Haines Hall
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Haines Hall


UCLA Haines Hall

Haines Hall, one of the four inaugural buildings constructed on the UCLA campus is the house of the Anthropology and Sociology Departments.

Constructed in 1927 as the campus Chemistry building, Haines Hall is named for Charles Grove Haines, a political science professor who taught at UCLA from 1925 to 1948. Costing nearly $2.5 million at the time, the building covers 133,851 square feet over the six floors. As with Royce Hall, Powell Library and the Humanities Building, Haines Hall was constructed in a way to emulate a Romanesque or Italian Renaissance style, with red brick, cast stone trim, and tile roofs.

Within Haines Hall there are 11 classrooms with capacity for anywhere from 16 to 50 people, the majority of the rooms can project video and have built-in computers. Four lecture halls, A2, A18, 118 and 220 can contain upwards of 150 people, each equipped with DVD/VHS projection and audio podcasting capabilities.

Haines Hall's largest room is Lecture Hall 39, which can seat up to 371 students, making it one of the largest halls on campus. While the hall has projection and video connections, as well as a built in computer, it is the only hall in the building which has the capacity for both audio and video podcasting.

Aside from the classrooms and Anthropology and Sociology Department offices, Haines Hall is also the home of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, an interdisciplinary program started at UCLA in 1974 to examine the political, social, and cultural lives of people of African descent.

Over the years, Haines Hall has also served as the backdrop for a number of well known television shows and films, including the use of Haines 39 for an episode of "How I Met Your Mother," and Haines 220 for the movie "Old School."


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