Songwu Lu
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Songwu Lu

Boelter Hall, Room 4531D



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Grade history

Computer Network Fundamentals

Computer Science: 118 - Fall 2009


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Posted 12/11/2013
Course(s) taken: Computer Science: 211

Had him for a graduate level course in wireless networking and mobile protocols, CS211. Sure learned a lot here. For the most part, this course was run the same way as CS118, just a bunch of lifted powerpoint slides, and readings from Professor Lu's technical papers. The TA appeared to be running the entire class, while professor was missing in action the entire time.

Posted 11/11/2010
Course(s) taken: Computer Science: 118

Lu lectures off powerpoint slides the entire time besides a few minutes when he goes over examples on the board. If you prefer slides then he's the prof to take. However, if you're more interactive and like it when the prof lectures with the blackboard, don't take him. He goes pretty quickly through his slides and much too quickly to actually take good notes. Plus, when he actually does write things out on the board, his diagrams are hard to understand mostly because they are too messy.
Anyway, only half the class attends lecture and a lot of the ones who do attend fall asleep. I went to almost all of his lectures, yet I usually come out of class thinking that I didn't learn very much. The homework is pretty tedious and my TA was pretty horrible so I didn't really enjoy it. However, the programming projects were not that bad and you get a partner to lighten the work load. It's definitely one of the easier CS classes -- I just wish Lu didn't lecture off powerpoints so that I don't have to go home and read the book every time I leave lecture.

Posted 07/17/2007
Course(s) taken: CS 118

He was one of the best professors that I had. if you attend the class you wouldn't have any problem in exams.

Posted 03/27/2007
Course(s) taken: CS 118

Professor Lu is overall a good professor to take for 118. His slides are very good and go over the main concept for each section/subsection of the book. The book is also very good and clear so the combination gives you a good picture of networking.

The toughness of this class is not that the material is overwhelming complex, rather there is just a lot of stuff you need to know.

The HWs arent too bad, its the projects that require a lot of work. Start early on them and talk to the TA and you shouldnt have any problems.

Overall I recommend him, like other people say, he pauses during lectures and goes in depth detail of the concept on the blackboard. Good prof.

Posted 01/10/2006
Course(s) taken: CS118

Take him for 118!!!

First of all, Prof. Lu is very nice guy. He's very concerned with students' learning. His pace was just right. He used examples to illustrate the material, and his exams were fair. (He's a fair grader. I mean, he reads your answer in details that he tries to give you as much as partial credit as possible). HWs were tough, but not a lot, about 6 problems from the textbook each week. You can always find help from the TA or the web : p
You will be interested in networking after this class and trust me, this is one of the easiest CS courses among all.

Posted 01/07/2006
Course(s) taken: CS 118

Due to the massive amount of material in 118, this could have been a very difficult class. But Lu recognized this and took it into consideration. He routinely stressed that the purpose of the class was to acquire high-level concepts, not memorize nitty-gritty details. As a result, his exams were pretty fair. There were two programming projects in the class and we were giving plenty of time to do them.

He depended a little too much on the class slides but he was very good about pausing to do examples on the board whenever something wasn't clear. My biggest complaint was with the homework assignments which were generally tedious and not very illustrative. But, as he reminded us, the homework did not contribute much to our final grades.

Overall, I would recommend Lu for CS 118.

Posted 09/02/2002
Course(s) taken: None

(CS118) Dr. Lu overall is a good teacher, mainly because he is interested in the subject and is an expert in the area. It is clear that he cares about the students and is trying very hard to teach well. His only flaws are related to inexperience and a heavy accent which somewhat impedes his ability to communicate to the students.

Posted 03/27/2002
Course(s) taken: cs 118

I actually liked Lu's teaching style. He wasn't the most energetic, but didn't put people to sleep like Rennels. His approach is to present a problem and see if anyone can think of (or had read about) the solution. He tries to take the magic out of networks, and makes it look simple. I would have liked him to cover more stuff in lecture so I wouldn't have to spend as much time reading. The atmosphere was laid back, and I felt easy asking questions. Lu usually answered questions well, and did not stumble or make mistakes in lecture. The exams were fair, covered much of the material (including the project), and had a variety of questions (multiple choice with justifications, calculations, algorithms, graph analysis). Of course, I gotta give props to the excellent TA's, with their opposite teaching styles. Mohit, Demetrios, you guys rule.

