Marianne Louie
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Marianne Louie

Boelter Hall, Room 4731L



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Posted 06/10/2004
Course(s) taken: cs 151B

She goes through lectures via her reader, but you have to be in lectures to understand them and get other examples. The concepts she covers start easy and end up pretty confusing, so focus through the end. She is effective and teaching the stuff she has to, but some of it is very confusing so seek help often. Examples are very important for this class, keep them all. I got an A, and it wasnt tooooo ridiculous, but it wasnt a cakewalk either. Go to class, her exams are not too bad if you do understand the material, her hws are not too bad.

Posted 01/01/2003
Course(s) taken: CS M151B

She's absolutely "wired" during lecture and goes through slides at a very fast pace. Very meticulous and thorough in covering the material. Homework wasn't too bad in terms of difficulty. Just tweak the in-class example and spend lots of time on it. The tests were long and a bit on the tedious side, but I felt they were fair and very pressed for time. If you want to learn a lot about computer architecture, her class is definitely worth taking.

Posted 11/22/2002
Course(s) taken: cs51a, csM151b

Professor Louie is an excellent professor. She was meticulous, and clear, and always genuinely concerned about her students understanding the material she was teaching. Computer Architecture can be a bit of a dry subject, so don't expect a lot of fireworks during lecture. However, if you wan't a good, solid professor who's available to help and genuinely concerned about teaching effectively, take Louie.

Posted 04/07/2002
Course(s) taken: CS M151B

She's only good if you compare her to your alternatives in the CS department. Otherwise, I didnt think she was that great. She went really fast through the material, and used slides instead of writing on the board (which I think is ineffective)

The worst part of it is that she is one of those CS professors who is only on campus for the 4 hours a week that she teaches (Mon, Wed 4-6) Being that she doesnt want to come to campus on other days, she holds office hours after class. The last thing I want to do, after a 2 hour mind-numbing lecture on microprocessors, is wait around and ask questions about it.

It would have been a lot more effective if she would old office hours on another day, but I think she worked somewhere - like the rest of our CS professors.

Posted 03/18/2002
Course(s) taken: CS M151B

Dr. Louie is a very nice person. She cares a lot about the students. If someone comes in late, she would actually go over to her podium, grab some example sheets she had just passed out to the entire class, and personally hand that over to the late student. I thought that was kind of funny...

Her tests and homework is a bit hard. I wasn't sure if it's because the architecture class is hard or if she made the problems hard. I think if one keeps up with the class and go to office hours, he/she can do well.

Like someone mentioned before, she cares so much that she writes every word she says on the projector slide, which slows the class down. She takes the time to explain the concepts so well that we run out of time.

In the end, Dr Louis is one of the rare professors who really cares. She's only a visiting lecturer, I believe. Isn't it strange that the visiting lecturers usually end up being the best professors?

Posted 03/18/2002
Course(s) taken: CS M151B

She cares too much, which is a rare thing at UCLA engineering. But sometimes it makes the class slower because she writes down EVERYTHING on the overhead for you to copy.

Her tests were all right, final was a notch harder than I expected, but nothing outrageous. One of the better professors I've had here.

Posted 01/07/2002
Course(s) taken: CS m51, CS 151B

Great professor all around. She cares about student's learning. She makes up her own homework question, and course reader with all the slides of all her lectures inside. So you really don't need to buy textbook, only for future reference. But she tends to rush lectures at the end of the hour, so don't fall asleep and copy her notes on the projector quickly. She even put her slides online, so you really don't need to buy the reader if you are willing to waste paper printing few hundred pages. Tests are not hard if you do all your homework by yourself and understand them. She's a reasonable teacher and generous grader. Take her class at least once.

Posted 12/13/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Professor Louie is definitely one of the rare CS professors that you would be happy to have. Going to her office hours were really helpful. I regret I didn't do that before the midterm. Regarding, her exams...may God save us all! They require a very good mastery of the course to get a grade above B. The homework are tough, but if you can keep up with the high pace, it would help you for the exams. If you can't, you should stay for office hours. I was very impressed about her patience to explain homework and concepts. Although I know i'll get a bad grade in CS M151B, I'm thankful to be in her class.

Posted 09/26/2001
Course(s) taken: CSm51a

She's good at explaining material, easy to understand. Although she didn't have much time to do more example due to time limit in summer school. Overall, most people in that class was doing pretty well. Her tests are reasonable if you do your homework and study her notes. Highly recommended!!!

Posted 08/20/2001
Course(s) taken: CSm51A

She's great!!! At first it feels like she's going super fast, but you get used to it...She seems to enjoy her job and is definitely there to help her students whenever they need. Very helpful and understanding, not condescending as some professors can be. I wouldn't say she's quite as easy as others have rated her though...But all in all, very highly recommended!

Posted 07/03/2001
Course(s) taken: None

Louie is a great professor.
Her some of her tests are hard, but if you do the hw then they should seem reasonable.

She isn't boring, does examples in class, and knows her stuff.

Overall, I would say one of the best profs. I've had in the cs department.

Posted 06/26/2001
Course(s) taken: None

You cannot fall behind in this class! The prof goes over material and slides so quickly that your eyes and brain will swirl. My advice is to go over topics that will be covered before class. Then you can actually follow along w/ her blazingly fast lectures. Her tests are difficult, but do-able. The grading/curve is fair. She's a good prof, but be prepared to work your a-- off.

ps. One thing that bothers me is that i really wished she had better office hours.

Posted 06/23/2001
Course(s) taken: CS M151B

Professor Louie is a pretty good professor if you want to learn. First the bad, she doesn't run class well... she'll start talking before we stop chattering, she doesn't control the students that well. But that's okay.
Otherwise though, she knows her stuff... she gives good examples, and although she goes through a lot of material and quickly, I feel as if she teaches the material pretty well. In addition, she does want to students to learn and she responds pretty quickly to e-mail. Her tests I feel are straight forward, similar in style to her HW and examples. It's not really a hard class, you should keep up though, there is A LOT of material. It is sufficient to just study lecture slides, HW and examples, but I honestly read the book too, and I think it helped.

Posted 04/03/2001
Course(s) taken: None

she's one of best professor's at ucla. she knows her stuff and she teaches it well. i have retained alot of information from her class and have been able to apply it to cs152B and cs111 (memory management). one warning though, she gives out tough finals!

Posted 02/28/2001
Course(s) taken: None

One of the few in the CS department who actually knows about the material in their head. She explains into very detail, which is just what you need for CS151B and preparation for CS152B. Her tests are not hard if you pay attention in class.

Hear this: one guy who's enrolled in another prof's class came to her lectures, as a result he aced all the tests from the other prof.

If you want to learn something and don't want to get burned for unreasonable tests, take her class.