Lara Dolecek
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Lara Dolecek


Engineering IV, 56-147B


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Posted 06/28/2014
Course(s) taken: Electrical Engineering: 103

I did not really like her.
She basically wrote the course reader on the board.
She has an accent and is hard for to understand.
She is not very clear and does not do very many examples.
Questions on the hw are impossible and u need to have past solutions.

Midterms and finals were fair but her curve was non existent/bad.
Did above average on final, average on midterm, 100's on all the hw's, top 10% on the matlab project and i got a B.

The TA was pretty whatever, tl dr i would not recommend taking the class with her.

Posted 07/01/2013
Course(s) taken: Electrical Engineering: 103

Get ready for the most complete analysis ever.
Quality of the class: The class is good and chances are that easier homework’s problems are sometime addressed there. It is ok because the homework is practically equivalent to other course projects on degree of difficulty.
Office hours: Totally useless and she scheduled her office hours Mondays after class when everybody is tired about ee103 and she knows that nobody will attend. Wednesday office hours she can be reached, but she won’t help you on anything because she herself does not understand some of the harder homework problems. Here I want to point that she uses the argument that she won’t tell you anything about the homework because she wants to be fair with the rest of the students that are not asking for help. Sometimes, during office hours, she used to behave in a similar way to the classic high school b****. Yes exactly like that! But I don’t want to use that word because I don’t want this review to be marked as inappropriate. I am just given an example about her behavior and a comparison is the best way I can make to give you an idea about what you are going to face if you dare to take a course with this assistant-professor.
In addition, one of her TAs have an exclusive elite of students who get more help than the rest of the class, even if you attend his office hours you won’t get help if you do not belong to his group of friends. Moreover, if a TAs does not like you, they will influence the reader (who is the grader) on how to grade your homework, so don’t be surprised that, after you worked hard, the reader takes you points out for unclear reasons.
Midterms: It was disproportionate long and hard.
Final: It was easy because she had already messed our grades in the midterm
Her grading criteria: If a woman has not clue, she will pass with a B. If a woman has some understanding of the class, she will get an A, if she is smart, she will get an A+.
For men, she will grade you in accordance to your physical appearance and national origin (Maybe her role model is Nikola Tesla who hated fat people. (But Tesla is excused for being a super-genius who did not accept to share a Nobel Prize; conversely, she is just an assistant professor).
If you are short and fat and you get almost a B, she will push down and she will give you a C and with good luck a C+. Conclusion, you are going to be push down for being short and fat
If you are skinny and tall and you get a C+, she will give you a B or maybe a B+. Conclusion, you are going to be lift up for being skinny and tall.
The grading criteria for male-Hispanics is the same that the used for fat and short male-students, so get ready to be pushed down.
If you are Asian or white, her grading criterion is the same she uses for women, so if you are in this pool you will be lifted up.
For that reason, do not be surprised that some of those students that get benefits for his appearance and national origin write some nice reviews about this teacher-assistant.

Posted 03/23/2012
Course(s) taken: Electrical Engineering: 131A

Solid professor. Lectures worth attending and work load isn't too high. Final exam average was really low but curved.

Posted 04/22/2011
Course(s) taken: Electrical Engineering: 131A

She's the best teacher for probability. Ever. She went through proofs in class that were crucial to intuition, and she didn't go too slow or too fast. She taught everything beautifully, and I thought the midterms were the most fun tests I have ever taken. She knows her stuff too, considering her background. If ever someone can teach probability, it would be Lara Dolecek.