Lisa Gerrard
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Lisa Gerrard

Kinsey Hall, Room 252



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Grade history

English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

English Composition: 3 - Spring 2010


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Posted 03/29/2015
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Professor Gerrard is a very nice person. She is always available after class, during office hours and over email. The topics/readings are really interesting; I enjoyed reading each one of them. I worked really hard for the papers and analysis and ended up with a A-. I'm very satisfied with my grade and I feel like my writing is much more effective than before. Just focus on conciseness, add tons of examples to your paper, and go to office hours, you'll be fine!

TAKE HER CLASS!!! You'll never regret it!

Posted 03/24/2015
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

She is a very interesting character. She cares about working with you, but she is very hard with grading. I felt I deserved an A in her class and ended up with a B+. I felt part of that was due to the fact that I got unlucky with my partners because neither wanted to put that much effort into the paper to improve their grades.
If you don't like working with others on papers, I would not recommend taking her class. Other than that, the readings were interesting and it wasn't very heavy on my class load. Easy to get an A on the work grade portion.
I am selling the course reader for her class if anyone is interested. I believe it's $35 in the UCLA store and considering I took no notes in it and it is in almost perfect condition, I'm willing to sell it for $25. Text me if interested (909) 525-6122.

Posted 03/21/2015
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Gerrard is friendly, sweet, humorous and really cute. She is a strict grader, but her teaching did improve my writing and made EC class painless. She always makes detailed comments on your draft, all you have to do is revise it by following her ideas: add as many details as you can, and make your analysis concise and clear. Two of the three papers are co-authors ones, so it's important for you to find a smart and responsible partner. I went to her office hours and writing center for each paper, got A-, B+ and A for each, and A- as the final grade. Make efforts, she will see it, and you will be good.

Posted 12/15/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Professor Gerrard is a very effective writing teacher. You have to do some work for this class in the form of reading articles and writing three essays. She is a strict grader, but she is always available for office hours and if you put in the effort you will get a good grade. Besides the grading, she will make you a much more effective writer.

There is barely any homework besides writing essays. She will give you about a week between drafts for the three essays, each essay has three drafts. You will have three prep assignments, one for each essay. These prep assignments require reading 5-10 articles and writing responses. They are designed to help you with your essay and they do accomplish that.

TL;DR: no-nonsense assignments, always available, helpful, makes you a good writer, have to work for the grade

Posted 01/04/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Best Professor I've had by far. I am selling all the materials for her course. Seeking Common Cause and the Course Reader Solutions. Email:

Posted 12/14/2013
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Selling "Seeking Common Cause" by Gerrard and Durkins

e-mail me at if interested!

Posted 12/04/2013
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

I love Professor Gerrard! She's very sweet and kind, and after 33 years of teaching, she's really knowledgable about good writing. You won't easily get an A based on the grade distributions, but you do improve your writing and editing skills. The class doesn't consume a lot of your time but it does consume a fair amount. As long as you really put the effort in to improve, you will get a lot out of this class.

Posted 11/26/2013
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

somewhat biased.
I basically wrote the entire paper the two times I had partners, and both times, she commented on my portion as being the weaker half of the paper. It was easy to tell because the paragraphs were split into stories. Nonetheless I improved, and hard-work paid off.

Posted 12/11/2011
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Two most important things I learned in her class are conciseness and detail: replace unnecessary abstract analysis with solid details. You need to spend much time on this class, but the reward is great.

Posted 12/09/2011
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

She's great. I never wrote like I write now, and now I see how poorly I wrote before. She's all about being concise and getting rid of that 7th grade fake writing style. I loved her class.

Posted 03/22/2010
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

You know all the stories you hear about the life-changing English professor who takes students with no writing skills and through a long, hard process teaches them how to write? There is no perfect teacher. But Professor Gerrard is about as close as you can get.

Here's the key: You have to take it upon yourself to work hard in this class. Sure, you'll get by if you just skim the readings and go to class, but this is the class where going the extra mile will make all the difference in your college career. Go to her office hours (especially for the first two papers because everyone flocks to them for the third), stay and talk after class, and don't be afraid to be the first student to contribute in discussion. Dedicate an hour or two each week to edit the paper you're working on--and, even with all the extra effort, the class still doesn't take THAT much time out of your schedule every week; I probably only needed to spend about 3-5 hours on out-of-class work in an average week. It's worth it: The class will really improve your writing skills. This class affects all of your future papers in college, so take the time to learn and do well.

Gerrard is not the easiest grader I've ever had, but she's been around for 30 years so she knows what good writing is. As you learn more, your paper grades will improve, and Gerrard doesn't curve. For the first paper, only 1 person got an A and some people were pushing the C+ range, but for the second paper, no one got below a B. As long as you learn and improve, the grades will take care of themselves, and the professor will be able to tell. She's also one of the nicest and most accessible (at least by email) professors I've had.

Posted 10/04/2009
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Class is graded based on: three papers and participation; each worth 25%

Papers are: 1 solo, 2 partner papers

Overall, it was an excellent class. I managed to get away with an A, but I felt like I learned things more worthwhile than the extra 5 units of 4.0. I think visitng her office hours is critical; don't do it once, but do it multiple times. Her feedbacks are worth it. If she tells you to fix something once, make sure you fix it and make sure you fix the same mistakes you may have made throughout the paper (as she doesn't mark them all). Class is interesting with Second Life parties once in a while. Co-authoring is also a unique experience.

