarships.

She then decided that students would not be allowed to take notes on laptops and justified her decision on two articles she had read that show handwritten notes result in better information processing; maybe she believes this, but students have different learning styles and should be allowed to take notes in the way that best suits them. Not to mention, student note-takers for OSD could not take and submit effective notes, which directly disadvantaged disabled students.

Until student outrage changed her mind, Kernell mandated that we take a three hour course on iMovie, then use iMovie to complete a group video project, forcing students who are not Mac users to either purchase a $1200-2000 Mac computer or spend many hours stuck on campus, which may not be possible for parenting students or commuter students who are subject to bus schedules and traffic hours.

Time and time again, we saw her disregard the special needs of disabled students, parenting students, and ill students. Students who missed exams with medical documentation were given an additional essay to write for 10% of the midterm grades. Exams were unnecessarily fast paced. iClicker quizzes were conducted in approximately 20 seconds or less, so students could not think through the questions and had to hastily submit answers.

I, and several other students I spoke to, never felt comfortable approaching Kernell or the TA. She belittled our questions about grading styles and exam responses. She made us feel as though our input was unwelcome.

Assignments were expected to be completed in an unreasonably short amount of time. For a portion of our grade, when we had to spend three hours watching videos and taking short surveys, this professor gave us less than thirty hours between the time the assignment was assigned to the time it was due.

The amount of time this course consumed far exceeded the amount of hours a four unit course should take. The overbearing workload kept me from completing the work for my other classes effectively.

Overall, students were disgruntled and upset with this instructor for the whole quarter. It was incredibly frustrating to try to learn under a prof who expected so much of the students, but was so disorganized herself and just read from the slides during lectures.

Georgia Kernell should be placed under review by the Academic Senate Committee for failure to consider the needs and learning styles of our diverse student body.

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