Bruce Stone
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Bruce Stone


110 Humanities Building



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Posted 05/16/2015
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Professor Stone is definitely a tough grader, but he will make your writing improve!

It's not an easy A, but the reading is really interesting and like I said, your writing level will jump to the college level. Great class to take with wonderful discussions. Will definitely help you in your future college writing classes!

Posted 11/24/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

I took Eng Comp 3 with Prof Stone Winter 2014, and I got a B... His voice is very monotone and I found him slightly condescending during class and office hours. Every day, an international student who could barely speak English sat next to me. For the final paper, we had to do peer review of our essays with a small group of classmates, and I was placed in the group with aforementioned ESL student. His paper was so terrible (no grammar, choppy sentences, didn't know how to use commas, etc...), yet he got an A on that paper--and an A in the class.

I was under the impression that Prof Stone gave international students higher grades than they should have been receiving because I couldn't get higher than a B+ on any assignment.

A review I saw here perfectly sums up my experience.... "Prof Stone是一个风一样的男子。上他的课你在学术上必须有严谨的构思,在文学上必须有文豪的造诣。你都做到了?很好。当然,如果你长了一个B样的长相,就不要指望拿A哟。"

Like, this is an English class, and he clearly does not grade students on their proficiency in written English.

Posted 09/29/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

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Professor Stone's concern for his students' success in his class shows through his teaching. He assigns minimal work, but the work assigned is very effective in making you a better thinker and writer. The reading load is quite manageable with about 15-20 pages of reading every other day. So long as you put in the effort to revise and think outside of the box, you will do well in the course. It's alright to approach the class with some uncertainty because I know I did when I chose it. I knew that my writing skills may or may not be up to par, however, that did not dissuade me since my ultimate goal was to learn and I LEARNED A LOT. The fairy tales I thought I knew so well were turned on their heads and it really is quite engaging that you will WANT to participate in the discussion. I got an A in the class in the end so, in my opinion, the professor looks for improvement and grades you based on how you are able to develop the strength of your essays over a period of time.

Posted 08/19/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Prof Stone是一个风一样的男子。上他的课你在学术上必须有严谨的构思,在文学上必须有文豪的造诣。你都做到了?很好。当然,如果你长了一个B样的长相,就不要指望拿A哟。

Posted 08/05/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

To be honest, he is a good teacher but as grading NO NO NO! do not take his class. Do not fool by the bruinwalk!!! LOOK!!! there is only 4 rate and the first rating guy gave him all full scores!! Indeed he gave you many suggestion in the conference but, look, in his syllabus he wrote" A: outstanding, B: excellent"! Come on!!!! I'm already excellent and you gave me a B???? Yes!! If the teacher has already think B is a good enough score, maybe the guys who can get an A in his class could be the next Hemingway or Fitzgerald. But wait! I am only a math major student and took his course only because the school makes me to do so! Well, the most common word in his conference is just like "Well, Dav, you have an amazing thought and the paper is brilliant, I will give you a B!" LOL. If you really takes his course, be straightforward and ask "WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET AN AAAAAAA!" Otherwise he may well feel that you did a great job and ends up with a B-. hmmmm, good job man.

Posted 06/20/2014
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

FOR HONORS 63W (Nabokov):

As a person, Mr. Stone has a stellar personality. He engages the class well and does a great job with keeping you interested!

The only thing negative to say is his grading. If you are looking for an A or an easy class, then stay away. Mr. Stone is completely subjective when it comes to grading and he barely gives you any guide on how to how to obtain a certain grade. For a Writing II course, he barely provides any feedback on how to improve as a writer and gives you one chance on each paper to improve. Even if you make every little change he suggests, he will continue to subjectively grade the paper and find other things to bash that he chose not to tell you on the first draft.

The material was interesting itself but the class would have been more enjoyable if his grading was not so random and subjective.

Posted 12/07/2013
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

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Posted 06/18/2013
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

If you're taking this class with the mindset of getting an A without working for it, then this isn't the class for you. The theme of this course is fairy tales and you'll be writing 3 essays about the structures or analysis about fairy tales. Honestly, there isn't that much work besides the essays and some readings here and there. However, you have to work and revise your essays if you want anything around an A. I kinda regret not starting early on my essays and constantly revising them because I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a better grade on all 3 essays. Don't just blindly pick into this class though. Try and look for certain themes from other classes that might appeal more to you. Overall, the workload for this course is not that much but perfecting your writing will take time and effort.

Posted 02/18/2013
Course(s) taken: English Composition: 3

Bruce Stone will really guide you towards becoming a better writer. The work load is manageable and at times very minimal, so the main aim is to understand what good writing looks like and sounds like. He is more than a fair grader. The grade may not be as flexible as the other professors in terms that you have three assignments , but he makes up for that with meetings before submitting the paper where he gives in very useful feedback. Likewise the grading is not as strict because he understands the constrains, at least for the first assignment. TAKE A CLASS WITH HIM. You will not regret it, just put an effort and start working on your assignments early, go to writing center and revise like crazy. Once you are done you will feel the difference.