Posted 06/18/2009
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Hard ass english comp. You can definitely find a much easier teacher and pull an A. Like other reviews have said, grading is based on three papers and a participation grade. Two papers are partner/group and one is a solo. I get the impression that it's almost impossible to get a solid A grade on a paper (she posts distributions at the end of the quarter and only one paper earned an A), so if you earn one then kudos to you, it's a big accomplishment. Realistically I think if you score three A-'s you will get the A. It's not impossible to earn, but it will definitely require a lot more work than some other english comp classes that I've heard about.

Given the difficulty of the class it would be pretty easy for you to turn away, but the class itself was probably one of the most rewarding I've taken at UCLA. Gerrard has definitely improved my writing dramatically, something which will help in all my future classes and even in life. If you're willing to take a hit in the GPA to really learn something in your classes I definitely recommend this class. If you're just going for the GPA, avoid this class.

Posted 03/22/2009
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

I love Professor Gerrard! She is a very nice lady and she is truly concerned about her students. I definitely can use some of the writing techniques I have learn from her class. The class is based off of three essays and participation points which I think can be somewhat easily earned. Each paper is worth 25% of your final grade and participation is 25%. Paper one is an written individually,and paper two and paper three are written with a partner. I got an A- in the class. I wouldn't say that this class is as easy as English Comp 3 classes but it is definitely worth taking.

Posted 09/17/2008
Course(s) taken: English Comp 3

I absolutely loved Professor Gerrard! Her class wasn't difficult and I dramatically improved my writing after taking her class. I didn't think her workload was AT ALL heavy and the readings that she did assign were short and interesting. I also enjoyed writing her essays because they required you to analyze magazine articles and websites, as opposed to analyzing a piece of literature, which for me is boring. I ended up with the only solid A in my class of 20 students. I'll admit, I slacked off on her readings; I always came to class without having read at least one story but I got my A because I figured out what she looks for in an essay early on. She likes CONCISENESS and TONS of examples and descriptions in her essays so if you can do that, then you really shouldn't have any problem pulling off an A. The grade is based on 3 essays and participation, but I noticed most people in our class ended up with A in participation anyway as long as they raised their hand at least once every two weeks. Her feedback on her rough drafts were really helpful so definitely utilize her tips and it should raise up your essay grade. She's also this kind, sweet lady and unbelievably approachable. I would definitely take her again for any future writing classes I need to take.

Posted 04/05/2007
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

I slacked off in this class and still pulled a B+ thanks to my group partners (1 solo paper, 2 group papers). Most social class I had so far. It seems like the more you talk to her about your paper, the higher a grade youll get on it. And if you get one grade on a draft, youll likely get a letter grade higher on the final paper, regardless if you followed her suggestions written on your draft or not. So do good on the drafts.

Posted 03/20/2007
Course(s) taken: Writing Comp 3

Only three papers for the quarter and no final. She gives one solo paper, and the other two are group papers. Pick your partner, this is key. I got stuck in both papers with people who spoke broken English, and wrote worse. I got screwed out of a grade because of it. She is a great teacher though. Will really teach you how to write a structured essay like you never have before. Recommended

Posted 02/09/2007
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Prof. Gerrard was a fair teacher who had a descent grading system. Despite the workload (reading) in her class, I enjoyed her grading system on essays! She had us peer edit first, then we turned it into her and she gave us her comments on the essay. This was helpful for the final draft of the essay. There was 3 essays total in her class. she's not that strict about the structure, but on the content of the paper. I probably learned a lot from Prof. Gerrard. She's also very helpful if you go to her for help on your essays! If you tried on the essays, then getting an A- shouldn't be hard.

Posted 12/14/2006
Course(s) taken: English Composition 3

Professor Gerrard is the best professor I had this quarter, and she made my experience at UCLA very pleasant. The first paper you write is individual, but the other two are with a partner or even two. What she really cares is that you improve from the second draft to the final, and her suggestions are very detailed so that you can fix your paper. She is extremely approachable, but you need to talk to her to get comments besides the ones she wrote in the instructor drafts. I recommend doing this as you go through final draft revision. I never worked with a partner on an essay before, so I felt a little worried at first, but it turned out quite well. Although I spent much more time working on the paper (as my partner and I were both anal), the papers I wrote with her (we were partners for both papers) were a lot better than the one I wrote on my own simply because I don't revise much. I recommend anyone to take her class; she really teaches me how to revise and that revision is necessary. The topics are also interesting. The ones I had for my quarter were gender, work, and the Internet. Readings are not heavy at all. Class discussion is so enjoyable as you talk to your classmates on an Internet chat program!! And people say all sorts of random things that crack me up.

Posted 03/24/2005
Course(s) taken: None

pretty much all of these other ratings are true. she is an incredible english professor and you WILL improve your writing just from taking the class. the way she grades papers is very strict. and she brings a new definition to the word nitpicky. however, she is honestly by far one of the nicest, most pure humans being i have ever met. one suggestion: use her office hours. if you use her office hours so she can look at your papers, your grade will automatically improve. her suggestions are very useful, so do what she says, because that is what she looks for. there is also a grade based off of attendance (25%) so be sure to go to class every lecture!