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ANTHRO 121C, taken Winter 2016 Submitted March 27, 2016 Grade Received: A

121C is an amazing class for Anthro majors or anyone interested in Evolution. Professor Kennedy is amazingly kind in office hours and willing to help everyone grasp concepts. She held two study sessions, one for the midterm and one for the final. I recommend that when taking this class you create a schedule of when to tackle the readings (there are a lot) and keep up with it on your own. Professor Kennedy goes through the slides during class, but she doesn't give deadlines or a timeline for when to get readings done, so that will have to be managed on your own. Otherwise, a really great class with engaging material!

ANTHRO 129Q Submitted Dec. 19, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

I took her for 129Q and was freaked out over the reviews here. 2.07 for being hard? She is by far easier than that. Her tests require you to study, but she's VERY straight forward. You have to work for it, but DO NOT PSYCH YOURSELF OUT. As mentioned before always make note of what is in yellow in the slide.

She knows so much in her field and is actually a bit of a revolutionary she's worth to take and learn from. She is so well established in her field. you can find docs with her in it!

As a disabled student with OSD, she didn't treatment me any differently. She expected a lot, but when OSD failed me she was willing to help me far beyond a professor is normally willing to do. Meaning, she was willing to provide herself as a proctor my exam last minute. Don't expect this of her, but I was so honored she didn't hesitate to help when OSD failed me.

VERY personable. Don't hesitate to ask her anything in class and in office hours, just be prepared she is very knowledgable and can give you a very detailed answer. Very concise. You WILL be in awe of her.

Even though she was a little work (read 1/3 of the reading book, and went to every lecture and got an A-) I am taking her again for Anthro 121C.

She's amazing, very knowledgable, and you'd want more.

ANTHRO 129Q Submitted Nov. 20, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

I liked Kennedy in general. Her lectures were interesting. I did not like that grade is weighed only on a mid-term and a final. I attended every lecture and studied hard.

Come test time, I thought I did well but ended up failing her class. I was (and still am) in complete shock.

I can't even re-take her class to improve my GPA because she decided not to offer it again. Also, I knew a couple of students with disabilities in her class. They told me that Kennedy greatly disliked cooperating with them.

I liked the material, but be cautious.

ANTHRO 129Q Submitted March 23, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Phenomenal Professor & an extremely fascinating, relevant, and up to date class. If you're looking for that easy A, its not for you. You HAVE to work. You have to go to lecture, as well as do some of the more important readings, and memorize a shit load of stuff. The material is more complex than usual, but it is extremely interesting and Professor Kennedy is a boss when it comes to this stuff. If you actually care about learning something of substance and not being a lazy shit, take this class and you'll leave knowing a whole lot more about human beings and how we live/have lived.

Also, the TA Brittany was great and really knew her stuff. She went out of her way to help students with whatever they needed and whenever the Professor was struggling to explain something or answer a student's question, Brittany would come in and have an answer for you that made sense and didn't make you feel stupid for asking.

Everything in yellow on the powerpoint slides is fair game for a test question
Bone anatomy & contagious diseases are the most important topics of all

Test format:
Usually a combination of definitions, pathology identification, compare/contrast, essay (both long & short)

Class format:
1 Midterm - 25%
1 5/6 page Paper - 25%
1 Final - 50%

ANTHRO 129Q Submitted Jan. 28, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Kennedy is excellent. Her classes are challenging, but there are some steps you can take to get an A. I have taken paleopathology, osteology, and evolution of genus homo with her. A lot of her students in paleo seem concerned about the exams, so here are some tips.

Make flash cards for everything in yellow in her slideshows. Know synonyms for all terminology in yellow. KNOW THEM VERY WELL. Kennedy loves trick questions. Ask a TA about which readings you will need to know. I would not advise trying to memorize all of them. Instead, make a list of specific articles you have been told by the TA or Kennedy you will need to know, and make an outline of the major points for each. When I took paleo with her, most of the questions on the exams were short answer, so be smart about what you study and know what you choose to study well.

Overall, while her classes are challenging, they are doable, and definitely worth taking.

ANTHRO 129Q Submitted Jan. 28, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

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ANTHRO 34 Submitted Sept. 1, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

ANTHROPOLOGY 129Q*********************************

Selling the book: Paleopathology
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ANTHRO 129Q Submitted Nov. 7, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Kennedy is the best professor I have had at UCLA. She is one of the only professors in the Anthropology department who is considered an expert in her field and it definitely shows in her lectures! Everything she says is fascinating, I go to class and I am regularly stunned by what she teaches and the way she is able to explain things in depth with amazing pictures to go along with her lectures. This is one of the only classes I have ever taken that I was genuinely excited to go to class; I was actually sad when she cancelled class randomly one day.
If you're interested in being taught by a wonderful professor who is overflowing with knowledge in the field, take a class with Kennedy. She really cares about her students and has a huge wealth of knowledge to offer.
129Q especially-cannibalism, foot binding, amputations, trepanations...seriously interesting stuff!

ANTHRO 129Q Submitted Feb. 10, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

This is just a fascinating class. A lot of times I have a really hard time focussing but I notice I never drift off or end up on Facebook in class. Professor Kennedy just has a way of being surprisingly engaging despite the slightly dull voice. And you can tell she knows her stuff. The readings are pretty cool. Only critiques however: the slides are all pictures with basically no reference to what they mean, the pictures are cool but it doesn't really help you study. Also tests are SUPER hit or miss. They're specific so you know it or you don't. And theres going to be stuff you don't know no matter how hard you study, its easy to miss a specific word thats only been mentioned once or twice.

ANTHRO 121C Submitted April 14, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I thought Professor Kennedy was amazing! She's so interesting; I was hooked onto every one of her lectures. Granted, if you're not a huge fan of the history of humans or primate behavior, etc., you probably won't find her class that interesting. But for those who do - she is definitely the woman to learn it from. Her tests were very fair - difficult only in the fact that she expects you to know what's she's discussed in lecture. But she tells you which of the articles she assigns to concentrate on, so there is definitely nothing to complain about for the readings. She also posts the lecture slides, so for those who prefer slides to writing, that was available. We had a weekly one page essay for our reflections to a question she would ask, and we had one midterm and one final. I didn't do very well on the midterm, but studied harder for the final and ended up with an A in the class. Overall, I would definitely recommend Kennedy for she's one of the most interesting professors I've had the pleasure to have at this school.

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