Posted 03/26/2002
Course(s) taken: None

This prof. is NOT that bad-especially compared to all the other CS professors (Rohr, Melkanoff, Rohr, Amir, Greibach, Rohr, etc, etc....)He's actually pretty knowledgeable with netowrking, and goes in a relatively slow pace, which lets the beginners keep up rather than having to have them read the book before the quarter starts just so that they are in pace with the grad students. If the grad students don't like it too back--this is an UNDERGRAD course--don't come to lecture. at least you can still get A's without coming to lectures-what's wrong with that? And besides he DOES teach--I really liked him--even if he has a monotone voice, he still explains things well, and if you pay attention--you will actually LEARN (something that rarely happens with CS classes at UCLA)

Posted 03/25/2002
Course(s) taken: 118

Prof. Lu isn't as bad as everyone thinks, but then again he isn't great either. He's more of an average lecturer. He didn't really put me to bed during lecture -- but then again he does move extremely slow through the material. But the man really knows his stuff. Any question that would arise in class, Prof. Lu would have the answer right away. On the other hand, being a smart guy doesn't necessarily mean he can teach well.

Looking back on it, I think the class was mostly run by the TAs, which leads me to believe that Lu truly is lazy. So as long as you have a good TA, taking Lu would be fine.

- projects he assigns aren't bad at all
- tests are fair
- good hearted guy, just not born to teach

Posted 04/02/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Ugh. Just looking back on my experience with this man makes me cringe. Nevertheless, I must speak my opinion to all those unfortunate individuals who may end up in a class with him.

I took him for the seemingly fun CS118, networking. His "teaching" style was quite pathetic, for he would present slides, not his own, gawk at them for a few seconds to figure them out, and then explain. The notes where posted on the web, but they were intended to be explained in further detail during lecture. As shown above, it was done fairly poorly.

There was always a feeling of disorganization, especially when the projects were assigned. They were very difficult. All forms of help came through the TA, who assisted by posting the "man" pages. Many of us asked Songwu for help, which we received none. In fact, he yelled at the class once, saying that if we couldn't do his "simple" projects (FTP program), we should not even be CS majors (or EE or math). He then backed up his "simple" argument saying that one student finished the project within a week. It happened to be a hard-core programming grad student (a really good CS32 TA).

The only good thing about this guy is that he's a very lenient grader. Other than that, he is the man-that-shouldn't-teach (and probably doesn't want to).

Posted 03/16/2001
Course(s) taken: None

This guy is pretty pathetic as far as professors go. His homework and tests often seemed at oddes. Lecture is certainly worthless and he is most definitely the worst professor I've had at UCLA. Networking is pretty cool stuff, but with Songwu, suicide seems favorable in comparison. If you're just looking for a 'B', go ahead an take him. But if you really want something out of the class, avoid him like the plague.

Posted 03/08/2001
Course(s) taken: None

This guy is lazy. The lectures he gave were
slides that he jacked from another professor, and
as far as teaching the programming aspect, he stunk
there too. He just directed us to some useless
tutorial on the netand didn't care to help even
if you came tooffice hours. He thought you were
trying to cheat.I did not get what I paid for,
and UCLA can do a better job of hiring professors.
If you are thinking of taking him and want to learn,
about networking, don't take him, he won't teach
you jack.

Posted 03/07/2001
Course(s) taken: None

SongWu is the man! I am math of computation so I am not a hardcore programmer. Songwu's signature slides every lecture covered all the concepts u needed for class. I barely had to do any reading and even the slides were online if u didn't feel like coming to class. If u need an easier CS class and like a straightforward style, hook it up with Songwu. Note: he does tend to say combinations of "uumm", "pretty much", "I mean", and "ok" quite a bit during class but he knows his stuff and will hook u up FAT gradewise too. I got a B in CS118.

Posted 03/06/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Had him for CS118 and he could not keep my attention. I suppose the only redeeming part of the class was that he put his lecture slides online. Going to class was basically worthless though

Posted 02/17/2001
Course(s) taken: None

I had Dr. Lu for CS 118 and though he seems quite very knowledgeable in his field, he can not capture the students' attention and interest with his monotonous voice. Before taking his course, I was excited to learn about Networking, but after his class, I was completely turned off to the subject.

Posted 02/16/2001
Course(s) taken: None

This man cannot teach.

Posted 02/08/2001
Course(s) taken: None

One of the worst professors I've ever had. He was my teacher for CS118, and he's the worst teacher you could have for that class.