James W Gober
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James W Gober



Young Hall, Room 5072C



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Grade history

Biochemistry: Biosynthetic and Energy Metabolism and Its Regulation

Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C - Winter 2010


Pass: 2 ~ No Pass: 0 ~ Satisfactory: 0 ~ Unsatisfactory: 0 ~ Incomplete: 1


Posted 09/26/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153A

Nice guy. Easy to stay awake in his lecture. Sponsored by Jack in the box (advertises the bacon ultimate cheeseburger). Material is wayyyyy less than Tienson (summer). Cool guy but never replies to your emails.

Posted 06/12/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153A

153A Textbook for sale

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry (6th E) (Looseleaf)

Email me: susankim6280@gmail.com and I'll let you bargain for a fair price :D

Posted 05/31/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153A

Hello everyone,
I am taking chem 153A with gober in summer 2013.
If you have any of his old midterms i will buy them from you.
If you are interested please email: lidavis@ymail.com
Thank you

Posted 03/28/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Gober was a good professor, very clear in lecture. However, there are bound to be areas of confusion, as this class was very difficult. Go to Chris Allan's office hours and discussions. The other TA I had was not helpful, but Chris always went to lecture and was definitely one of the best TAs at UCLA. Chris responds to emails for help and is really knowledgeable. Overall, Gober was great and so was his TA

Posted 03/28/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

I'm the same guy commenting on 09/25/2012

Here are my thoughts:
1)Again, an humorous guy, I really love his character. He explains stuff really well

2) Don't miss lecture, I missed one and I lost 15 points in my MT2 because of that

3)He curves a lot more generously than most prof (about 30% A w/ avg in the 60s)

4) MT1 &2 both have avg in the 60s. MT2 avg was 69 and he said it was the highest avg he's ever seen in 15 years....be prepared to learn the whole hormone regulation inside out & how each enzyme is regulated (not trivial)

5)I never went to his office hour but I went to both TAs' discussions. You may want to ask him what to/not to study for the exam...he's usually willing to tell you (I guess)

6) Don't bother reading the text, read it ONLY if you don't understand the lecture notes. (I only read little bit about lipoprotein & cholesterol). One good thing is that he doesn't use Voet & Voet anymore(horrible text in my opinion)

7) Final: He'll tell you what exactly will be on the final, so you can focus on studying the right stuff....be prepared to memorize tons of pathways + structures + reaction mechanisms + regulations (hardest part)

Side note:
I got an A in this class luckily! (thanks to the curve). Avoid taking Dr.Clubb for 153B, he's absolutely terrible

Posted 03/27/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

You'll probably learn more about biochemistry in this class than in any other class at UCLA. Gober is quite the character, he'll keep you on your toes the whole class through and make you laugh as you go through the intensive lectures. My biggest advice is to listen carefully to the lectures, and bring a voice recorder if you need to! You'll see everyone else doing it, which means you should too! Get a good night's rest before the exams, because there are questions that will require you to think outside the box. Also, go to office hours if possible, sit at the front of class, and enjoy the man's jokes, he's hilarious and a genuinely nice guy! This is biochemistry...so you'll need to take it seriously (don't miss class once!), but don't forget to have fun along the way

Posted 02/03/2013
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

***hey everyone
im taking chem 153c right now with gober.
if you have any of his old midterms i will buy them from you or trade you for one you need.
if you are interested please email: emailforexams123@yahoo.com
Thank you

Posted 09/28/2012
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153A

Just want to add to the previous comment.

Don't buy the book unless you really want to read it on your own interest, because the book just complicates things, I just read the book once for about 2 pages and it doesn't help at all, just study the lecture notes and EVERYTHING he says in lecture is fair game.

Posted 09/25/2012
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153A

He said that he hasn't taught 153A in 15 years @_@

He is a quite a humorous guy, he makes jokes all the time...he explains thing quite clearly (the class is quite straightforward anyway, everything's self-explanatory)

Midterm 1: not terribly hard but that's because the material at the beginning was easy....

My grade: 51/50 (w/ extra credit)
Avg: 36/50

Midterm 2:Harder than first one, one of the questions was not discussed in class and I've no idea why the F did he include that, I got 0 point (like many others)

My grade: 38/50
Avg: 31/50

Final: This gotta be the hardest, not only it covers RIDICULOUS amount of material, there were almost all conceptual problems (memorizing the pathways, structures and mechanism was a pain in the ass), you really need a rather deep understanding of the material in order to do them....but doable

And the good thing is that he told us what each question was about the day before final, it made life so much easier :)

Grade: no idea

Final Grade: A+

Conclusion: although rote memorization may not guarantee a good grade, you should take your time to memorize the pathway for glycolysis and TCA cycle well before the final, one day will NOT suffice (unless you have photographic memory -_-)

Posted 09/24/2011
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Dr. Gober was the best biochemistry professor I've had at UCLA. Take his course if you have the chance! He is entertaining every class period, so the 50 minutes fly by. It was a lot of memorization for all of the metabolic pathways, and I definitely put a lot of work and time into studying for this class, but ended up with an A in the course. You'll work hard, but learn a lot about biochemistry, and won't regret taking the class with Gober.

