Todd S Kaplan
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Todd S Kaplan




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Posted 04/07/2006
Course(s) taken: 115A

Dr. Kaplan is a great teacher. He's very approachable and has a great sense of humor.
His final was very fair, and tested all the important concepts. However, after taking 115B with Dr. Abidi, I feel that he over-emphasizes the hybrid-pi model, and not enough on circuit intuition. Regardless, he does provide very good preparation if you intend to take 115B.
Definitely take a class with him if he comes back to teach at UCLA.

Posted 03/13/2006
Course(s) taken: None

115A with Kaplan was one of my favorite classes so far at UCLA. He is a very friendly and funny person and his lecture is very casual and conversational. I feel that I learned alot in this class because Professor Kaplan really emphasized circuit intuition and understanding.

I'm currently taking 115B now with Professor Abidi and feel like I was very well prepared for the course thanks to Todd Kaplan.

Taking analog circuits with Kaplan is a great way to start learning about the very deep field of analog circuit design. I hope he decides to continue teaching.

Posted 02/23/2006
Course(s) taken: EE115A

That was his first time teaching, take that into consideration. He is an ex Ph.D. student of professor Chang in UCLA. He definitely shows that he has industrial experience, and knows the material well, but his inexperience in teaching has to be noted. His midterm was killer, but curve was generous, his final was nice and smooth with no unexpected twists, and he was generous while grading. If you have to take EE115A as a requirement and be done with it, take his class, you will enjoy his sense of humour and casual style (he is very young). But if you want to continue in analog design or circuits and take classes with professors like Abidi and Razavi and succeed, I suggest you take 115A with someone with more experience as it is a class of the fundamentals of electronics and should be taught by the best. That said Todd Kaplan inspired me and many other students in his class to pursue Analog Circuit Design and graduate school in that field because his lectures were interactive interesting and even entertaining, which is not an often fact in EE classes. His office hours rock! as he was extremely nice and helpful until I resolved all of my questions. I've got an A and so can you, but you will have to put more time into the class than usually, but not much more. His teaching got better to the end of the quarter, maybe next time it will start out that way.