Lee Ohanian
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Lee Ohanian




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Macroeconomic Theory

Economics: 102 - Winter 2010


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Posted 10/05/2013
Course(s) taken: Economics: 2

Great professor, easiest I have had so far! Tests were fair and the lecture was straight forward. Much easier than econ 1

Posted 03/29/2011
Course(s) taken: Economics: 2

Professor Ohanian is nice. His lecture is kind of boring because he is always reading the PPT, which is copied directly from the book. His exam is composed of all short answer questions which is hard to get high scores unless you work very hard. But he is fair with the grading, as you can earn more on the final if you have a great improvement from the midterm. Only one thing, work hard to earn an A!

Posted 03/26/2011
Course(s) taken: Economics: 2

An excellent class and professor. His lectures are clear, if straight out of the book. He makes sure practice materials are available and relevant. The grading is a little odd, 2/3 final, 1/6 midterm, 1/6 midterm. This is fine of course, if you do well on the final, as about 95% of the class did. If you just go to class, review notes, and study normally for tests you won't be surprised. All tests are free response and make sure you cover all aspects of the answer. Definitely recommend this class

Posted 03/15/2011
Course(s) taken: Economics: 2

Professor Ohanian was literally one of the best professors I have ever had at UCLA. I really enjoyed his lecture style and his determination to have his students succeed. The practice exams are so helpful because they correlate directly with the actual exams. Its not like one of those classes where the practice exams look nothing like the actual exam. If you study the practice exam in and out, you'll get an A on the actual exams. Be careful when taking exams though, they are all free responses and some of his questions were really broad and required really specific answers. I would recommend this class to anyone if you want to learn a lot, and get an A :)

Posted 07/01/2009
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

Extremely easy! Don't buy textbook, just reading his notes is fine to get A.

Posted 06/29/2009
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

Took him in Spring 2009. He talks very "smooth", a style that you may find entertaining or annoying. I studied very hard for this class, but found my effort to be unnecessary, because his 2 midterms and final were all very similar to the practice tests. He posts lecture notes, additional notes, and homework answers online, and the way he teaches in class makes it obvious that he cares a lot about student learning. also, he lets you drop one of the 2 midterms, so if you screwed up the first one, it's okay. There really is no need to buy the textbook, because his lecture notes are taken directly from the textbook. Definitely go to TA sections, and Corey Garriott is probably the most helpful TA, because he teaches very clearly, and shows you the shortcuts to solve problems. He is also the head TA, so he's got great tips on getting the most points out of exam questions. But if you do sign up for Corey, go to section early because his section is always overcrowded. many had to sit on the floor. the only thing i hated about this class is how there are 3 versions on the material. There is the textbook version, the professor's version, and the TA's version. The textbook version is totally different from the prof's and TA's. The prof's and TA's are only different in some of their notation. Other than that, everything is quite similar. You can follow either and get a good grade. Overall, I highly recommend Ohanian because his tests are really easy.

Posted 05/21/2009
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

a pretty nice professor and easy to talk to. not the best or most organized lecturer (complete opposite of mcdevitt). going to lecture was good for getting the basic ideas from the chapters, but if you want an A, find a good TA and know the practice midterms.

Posted 07/05/2008
Course(s) taken: Economics: 2

I really liked professor Ohanian, he was really enthusiastic and made the class as interesting and fun as possible. Easy to get by if you skim the readings and look at the lecture notes/summaries online. Loved this class!

Posted 02/11/2008
Course(s) taken: Econ2

fairly easy class, just keep up with the readings. Don't go to lecture unless you're illiterate and can't read for yourself- he just reads the overheads off to you. he posts the lectures online, which is nice. the midterm was a little tricky but not too bad. to sum it up, dont stress about this class.

Posted 09/20/2006
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

good guy.. knows a lot about macro, but not a good lecturer. very nice... if u want to get an A go to a really good T.A like Campos. TA's help cuz they show you step by step how to the math part. The prof is only good for the abstract part.