Posted 09/10/2010
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Amazing lectures compared to other biochem professors...there wasn't a lecture I wasn't entertained. The midterms are straightforward as it gets with the pathways and the final as mentioned is a bit conceptual but I believe 40 percent is the average...All that is really needed to supplement your knowledge is reading a little online about hormones and how they interact with all the pathways. It's a pretty straightforward class considering all that there is a significant amount of pathway memorization.

Posted 03/24/2010
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Pros: Great lecturer...Tells a lot of jokes^^ .Fairly straightforward midterms. To do well on the midterms, you MUST GO TO EVERY LECTURE and TAKE GOOD NOTES because some of the stuff on the midterms weren't from the notes or the book. Also, going to his office hours is a must. His TA Mat has helped me a lot in understanding many of the difficult concepts that were hard to understand at the beginning.
Cons: Very hard final. Some of the questions were being taken out of nowhere. Also he seemed to get irritated easily if you have a lot of questions during his office hours.
Overall: I didn't do so well on the final but I still managed to get an A. Overall, I would highly recommend this professor to anyone because I have learned a lot.

Posted 03/23/2010
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Gober is a really nice guy. His midterms are basically based off lecture.
What I did was record his lectures and then listen to them about a week before the test.
I aced both his midterms. The final was very difficult. He changes how he writes his questions
on the final. For instance, on the midterm he will ask you how glucose transporters work and on the final
he will ask how exercise is related to glucose transporters and AMP kinase are used to treat type II diabetes.
I didn't think I did well at all on the final but I still got an A.

Posted 03/18/2009
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Probably the coolest Professor...EVER. I got an A+ in his class and i didnt even need to touch the practice problems(they just confuse the hell outta you). Go to his lectures, and if you miss em, go to his office hours and he'll tell you exactly what you need to know. The book is helpful if you miss lecture, but definately not necessary (he hates voet and voet). Go to discussion section because Cy and the other guy (forgot his name) are really good TAs. You'll have fun in this class!

Posted 12/28/2008
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

First, let's get one thing straight: there's no 153C without having a lot to memorize. However, with Gober, he knows that and he tries to simplify things so you will have less memorizing and more critical thinking. No need to touch the book (literally). His handouts and practice problems are your friends. Going to lecture is a MUST (for your grade and also for good laughs). Half of the test is similar to the practice problems, the other half is on lecture notes and applications. There are lots of unnecessary slides and pathways in his handouts, so going to lecture also means less to memorize and less work outside.
Goods: very funny (he will get you to laugh with his jokes and you can't fall asleep during lecture even when you don't know sh*t about biochem), very good lecturer
Bads: same old thing: good professor means tough exams (1st mdt is hard, 2nd is easier, and final is CRAZY). Not an easy A, but it would be one of the best class you have ever taken at UCLA.

Posted 12/08/2008
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153CH

Prof. Gober is an awesome professor. Even though there is a lot to memorize in 153C, he breaks down the material into concepts that tie together everything, so it's not just memorizing how to get from substrate A to product Z. Also, he's really funny and an extremely clear lecturer. Definitely take 153C with him if you get the chance!

Posted 06/24/2007
Course(s) taken: 153CH

Prof Gober is one of the best professors I have ever taken. He relates the course material to many interesting facts in everyday life, allowing students to realize the significance of the topics taught. He is also very concerned about his students and makes every effort to ensure that they learn something from the course. His exams are challenging, but you will be fine if you understand the course material. Overall, I would highly recommend him if you want to learn something valuable. If you just want an easy A, then he is not for you.

Posted 05/11/2006
Course(s) taken: 153c

If you can memorize all, you do well in midterm. But final is totally different, too much concepts (He didn't really go over that stuff in class detail).... I didn't recommand him because you will feel Hell (too long and too difficult) in final, period.

Posted 12/14/2005
Course(s) taken: Chemistry and Biochemistry: 153C

Dr. Gober is a pretty good professor. He tells you everything you need to know, so there's no need to read the book. 153C is just a hard class so you have to study your butt off regardless of who's teaching. This class is hard but very possible to do well.

Posted 11/19/2005
Course(s) taken: 153C

I took him in summer 05 and I think I really learned a lot from his class. He was really funny. He talked a lot about other non-related things in class but I think it was succesful in terms of making the class more interesting. I never fell asleep in his class, not even once! It was one of very few classes in UCLA that made me want to go to school every day. Remember it was summer so the class was 5 times a week. The topic was really interested. Yeah I had to admit that you really need to memorize a lot of things. I mean A LOT. Better take this class in the summer so that you can concentrate more on this class. But really, take him if you can. I , myself, ended up getting an A. Thanks Prof.Gober. Oyah, my TA (Arun) was REALLY helpful.