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Overall 3.6
Easiness of class 2.4
Workload 2.6
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.7
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SOCIOL M5, taken Winter 2015 Submitted June 19, 2016 Grade Received: B

I really enjoyed this class, and if I could, I would take this class again. Professor Hunt is a great lecturer and he is a wonderful professor. Its honestly not him who is bad, it is the TAs for the class. I had a guy with the last name Tran, and he was not the best. He was a tough grader, and he did not go over topics in the discussion section, he would make us talk amongst each other. During my quarter, we had a group project which was tragic. It is really hard to do a group project in college because everyone is so busy, but my group was able to make it work. There is a midterm and a final which are pretty general. There are multiple choice, short answer, and an essay. If you read the books and study what he lectures about, you should be able to get a B or better.

SOCIOL M5 Submitted March 30, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

easiest class ever. He is a great lecturer and it helps to record his lectures. And read the books to help you on the essays! Selling all of his books so text/call me at (909)438-0213 if you are interested.
Black Bourgeoisie by Frazier: $11
Black Los Angeles: $15
A Taste of Power by Brown: $15
The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: $15
Black Leadership by Marable: $20

SOCIOL M5 Submitted March 27, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Overall, I really enjoyed this class. There's A LOT of reading- I didn't read two of the books and that didn't matter since I went to lecture. If you go to lecture and take good notes you should definitely get an A. Sometimes he talks really fast so it's hard to get down everything he's saying, but I found the topic really interesting and learned a lot. The sections are really pointless, but as long as you go then you'll get a good grade for that part. The case study project is a group video project, which is what you'd expect from any group project. I had a good group, so it was really easy since we all got along. I would definitely recommend this class if you're interested in the topic.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted May 12, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

I took this class during my winter quarter at UCLA (as a EAP student).
Prof. Hunt was nice, the lectures were a bit boring but eventually they were very useful. It's basically trying to write down everything he says. Sometimes he showed videos to make it less boring.
The Black L.A. book was not really mandatory for the exam but I suggest to read it because it's probably the most interesting part of the course and it gives you examples of the theoretical concepts talked in class.
The discussion class is pretty easy and enjoyable, choose Nan Wang as a T.A.
The research paper was challenging but once you find enough literature it gets easier.
The midterm and the final were fair enough and they were almost all about class notes and class examples.

I got an A without studying a lot and overall I was not disappointed by this class.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted March 31, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Can't really complain. He does a decent job of introducing introductory material. Although he reads out of his notes, he does promote class discussion and shares his own knowledge of the subject. The class is basically memorization of terms and key ideas. Fair exams and light course work overall. You must go to lecture however.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted March 24, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Selling "You May Ask Yourself" for $25!
Book used during Winter 2012 quarter (Sociology 1) with Professor Hunt! Book is in good condition, corners of cover are a bit worn. Pages are clean with no handwritten notes inside.

Please contact [email protected] if interested!
Notes included!

SOCIOL 1 Submitted March 31, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

Sociology 1, Winter 2012, Grade: A

Professor's a nice guy, especially if you go to his office hours. He's late coming to class's (not always bad) and he's also late at posting grades (well, it was a lot of grading).

Lecture is just popping out terms, one after another. Get those terms down for midterms and finals, or have get them for you. Sadly, because the class is just terms, the professor doesn't have a lot of time to get into interesting concepts.

Skim through the textbook before class if you want to have an idea of what you'll hear in lecture, but not everything in the textbook will come up in lecture, and thus not in the midterm/finals. There was a supplemental book, but it only came up in discussions and references in lecture, but its content did not come up in the midterm/finals, so I would say skim that as well. Oh, and discussion is mandatory, so go there and please don't be one of those silent, dead students.

Midterm and finals consisted of 15 multiple choice, 5 short response, and one essay prompt (out of two). One or two of the multiple choice questions do come from the textbook, but if you study the lecture well, you have a good chance to get them. Essays are graded leniently I think.

Now, the 12 page research paper wasn't as bad as it first came up to be. I did write the paper overnight, but I started gathering data (online surveys) 2-3 weeks before hand. The research paper is not that hard if you choose a topic that interests you, and you can pretty much choose anything. Grading on the papers depend on your T.A., and I'm sure they graded leniently because it's only Sociology 1.

Overall, it's a doable G.E.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted June 23, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I took Sociology 1 with Professor Hunt and thought it was GREAT!! I disagree with everyone--Hunt is not boring...
I love the videos he showed! It allowed class time to go by smoothly and make things very interesting--I learned a lot! :) Also, I like the way he reads his notes and he slows down for important terms you need to know which is good for note-taking and studying for exams! The textbook readings are good; I enjoyed them (but sometimes I didn't understand them and they took a LONG time to read). Professor Hunt asks for participation in a large room with over 300 students but it made class time go by quickly, kept students engaged and entertained, I felt. Professor Hunt is really concerned with student learning, seems helpful and very approachable. He explains a research paper you have to do--(I felt it was interesting, but a bit difficult at times, but my TA was awesome and kind and advised me so go to office hours! Prepare in advance and be organized with your essay and you're fine!) Now for the exams--study the notes! (And maybe gloss over the key terms from your textbook). The exam consists of multiple choice (sometimes tricky unfortunately--especially the midterm), short answer questions (great!) and an essay (very good!). Exams were fair--just the multiple choice was at times tricky for the midterm but I got A's on the tests which was rewarding for working hard studying for them. I actually felt the midterm was a bit harder than the final. Try reading over your notes after every week to practice and start familiarizing yourself with the information. Go to discussion and participate! (25% of your grade). Overall--it was a fantastic class that I would recommend to everyone! I ended up with an A, thankfully and I do not regret taking this class.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted June 23, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I agree with everyone below that Hunt is boring, but that's more in the tone of his voice. And yes, lecture is basically copying definitions. However, once you got past these annoying aspects, the stuff is really interesting. The class explores everything from sex, gender, race, economics, politics, stratification, social groups, how people interact... and those are just off the top of my head. If you really listen the stuff is easy. The midterm and final were ALL from lecture, AKA you don't need to read at all, despite what he says about the reader being important. When you study, take a huge note of lists (you'll know what I mean if you take the course) and that's about it. Half of it you kinda BS if you only partially know the answer.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted June 22, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

If you're looking for an easy GE, do NOT take Soc 1 with Hunt. His lectures are poorly organized and he plays useless videos at either the end or the beginning of lecture. He constantly tries to ask questions to the class ... yet ends up just telling you the definitions. He talks way too fast to write, so you almost HAVE to bring a laptop or have a friend type up notes. (at least this was the case for me... I can't write that fast!). His exams are .. EHH. He DOES take questions from the book...though MY TA personally didn't discuss the book at all. The class is divided into 4 parts, 25% each on discussion, midterm, final, and research paper. TAs actually GRADE you on both attendance AND participation, so you have go and talk. The research paper is 10-12 pages ... which is a ridiculous amount for an INTRODUCTORY sociology course. like someone said below me, this class is taught NOT like an intro course. If you're looking for an easy class, avoid Soc1 with Hunt. Seriously. You'll regret it and have to work way too hard to get an A in a supposedly "easy" class.

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