Posted 06/28/2006
Course(s) taken: 102

it really doesn't seem like he knows what he's talking about, because he just skims the surface of macro and doesn't explain real concepts. i've had much better professors for econ who actually teach you rather than repeated what's already in the book

Posted 06/27/2006
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

The course is frighteningly easy. I hardly ever attended the lectures, never attended discussions, did not read the textbook and got an A for the course. What more can be said? Just study past exams posted on the web a day or two before the final exam (midterm can be dropped). That's all.

Posted 06/23/2006
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

Prof Ohanian is a good professor whose lectures seem totally haphazard, but upon reading the book they prove to follow the book rather well. I highly recommend going to class, but if you miss a couple lectures you should be ok. He is entertaining and probably the best prof who teaches 102. Reading the book is a little useful, but only if you have lots of time to spare. If you are in a time crunch, DO THE OLD EXAMS. Understand the basic concepts and then work through problems over and over until you have it down. I think I did the Solow model question 10 times the night before the final. The tests seem to be almost exactly the same year to year. DO THEM and you'll do fine.
I studied the book more than i should and only did practice problems for one day and ended up with a B+. Most grades are 100% final exam based, and there is almost no curve.

Posted 06/15/2006
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

Professor Ohanian seems like a nice guy. You can tell he knows his stuff, but he just doesn't explain it very well. His jokes are sometimes lame, but he can give the class a good laugh. One time in class, he was trying to draw a faucet filling water into a bucket, and he ended up drawing a penis. Nuff said. His lectures aren't very organized at all. He seems like he goes by the cuff sometimes, and if you somehow stump him on a question, he will just say, "it doesn't matter. It's the same thing anyways." Last but not least, he teaches the class as if you are a kindergardener. i.e. "Class, today, I have a 50 dollar bill. This is equal to 50 one dollar bills." All in all, it's a good class, if you don't go to one lecture, but read the book and do his practice finals, you should be okay.

Posted 06/10/2006
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

I have to disagree with most of the past reviews. His lectures are not very well organized and he seems to "wing it" every time. It is very difficult to take good notes in his class. I have not yet taken the final but I am hoping that it's as easy as everyone says it to be. He didn't get to government debt and business cycles until the last day of class. I pretty much had to learn everything from the TA.

Nice guy, but not a very effective professor in my opinion.

Posted 08/10/2004
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

i love this guy. he's very funny and actually kept me awake most of the time. the other times i fell asleep cuz i was tired and the material was boring. but overall he'll keep u awake if u listen. material is very straightforward. i read the book n reviewed lecture notes and that was sufficient. sections are optional but helpful if you dont understand certain topics. he assigns homework problems but you dont need to turn them in. didnt study very much except before the final and before the midterm and i got an A. one of the easier econ classes to take at ucla, esp. with ohanian. i would take him everytime if i could.

Posted 07/07/2004
Course(s) taken: None

proffessor Ohanian is a great econ teacher he explains the material thoroughly and does not change subjects until all questions have been answered, i definetly recommend him, he is great

Posted 06/25/2004
Course(s) taken: None

Awesome professor! He is very nice and the lectures are interesting. Although many people say that you must go to every class, I stopped going after the midterm and still managed to understand the whole class. The subject is very easy. Just do all his past finals and midterms and understand them thuroughly and you will be fine. Greatly recommended!!!

Posted 06/16/2004
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

Professor Ohanian is by far the MOST entertaining econ professors I've had at UCLA, and among one of the best! He keeps his lectures entertaining, you actually find yourself laughing at least once every lecture (and it's not because he's lame). His lecture organization are okay. Like someone else said, shop around for a good TA. I particularly recommend Inci Gumus and Keisuke (Casey) Otsu.

QUICK TIP: understand the Solow Growth Model VERY WELL!

Posted 10/02/2003
Course(s) taken: Economics: 102

Prof Ohanian is the most accessible econ professor I have had at UCLA (You can see him at the gym all the time riding the bike). I failed the midterm and got a B in the class, although I'm sure that with better studying I could have gotten an A. His tests are straightforward and his lectures follow the book, but are relatively entertaining for an econ class. I managed to stay awake for 8 a.m. classes! I would highly recommend him, but more importantly, shop around for a good TA because it makes all the difference.