William C Creasy
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William C Creasy



Kinsey Hall, Room 272



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Posted 12/11/2004
Course(s) taken: English Composition 3

Take this course while you can! Creasy is retiring at the end of this school year! Like people have all said, he is very laid back and super chill (he gave the WHOLE CLASS As on our first project). The course is 3 projects, 2 group projects 20-25pgs on a business related topic he gives you (but in groups of 5), 1 individual reseach paper 10-12pgs on the topic of your choice. There is one group presentation, so you have to make a powerpoint, but you just assign one person in your group present. He gives you sample projects of other groups that did the same topic as you, so you can use those projects as a guide. Your group is very important because they are the ones that evaluate you in the end. So even if you got all As on your projects you can still get a lower grade if your peers don't think you did a good job. So make sure you all get along and do your part if you want your A! There is barely ever class, and most of the time it finishes within the first 20 minutes or so (i think there was only one time when we stayed for the entire class time). He is going to Egypt to Scuba dive this winter break so that means if you have him winter quarter, most likely you won't have class for the first week or two! Have fun with this class, Creasy is very cool. :D

Posted 12/09/2004
Course(s) taken: English Comp 3

This is Creasy's last year teaching, so I guess I can give some insight for people wanting to take his class winter and spring quarters. Because it is his last year, he's taking a different "non traditional" (as he calls it) approach. It's basically what he does in his business class. There are three papers the entire quarter. The first two are in groups and they deal with stuff like home buying, credit management, and creating a business. The individual paper is supposed to be 10-12 pages long and is on the topic of your choice. Even though we didn't write that much, I found this class interesting and we did learn a great deal about what to do after college. The only thing about his class that irked me was that sometimes we would only meet for 5 minutes and I would literally kill myself making it there by 9:30 AM. Another plus? There is no class most of the time, just have to meet with your groups to crank out the papers.

Posted 06/02/2004
Course(s) taken: English Comp 3

We're talking about one of the chillest people you'll ever meet throughout your college career. Dr. Creasy's very logical, concise, straight to the point person who definitely knows his stuff, although he does not lecture you on how to write. I love the fact that you get to choose what you write about without having to read and buy boring books and write about dumb topics on top of that. He's really nice and you'll likely learn a few things about scuba-diving or any topic that he takes interest in along the way. It's not hard at all to do well in this class, in his own words, "I'm not afraid to give A's, but I'm not afraid to give D's either". Although he doesn't really talk/lecture that much, his remarks are helpful to change your paper towards what he's looking for. The workload is beyond manageable, and he constantly lets you out of class 45 minutes early. I've really enjoyed his class, and that's from an Aerospace Engineering major who doesn't like to write at all.

Posted 04/05/2004
Course(s) taken: english comp 3

like everyone else says, dont expect to learn how to write. definitely an easy A if you follow two main things:

1) write about stuff he agrees with. i think he grades a bit harder if he doesnt agree with your topic (like, for the analysis or argumentative papers)

2) talk to him about your paper. it cant hurt and then you get on his good side for grading cuz you actually listened to him (he seems to like that)

Posted 01/12/2004
Course(s) taken: 131b

very good professor, i recommend him to everyone. all of my classmates got A's in the class. if your looking for a gpa booster, definately look his way and the class was helpful.

Posted 12/05/2003
Course(s) taken: Eng Comp 3

This prof was pretty chill. The first day, I got to pick a time slot w/ about 5 other students. This hour became our only meeting time during the week.

He only gives us 3 papers to write, and we get to pick the topic. It's hard to stay on top of the writing assignments because we only meet up once a week. He is a pretty chill guy though. The only problem is I don't think this class will really improve writing skills since we only practiced it 3 times.

Posted 07/21/2003
Course(s) taken: 131b

not gonna really get any instructing from him. jsut 2 major group projects. you won't learn any writing skills. Personally i would have just taken it w/ another prof and actually learned how to write as thats the title of the class.

Posted 06/26/2003
Course(s) taken: 131B

THE BEST CLASS AT UCLA! The first day of class, you will be divided into groups of about 7 people or so. Pick a good group, because 2 of the 3 projects you will do involve these people. Next, Creasy will give the groups a particular meeting time, which is a one hour slot of time per week that you are required to meet with the professor and the rest of your group to discuss projects. That's right... you only attend this class one hour a week! You will learn the most valuable information in the least amount of time... I guarantee it! Creasy is really chill and as long as you do the projects (which are actually interesting)you will get an A. What more could you ask for in a class?

Posted 03/20/2003
Course(s) taken: English 131B

I agree with the other reviews; his class is really kickback and yet you come away feeling like you actually learned something useful. He takes a completely different approach to the course; you get three projects that have to do more with financing your life than anything else (ie home buying, personal financial strategy, and doing a market analysis for a start-up business). Even if you're not too interested in this kind of stuff, it's stuff you need to know so I'd highly recommend it to anyone. A fun, easy class with a cool professor who apparently gives everyone A's! Just beware; if you're wait-listed, he might not let you in, so have a backup plan.

Posted 12/20/2002
Course(s) taken: Eng 131B

I have never had so much fun in an english comp class before. He gives you 3 projects that are pretty chill, and you meet like only once a week. The class is so great! I would recommend this class to anyone. Professor Creasy is a terrific teacher teaching an awesome class. I would have never thought that an English class could be so interesting!

Posted 05/31/2002
Course(s) taken: None

The English 3 class Pro. Creasy teaches is really kick back. He canceled about half of the classes and he teaches in a very informal sort of way. He's a good professor in the way that he makes you look indepth into a topic. HOWEVER, if you want to learn how to write, the he's not the teacher for you. He lets you write however you want to, without specific guidelines, but then if it's not right, he'll just write say that it's not but won't really give you any specifics and he's hardly available outside of the classroom times. The good thing is that you can rewrite a paper as many times as you need to, but the bad thing is that there's not enough time for you to rewrite it as many times as you might need. It's also hard for you to get it into him and get it back from him because he doesn't have specific office hours. If you're good a writing and don't need any guidance, then this might be a good class for you to take.

Posted 12/18/2001
Course(s) taken: None

DUDE...if you want an easy A, take Creasy's 131B English Comp class.
As long as you do your part in the three projects, you'll get a good grade.
Plus, the stuff he teaches deals with real-life issues; the class is extremely practical.
Best class at UCLA.
By far.

Posted 04/04/2001
Course(s) taken: None

This is the most practical class at UCLA. Professor Creasy is an amazing teacher and teaches you about "real life." If you are clueless about investing your money, saving for retirement, or buying a home, you must take this class!!

Posted 04/03/2001
Course(s) taken: None

there is no better class to take at ucla than creasy's business writing course

Posted 03/17/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Prof Creasy is a cool guy and his approach to writing is extremely useful in real life. Take 131B if at all possible, but one word of warning: make sure you don't get stuck in a crappy group!

Posted 03/12/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Prof Creasy is an excellent teacher, and his approach to this course is very effective. This is a course everyone should take, because it teaches valuable things you need to know once you graduate.

Posted 03/07/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Professor Creasy is an amazing teacher.. his class (Engcomp131b) is EXTREMELY practical. He is not obsessed with points as many other professors are.. and does not mind giving out too many A's.

Posted 02/25/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Take Pro. Creasy's English 131B Business Writing class! It's a series of 3 group projects that are so relevent to college students, such as financial planning and starting your own business. He's super cool and very laid back. A must take!